REW IDX map search preview (new features for a new iframe solution)


Now that we are sold out for 2009 it allows us time to finish off our latest product - the REW IDX Iframed Solution. I for one am personally (and hugely) excited about this new product. The industry is screaming for a new (and better) iframable IDX solution at an affordable price. Come January 2010, your new solution will have arrived.

New map features

  • Polygonal parameter searches (with drawing tool)
  • Spherical (dragable / resizable) radius searches
  • IDX custom search builder (customize your OWN search)
  • Schools / ammenities overlay
  • Streetview enabled
  • New map search results pagination
  • Much more, we promise

Screenshot of map search

REW IDX map search

Oh yeah!


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Does this mean we could take this iframe and put it on many websites? Such as if I have a wordpress blog, a website, and another website. I could use this on all 3 of them? I guess I was just wondering what an iFrame is... Thanks!

Morgan Carey

The license is per domain, but yeah you could buy 3 of them :)


Beat me to the question Lisa :). I too have several blogs that I'd like to place the solution on and best part is my diversolution IDX just expired, so I'm ready when you are Morgan.

Carl Ericson

Will these features (polygons, radius search, etc) be able to be added to REW IDX for current REW website and IDX customers? Any ideas on cost?


Morgan Carey

Seriously? I will do NTRIES for you right now Richard and you can test this for me - (3 months free - sound like a fair trade?) - if you like it after 3 months you can buy it, if not - well cmon now, we both know you will like it.


Can an existing IDX and website test the new mapping?


Sign Me Up and Thank You!!

Gary Sattelberger

Any chance you will be adding ARMLS to the list of approved MLS's?

Brian Tercero

Excited to see this go live. The search looks very similiar to what Terabitz provides in their brokerage sites.

Do you have a price per domain yet? If you have need of more beta testers, I run two WordpressMU networks for my company for our agent web sites. We have over 50 sites total now and growing.

One important thing about iframed solutions is how we create the static pages for the search.

Does your search allow for us to save a polygon search around a neighborhood, save the search with a unique URL so we can embed specific iframe searches to static neighborhood pages created in our sites?

jay seville

I would love to add this to the new template I bought from REW to which I'm migrating over all my embarrassing content. It still ranks high for several keyword searches of consequence.

I'd be very interested in getting rid of the mlsfinder subscription that is on that site now.

Let's beta test away.

Artur Ciesielski

"Very soon I will need testers for the NEW REW IDX iframe solution - if you have lots of traffic, need a new iframed IDX and are willing to give feedback - be sure to let us know"

I would like to be a tester. I have on average 6,000 unique visitor to my site and an additional 9,000 idx uses per moth. and I'd love to implement something better then my current provider.

Julie Joyce

Will it have an iphone app?


I know I keep asking you this... how much per domain license? I'd like to test it also. I just need a week to test. We get at least 1000 visitors per day and I've been looking for a suitable replacement for our slow IDXPro. We also have dsSearch - I'm hoping this will replace both. Can you make it such that it will give us an RSS on custom links?

Morgan Carey

The "per licence" agreement will likely start around $30 per month (haven't decided on monthly or paid yearly yet as options, monthly might be a bit more) -

As for as those of you offering to test - thank you very much, but please realize we are going to be rolling this application out based on current (and perceived future) demand as well as ease of integration. We aren't really interested (at this point) in markets that have difficult to work with MLS boards / extra fees (such as ARMLS) or limit IDX access to only brokers (not letting agents have it).

My plan (and remember this is not even available yet, nor is pricing fixed) is to start with California - there are many reasons, but that is where I am going to start. So those folks in Cali wanting to get in on an early list by all means let me know.

I offered Richard to test because #1 he is in a market that is huge for us #2 we have great coverage there #3 The MLS board is easy to deal with and #4 he is a long time, very web savvy "customer" and I know he will be able to give me great feedback.

Tampa4u - unfortunately I an only really think of 1 customer we have in Tampa, so it's not a market that is popular for us, thus unless there was interest from more potentials, we would not be tackling GTAR for quite a while.

As for RSS - it will depend on many things, first and foremost compliance with the boards - as far as I am concerned MLS boards should NOT allow vendors to produce RSS feeds of IDX data (opens them up to scraping) but if they are goign to continue to allow other vendors to do it - we "may" (no promises) be willing to do so as well.

