REW Christmas Promotion : Celebrating The Largest Deal In History!


Looking for this year's 12 Days of Christmas deals? View them here!

Update: The sales team leads say our sale on hours is too complicated (and because it's their nature to want to sell, they are pushing for even better deals for customers).  How they got me to say yes to this, I have NO IDEA - but here you go! 

Design time: It turns out that because of our recent awesomeness in hiring, we have ZERO queue in design - so until further notice, I am going to authorize 20% off ALL design hours. 

Programming: We're down to 2 week queue SO AWESOME! I am going to authorize the same 20% discount on ALL programming hours (but keep the 25% off on 300+) but only until this queue fills up. These hours probably won't last more than this week - so if you want the best deal on hours - NOW IS THE TIME! 

Please post a comment below or contact your rep directly to secure your hours.

Original post: 

Every year near the end of November / beginning of December we at Real Estate Webmasters have run our very special 12 Days Of Christmas promotion. The idea is to offer the absolute best deals of the year during a time when they are most useful.

Why Christmas time?

A: Because statistics and all analytics data across the board show that November / December is when traffic slows the most meaning clients have the best opportunity to bear down and implement their strategic plan for 2015.

B: Hopefully, you just finished your strategic plan for the new year and know exactly what it is you need to improve / increase your ROI and GCI for next year (if you don't we have consultants that can help you with this.

C: For many it is tax season and if you're already an REW customer, you likely have a lot of revenue coming in and need to find write offs before the tax man shows up to take your hard earned cash! (Better to spend it on next years marketing than give it to uncle Sam!)

D: Because it's CHRISTMAS! And it feels good to be able to give back. REW has had a huge year AGAIN because of our amazing clients, and this is our opportunity to give back.
I have decided that 12 days will simply not do! Because of some AMAZING recent events at REW we are able to extend this Christmas promotion all the way until the end of the year - and it starts TODAY!

What are these awesome events?

  • Hiring is up / queue is down! We have tripled our efforts to get new and amazing staff and we have succeeded! Every couple of weeks we have new onboarding sessions and we are seeing the queue lower than it has been all year. The next bullet point is even more exciting.
  • We have a full time recruiter starting December 1st! The hiring spree will continue until we get to the point where there are even shorter wait times in the queue for custom work and even faster service & response (SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS)!
  • Exposure is up HUGE! - REW was just granted the largest valuation in reality TV history, a record shattering $40,000,000.00! This was on Canada's highest rated television show and the exposure (combined with our new recruiter) has people banging down our door wanting to work here.

I've asked the sales team leaders to put together the best deals we have ever offered and they are listed below, but before you read that part I just want to say:


Seriously - Real Estate Webmasters customers are TRULY the best customers in the entire world. You are so supportive, understanding and AMAZING. So again, please enjoy the following promotion and accept my warmest wishes for you and your family this holiday season.

What are the deals? let's get to the promotion!

It’s a whole lot of wonderful, but I think we can all agree it’s definitely better with them.  So, on that note, Merry Christmas to YOU our wonderful clients!

This year as a special thank you we would like to offer you your choice of any one of the following gifts with the purchase of a new REW website.

-Share module on blog pages
-Custom font for your main headings (license free Google fonts)
-Custom wordmark for Logo area
-Premium Slideshow module (Premium Sites 1 & 2 only)
-New background photo from our stock library handpicked and implemented by a REW designer (Premium Site 3, LEC 2013 and LEC 2014 only)
-$1 for your first month of PPC management (requires $20/day traffic budget)
-mini SEO audit
*free gift with purchase must be redeemed at time of purchase.

How much do I need to invest in a Website?

A lot less than usual! 

It wouldn’t be the 12 days of Christmas promo if we weren’t offering you the BEST deals of the year.  As in the first time this year that we’re offering discounts on the LEC 2014.  Only THE best website we have available.  Discounts from 25-50% off retail. Half price Premium Sites and FREE REWSites.

Limited Edition Custom  - differentiate your business from your immediate competition with a best of breed responsive site without the investment of going full custom. 

