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The New Real Estate Webmasters CRM is FINALLY HERE!

Our team is just in the final stages of testing the brand new features of the latest REW CRM and this update is MASSIVE!

We've always had an epic lead generation and lead follow up platform, but now we have the best of both worlds: instant lead follow up AND true CRM functionality.

This is the first phase in a multi-stage release over the next few months—we know our customers have been excitedly waiting for this to come!

The new REW CRM Includes:

  • Brand new fully responsive UI/UX
  • New modern customer Lead Details Layout: fully responsive, complete with a Communications Centre AND Activity Centre, consolidating all vital details onto one page
  • Adoption Engine: This new visual tool teaches agents exactly what to do with each lead, and shows them what tasks are still due and what tasks are left to complete
  • Customer Stages: Leads, contacts, and clients are now available as stages, which are totally searchable with the new search system
  • Custom Fields: Major upgrades have been made to the custom fields UI, allowing for quick display of created custom fields (short text, long text, numbers and dates supported!)
  • New Chat/Message System: Communicate directly with your leads via the message function in the communication center via an iOS-style, threaded UI
  • Event Creation/Tracking: Similar to Sales Force, you can now create any kind of future dated event you like in the system. It is added to your calendar as well as the event tracking center within the CRM
  • Enhanced Saved Search: Right from the backend, access a massively enhanced saved search creation tool. Organized by all the most important features in the MLS, you can easily curate saved searches for every lead right from the customer screen

I could talk for days about the new features in this system, but for now, I'll just drop this teaser video. Once you watch it, scroll down, because there is also an EPIC promotion available for any current customer wanting to upgrade and any new potential customer wanting to join the REW Family.



September promotion, celebrating our loyal customers

For "Launch" Customers ($500 per month 25 users and below)

Existing customers on "current" platform: The first part of the promotion is the easiest to explain. For those existing customersthat already have a Vision Site, Discover Site, or are upgrading to the Vision - Hybrid, this upgrade is completely free! If you have custom work in your backend you should still speak to your account manager, but the upgrade itself (outside of your custom work), totally FREE you're just going to get it.

Thank you for your business, we appreciate you!

Existing customers on older platforms (deprecated): This next part is still pretty easy. If you don't have a Vision Site, Discover Site, or if you are planning to upgrade to the Vision-Hybrid and you were waiting until the new CRM came up to pay the $5,000 for a new site, forget about it! As long as you don't want any custom work, you can have an upgraded site for free too! All we ask is that you rip / replace your existing contract to the date you order. No changes in fees (assuming you are on current fees), no setup fees and we'll still have our CSM's (Customers Success Managers) handle the migration of your leads database, searches, and help you get your content moved over. No extra cost. The normal $5,000 USD setup fee for these sites, it's waived, it's on us! Thank YOU for your business :)

But what if you want custom work?Do we have a deal for you! If you do want custom work, you can pay the $5,000 setup fee and when you sign your contract for your new site we will give you $7,500 of custom work via our retainer program in exchange. So basically as long as you were planning $5k worth of custom work anyways, doing it this way gets you a gift of an extra $2,500 custom work on us!

Referral Bonus:

Do you know someone else who might want an extra $7,500 of custom agency work with their purchase?

As an existing customer if you refer us another customer not only will they get in on this awesome deal, we will bonus you $1,000 of retainer work OR $500 cash, whichever you prefer.

How are we going to track this? Add myself and Laura Monroe our head of industry to Facebook if you have not already. Make a post about your positive experience with Real Estate Webmasters and how you are excited to be upgrading (and what you love about the new platform) and simply tag us in the post. Invite those interested to post a comment below and we'll take it from there! We will track who was referred and if they order, we will arrange your credit.


  • "Rip and replace" means restarting your 36 month contract from the date you sign.
  • "Retainer program" is delivered evenly within first 90 days of install. Hours must be used within this time period as they will have taken time in our schedule (we reserve your spot in production).
  • Available to customers on current pricing plans
  • Promotion Ends Sept 30th (orders must be signed by this date)
  • Referrals are on 36 month contracts only.
  • Only 1 referral payment per referred customer (based on the first tracked referral) if more than 1 customer refers the same person, the first referral by date tracked will be paid.

Note: Currently installs of new sites signed up for today are scheduled for early October 2019, however, the line is forming quickly, so please place your request ASAP to ensure front of line access.


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