Question on pricing (if you don't feel comfortable posting, I understand but figure I'll ask) what are you paying in Tampa for IDX pro and dsSearch?

Morgan Carey

As for customers wondering if these features will become available to "current" (built in) custom IDX's - Absolutely - but not likely until second quarter (my priority is launching this iframe product January) but rest assured those long term customers with built in IDX's that want to take advantage of the enhanced search features will be able to purchase them as modules or upgrades in the near future.

Morgan Carey

Brian Tercero - we should talk btw - 50 sites is more than enough to justify going into a market - and you will likely be able to swing a volume discount (not going to negotiate that here) but if you fill out the request a quote form and ask for me by name it'll get over to me

I am totally intersted in your page generation requirements - and yes we do plan to have the ability to save polygon searches and produce (for lack of a better word) snippets based on those saved searches - that will likely be Q2

Morgan Carey

Julie Joyce, we will definitely have mobile friendly IDX searching - I have not made the decision as to whether actually go the "iphone app" route yet as I have several vendors courting me to offer their mobile apps as part of the service, and so it will come down to build or buy on our side basically. Either way - expect a "basic" mobile app - like available as an upgrade very soon.

Morgan Carey

Actually, you know what? I think I am going to create a form on the REW IDX site inviting folks to request testing accounts in their market and do it based on interest - seems like as good as any (there might be more folks than I realize interested in Tampa for instance)

I'll have that available early next week.


Sent my response to your email.

Morgan Carey

I did not receive any emails from you. Can you resend morgan @ (Take out the spaces)

adam robinson sarasota


I thought that the Tampa market is included in MFR (Sarasota, Orlando, PT. Charlotte, Daytona, etc)

I think it is over 60,000 agents usiong the MFR MLS so keep us in mind as a major market.

My agents have already been asking for the polygon searches so you know I am ready.


Morgan Carey

After I realized that GTAR was part of MFR I added it to the list (this morning) - that will be one of the first markets for sure.

Buddy Blake

are you still looking for testers Morgan?


You can test it on my denton site. It ranks number one on google for many terms.


Same here for FMLS, would love to ditch Diverse solutions for the WP blog

Morgan Carey

FMLS is certainly on our list, however they have some very sticky compliance requirements that might require us to alter what you see in the demo - we will of course attempt to conserve as much as we can, but some things will not be allowed in FMLS and others will need to be moved above or below the IDX data display area. I would imagine FMLS will not make our product list until at least the second quarter.

The Koitz Group

Hey Coach, if you're still looking for testers, I'd love to give MRIS a go. Yes, a lot of data...but you know me. "Thorough" to a fault? :-) Cheers...K

Robert Worthington

Hi Morgan...Merry Christmas. I do have a question. Is the poly search part of the core idx that comes with the lec?

Morgan Carey

No - this new product has nothing to do with previous products - it's a stand alone iframe IDX product.

Paula Henry

Morgan -

Will this be available for us in Indy? I would love to test it.

Morgan Carey

Eventually it will be in all REW covered markets - Indy was not on my radar (for obvious reasons) - do you have non REW sites that need iframed IDX's?

Santa Cruz Real Estate

When will the polygon be available on the IDX that I have on PISC or CaCo? Will that be an upgrade that comes along or a separate pay module to add? I am assuming that it will be available for the non- I-frame product IDX?

Paula Henry

Morgan -

I would like one for my blog, but can use Diverse Solutions.

Paula Henry

Morgan -

Why do my posts not automatically post?

Morgan Carey

They don't automatically post because you are not logged into your blog :)



Will the IDX have widgets avaliable, such as quick search or featured listings moduels.

Morgan Carey

They are on the radar (in terms of widgets for non REW sites I think you mean) - but the beta will be the search portion. I would expect featured listings as well as quick search within the first quarter

Tony Sena

What about CMS? I would love to replace Birdview!

Let me know when you will be going into the Vegas market.