LEC 2014 - $7500 (25% discount)
LEC 2013 - $6500 (35% discount)
LEC 2012 - $5000 (50% discount)
LEC 2011 - $5000 (50% discount)

Premium Sites – the best entry level agent site on the web.  Fully responsive with 3 modern designs to choose from all including a full suite of REW fixed price product modules.
$999 setup (50% discount)

REWSites – Limited budget?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. 
REWSites are equally as nice as a Premium Site (in fact, they use the same designs) but they come with a limited set of our fixed price modules just to get you started on the REW platform.  Best part, the remaining ones are still available for purchase when your budget permits.

$0 setup
$199/month hosting fees apply
*not eligible for gift with purchase

Reindeer For Your New Ride.

Let’s face it, getting all the way around the world on a sleigh in one night is no easy feat.  Neither is getting to the top of the search engines.  Even Jolly old Saint Nick has help, and it’s possible you might just need some too.  His come in the form of 8 magical reindeer.  For you, we have REW’s own wonder team: Marketing and PPC.

Many of you were disappointed when we cancelled the old buy 3 get 1 free SEO deal a few months back, but good news.  We brought it back *JUST* for this promo, so frontload your year while you can, and let us do the work required to get your site ranking in your market.

As if that wasn’t good enough we’re also offering
- 50% off SEO audits ($250 value)
- 50% off on-page optimization packages and
- 50% off bronze content marketing packages (up to 1 year)

Prefer instant gratification?  We’ve got something for you too.  Try REW’s PPC management on for size and start generating more leads TODAY.

PPC - Buy 5 months, get 1 month free.

We’ll handle setting up your ads, key phrase targets and even a few destination pages if required and optimize them in an ongoing process to ensure you get the most leads for your budget.  Hiring our experts to administer this for you, frees up your time to do what you do best.  Converting those leads into sales.

-minimum $20 daily budget
-PPC is $499/month bundled with hosting
Bundle Up!

Missing some modules?  This Christmas we’re offering you two super easy ways to complete the suite.   Design your own bundle or just grab them all.

Quick Search / Featured Listings / Blog / IDX Control Panel / Google Directions / Testimonials / Agent Roster / Community Stats / Google Street View / Bing Birds Eye View / Advanced XML IDX Sitemap / Listing Flyer Tool / 301 Redirect / Business Directory / Price & Status Change History* / IDX Meta Information / Lender Module / Inside Sales Associate / Get Local
*Availability pending board compliance

1.    Choose any 6 fixed price modules for $500
2.    Grab them all for $999
*note some may require an upgrade to the latest CMS and hosting*

Subscription Services
The latest additions to our modules are our subscription based REW Dialer and Comparative Market Analysis Tool (previously known as Property Valuation Tool).
REW Dialer – 25% off your first year

Contacting lead after lead, phoning and leaving messages, and noting important details from every call, while at the same time dealing with the day-to-day tasks of selling homes can become tedious and time consuming.

We have recognized this issue among real estate professionals and listened when you asked for a solution, and to that we are happy to introduce the REW Dialer. The dialer will place the call for you, leave pre-recorded messages if a machine picks up, and note all the important details of the call so you don't have to.  And because it is totally integrated in to your CRM, all the information from the call is noted in the same place.

Regular price $149/ month for one line.  Each additional line is just $99/month more.

Comparative Market Analysis Tool – 50% off your first year

Finding clients that are looking to sell is not always an easy task. They want market reports and every bit of pertinent information regarding their home without committing to an agent. Most of all, they want a hassle free, no pressure experience so that they can make the best choice.

By using our CMA Tool you will be able to give this experience to your prospective clients by empowering them to learn more about their home and the surrounding neighborhood. With the CMA Tool they will be able to understand what the potential price of their home could be, as well as what the highest and lowest prices were paid in the search area. The client can set up a radius search or simply draw a map around they area they want to know more about and the tool will pull the sold information (where available) and present it to the them.

Not only will this tool allow your clients to learn more about their home hassle free, but it will also allow you to gain more insight on their behavior. When clients register, or fill out the assessment form, you will receive all the information they entered and they will be automatically saved in to your "Seller" group. Regular price $50/month or $500/year if prepaid.

Custom Hours

We NEVER offer discounted hours any more, we are simply too busy for it to make sense, but since it’s the season of giving and we know we can get those amazing staff we are looking for we just couldn’t resist ourselves, so here ya go.


