REW Goes Into Hyperdrive!


If you have been keeping up with what’s going on at Real Estate Webmasters over the last 8 months or so you have been witnessing a company going into hyperdrive!  This acceleration is happening on multiple levels and the way it is happening illustrates our underlying philosophy, namely, we want to be the best at what we do and we want to integrate and partner with other best of breed companies in areas we don’t want to re-invent.  From partnering with Barbara Corcoran to our recent exclusive deal with DocuSign to the purchase of Guaranteed Sale things are happening at warp speed at REW!

The same is true for our people growth.  Morgan Carey, our CEO/owner, has always been very aware of what his personal and business strengths are.  From my perspective he is a creative business genius but, like all of us, he can’t do it alone.  In September we conducted a company strategic planning session and took a hard and clear look at what we are good at, where we want to go and what we need to put in place to make that happen.  One of the critical keys identified to our business success is bringing in key manager and thought leaders throughout our company and we have made that happen.  Morgan has brought in some incredible talent that along with their clear credentials also bring in new energy and ideas that ripple throughout the company.  We have a saying at REW that Morgan repeats on a regular basis and that is ABA – ALWAYS BE AWESOME! 


Everybody at and joining REW is challenged to always bring that energy and enthusiasm to work and it is really contagious.  Just give our support line a call and see what I mean. These guys are our first line of contact and support for our customers and you can tell they love what they do and you feel that same energy and commitment throughout REW.

Now take a look at what has been happening from a product perspective.   We already have the best end-to-end solution in the industry, hands down, and it’s getting better, following the same philosophy I mentioned above.  REW is taking care of our core technology including our websites, design, CRM, drip marketing, lead management, SEO/PPC and more and our R&D team is constantly creating and setting the bar that other companies ultimately follow. 

When it fits, we will bring a technology completely in-house, as seen with our recent purchase of Guaranteed Sale, a fantastic addition for seller lead generation.  

Outside what we consider our core competency we are working with the best and brightest - companies like DocuSign for e-Signature and Transaction Management and Bomb Bomb for video,  and  more exciting integrations are on their way that I can’t mention yet, so stay tuned!



With our open API we make it easy for users of these and other products to share data between our products through logical integration.  We play nice with other vendors because the reality is, we can’t be the best at everything, but we can always work with the best. 

Behind all of these incredible tools we are also here to help you get the most out them.  We offer free consulting at multiple levels to our customers from overall technology consulting for our Enterprise customers to coaching agents and teams on how to increase their online lead conversion rates.  

I know I sound like a cheerleader right now and I guess I am, but the truth is, I have worked for a lot of companies over the years and you don’t get to be a part of something this much fun that often.  If you are a current customer we look forward to serving you and if you aren’t please feel free to contact us anytime to learn more!

If you are a franchise or larger company, looking for an Enterprise solution, give me a call at 716-839-4628 or email me at audet@realestatewebmasters and I will let you know how we can help you grow your business. 

If you are a smaller company, team or agent looking to upgrade your technology, contact us 877-753-9893, or email us at






Michael Audet
Vice President, Business Development
Real Estate Webmasters
94 Harper Rd
Snyder, NY 1426
(716) 839-4628


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