Morgan Carey

What do you mean CMS? Do you need a CMS - you are welcome to a REW site (with CMS) any time you like - as for Vegas - I would be happy to go into GLVAR early if agents are permitted to have IDX (I can't recall) - you should ping me via email as well to discuss some marking opportunities if you are interested via WN

Morgan Carey

BTW richard (FindCRE) I am pretty sure NTRIES is mapped and needs some feedback: you got a few sites to test it on?


Sure thing! Let me know when your ready.

Morgan Carey

I am ready - :) Tell me the domain(s) and we will get them approved via the board and send you your link(s)


You can test it on my denton site and my new word press site.

Morgan Carey

Email me the URL's please Mike - thanks


The second website is only a week old but already has good links. I am going to transfer this to an older LEC or Custom site once it starts to get enough traffic to supposrt the cost


Starting redevelopment of and would like to test frame option. We are in MI. Thanks in advance

Morgan Carey

Where in MI Ryan (which board?)

Paula Henry

So Morgan - can we put this on an Indy site? I know you didn't plan on it early on, but it would be a great feature for

Morgan Carey

As soon as it is available in Indy you can certainly sign up - note, this is a paid application (hopefully everyone realizes that) - starts at $25 a month with no mapping, and $50 with (I think) -

Buddy Blake

Hey Morgan.. Happy new year to you and your family... I would like to sign up for some of these also and maybe get some input on how best to implement in my market... i have quite a few unused domains (ie etc etc) that I can use.. of course that will tottally piss of my mls board.. (using the "mls" in it).. but heck... raising a little he%$ usually leads to good things... status quo sucks...

Congrats on your and REW's success in 2009 and to a most certain prosperous 2010!

Paula Henry

Morgan - Let me know when you start here. When do you think you will roll it out here?

I assumed it was a paid application.Thanks!

Morgan Carey

it will depend on a few factors - is there enough interest from the market, is there addititonal costs to go into the market (if so what are they and do they justify it), and also how much of a pain is it going to be (per customer) to get the application approved - we want to go into markets where manual approval of each customer is not required first, so that we can get a larger volume pumped out (CARETS is such a market) - i will check with Nick on MIBOR and perhaps ping them to see if they are interested in an approve once, type model - means less work for them. As for interest - I will fast track any market where there are at least 10 confirmed instances of willing customers. So if you need 10 IDX's or have 9 friends, you can get your board fast tracked (this goes for everyone)


Hello there Morgan! Can we sign up for your new map search feature? Our company serves the metro Atlanta area (FMLS) - Jonathan

Morgan Carey

Jonathan, keep an eye on for info on when FMLS becomes available, I need to speak with Jerry from FMLS next week about this solution and get it approved with compliance.

Paula Henry

Will these have indexable capability? I assume it is $25-50 per website?

Dallas Broker

Morgan, would be interested in testing on or site. Both get high traffic volume centered around homes, condos, townhomes, lofts, apartments

Paula Henry

Will it be possible to have all leads directed to one backend?

Nikki Harrison

Hi Morgan, I have been dying to get your IDX solution and now you have one! Can I have one for my blog?

I would be happy to test it, buy it or whatever it takes to do it.



Morgan Carey

Keneth (and Nikki) both NTREIS and CREB are mapped and available - if you would like to test or purchase the solution please go here and fill out your info: - Keneth I know there is paperwork required for you - Nikki, I think with CREB / EREB all we have to do verify you are a member in good standing.

That link is appropriate to use for MIBOR folks and anyone in CARETS as well.



Yep! Did it before Christmas! I'll test or purchase. Rarin to go!

Am in good standing too.


Morgan - this looks really nice :) Do you have any testers for NWMLS yet? Also you mentioned the $30/mth but is there more cost in the implementation of this in our existing IDX search (ie: upgrading). Let me know - thanks and Happy New Year.

Morgan Carey

Janice - this search will "retail" at a $499 setup, and $25 (no mapping) $50 (with mapping and all features) or $70 (add ammenties data) per URL per month - However, for those folks willing to test the solution and give us feedback on how to improve it, we are waiving the setup fee of $499 USD and providing the solution (with no obligation to purchase) for free for 3 months - If you could send a blast email to your agents sending them to this blog post - it will give them a breakdown of pricing and how to apply etc.

I have verified with NWMLS that your license fee on the broker level with us covers the agents (they don't have to pay the normal additional $30 per month additional fee charged by NWMLS)

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