10% off of projects booked before December 19th.  Note this does not include banked blocks of time.  Read on, there’s a better deal for that! 15% off of banked blocks of time for use in 2015


Our 2014 programming queue is completely booked, but we know you have projects slated for January and we’d like to help make those just a little more affordable, so we’ve set aside 5000 hours in each quarter that we will make available at a discount.

Discounts are as follows:
10-25 hours 5% save up to $160
26-50 hours 10% save up to $625
51-150 hours 15% save up to $2,812
151-300 hours 20% save up to $7,500
301+ hours 25% save a minimum $9,406 USD 
Let’s Get Started!

The fine print (rules of all promotions)

  • All orders are "pre-paid" (there are no payment plans offered on promotional pricing)
  • You must not have an outstanding balance (payments always go to balances before new purchases
  • Cutoff for cash in is December 31st 2014!

Note for custom hours: Because of the TV show and this promotion the queue will still raise quickly before it subsides - we recommend that you purchase IMMEDIATELY and get yourself in the queue - even if you don't know what you want to use hours for we STILL recommend you purchase your hours and get your project at last on the wait list - these are the best deals of 2014 by far

New customers / new website projects - Don't let the queue talk scare you!

Queues only refer to "custom" projects - we are staffed up to handle "new websites" new PPC projects etc immediately! So if you are ordering a REWSite, Premium package or LEC we can get you going right away.

How to order?

Contact Morgan directly: If you want to hear from me directly, I would LOVE to advise you on your project and what you should order - please leave me a comment below and I'm happy to answer. Due to volume and other obligations please allow 24 hours for response.

Contact your favorite rep: If you have a favorite, they always appreciate you reaching out to them directly - I've promised Christmas bonuses to those that truly excel at taking care of our clients this Christmas so I look forward to hearing from you about how awesome they were to deal with.

You can also contact Sales via email at or by calling 1-877-753-9893.

Happy Holidays everyone – and here’s to another successful year in Real Estate!


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Nick Bobenko

Do the REWsites referenced here include the modules listed here ...

Jim Sparrow

What kind of discounts are you offering on Custom Sites Morgan?

Morgan Carey

Hello Jim, great to hear from you my friend! I hope you're doing well :)

What kind of discount for custom sites? Well let's see - all non residual modules combined are probably around $7,000 USD retail, you get pretty much everything for $999 (a custom site should be assumed to be purchasing all the modules)

Then as for the custom site - it really depends on how many hours you are going to use, we're talking a super high end ground up build right? (The only kind you ever do!) - 200 and 150 combined would net you a discount of 25% if purchased during promotion.

So let's say a custom site is "retail" around $7,000 for modules, and 350 hours total time in the "retail" on the is around $51,000 whereas during the promo you would only pay $39,800 (so you save almost $12,000 USD)

You could ALSO just do a premium site install at $999 or an LEC for $5,000 and just customize it a bit. Do 10 hours, do 50 something like that and you have what is pretty much a custom site but WAY faster and for WAY less $.

Both options are awesome, but my preference is LEC with minor customizations vs custom due to the speed it can launch, and the cost savings.

Some clients like you though are super elite, and so pretty much always go custom - we definitely like that too :)

So what can I help you order today my old friend?

Morgan Carey

Nick Bobenko, you are exactly right - the REWSites on promo include all of the items listed at - I'd love to get you hooked up with one if you are ready to take the plunge! Please let me know if you have additional questions on here or if I can place the order for you

Nick Bobenko

Thanks ... I have a 2013 LEC and am considering using these REWsites for several community/niche sites that I am going to do this year. I have some specific questions about IDX feed issues as they relate to details and searchable fields. Would you like those discussed here or should I communicate with Nick May directly?

Morgan Carey

By all means you can ask your questions - we can always have those looked up for you :)

Jose Hernandez

Morgan, I had reached out to REW about four weeks ago and I don't remember them mentioning this special.
I've been researching websites for the past 4-5 weeks and I've narrowed down my options to REW or Real Geeks but this special is definitely making me reconsider REW.

Blake Cannon

Morgan, What if I have a site right now with great content but my former SEO messed up my rankings and domain authority? Is there a way to easily transfer / 301 redirect these pages to new pages of say an LED 2014 site? If so what would go into this? Thanks!


Thanks for this post. Will be very helpful for all of us.

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