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It's finally that time of year again folks! The Real Estate Webmasters 12 Days Of Christmas promotion has arrived! 

As any Real Estate Webmasters customer will tell you, 12 days is the best time of the year to get great deals on that new Renaissance platform, lead generation, SEO or agency program.

2021 was a breakout year for growth for our customer base, with many agents, teams & brokers adding hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars in profits to their business. And we think this trend is going to continue into 2022.  

We're focused on your growth! 

In the spirit of celebrating your growth and success this past year we have aligned this promotion around agents, teams and brokerages that want to "increase" their market share in 2022. 

In these offers: New customers will find incentives for stepping up their investments in marketing, lead generation and platform adoption while existing customers are rewarded for their loyalty and willingness to lock in their success and increase their marketing budget in order to double down on their incredible ROI. 

We've also added a few options for existing customers to participate in our success: Any customer can refer us a customer for our new fast track program and for our brokers we have an exciting new revenue share opportunity that can reduce your cost base and increase your company dollar even further. 

Finally, in the spirit of our most important core value "Innovation" and to celebrate our new "Fast Track" leads program, Real Estate Webmasters will be giving away a brand new Tesla Model 3 to one lucky winner. And 12 Days is your first chance to enter. 

Here are the 12 Days Of Christmas offerings available Dec 6 through 21 

First offer: Growth $5k per month SAAS bundle: 

  • No setup fee (save $5k)

  • 100 users (CRM licences + sub domain websites) $2k value

  • $2,500 in PPC+ management included 

  • $2,500 of SEO included

  • Academy premium included (all users) $1,000 per month value

  • Texting included (2,500 per month) $600 value

  • CMA included (main site) $600 value

  • 25 entries to win a Tesla

This offer is for customers who are looking to increase their investment in growth for 2022 and beyond. Within this package is included up to 100 users, so even if you don’t need them “right now” you are covered for up to 100 seats without additional cost should you need to grow your team or admin staff. 

It’s $5k (100% off the setup fee) and $8,100 worth of platform, tools academy and marketing all for only $5,000 USD per month. (Save $3,100 USD per month)  

Commitment 12-36 months

Second offer: Growth $2,500 per month SAAS bundle 

  • No setup fee (save $5,000)

  • 50 users ($1,000 value) 

  • Academy premium included (all users) $1,000 per month value

  • $1,000 PPC (budget + 25% management included)

  • $1,000 SEO included 

  • Texting included (2,500 per month) $600 value

  • 10 entries to win a Tesla

Commitment 12-36 months 

Third offer: Fast track: $1,500 per month SAAS bundle (12-36 months) 

  • $1,000 setup fee (save $4,000)

  • 25 users $500 value

  • $1,000 PPC (budget + 25% management included)

  • 5 entries to win a Tesla

Fourth Offer: Agency (36 months) 

  • $5,000 setup fee

  • Bonus $5,000 in agency custom work

  • March-July no PPC management fees (budget provided by client) 

  • 5 entries to win a Tesla

Fifth offer Partner 25% 

For brokers who have high end agents. Co promote to your agents, and get 25% of base SAAS paid in cash or re-invested in marketing. Additional special offers available for your agents. Conditions apply (as long as co promotion, valid for current SAAS contract): 

Sixth offer: Partner 50% ($10k+ brokers) - Brokerages spending over $10k per month qualify for 50% until your SAAS bill is zero and then get 25% of excess in cash or re-invested in marketing. Additional special offers available for your agents. $10,000+ (as long as co promotion, valid for current SAAS contract): 

Seventh offer: Renewal + PPC:  If you have not used PPC before, upon 36 month renewal, if you add “at least” $1,000 in PPC spend (PPC committed for at least 12 months), REW will spend your bill (the $1,000 + your base $500 SAAS) for 6 months on our PPC program (covers spend + management). 

Why are we doing this? We know how good we are at PPC, and we want to get you addicted! It also gets us our most valuable order. A renewal. There is nothing better than a repeat customer!

Eighth Offer: Increase your PPC If you’re already on PPC and were considering adding more, we’ll do the same deal as above. If you renew your 36 month term with us and “increase” your PPC spend by at least $1,000 (with the new amount committed for at least 12 months), we will invest that PLUS your $500 monthly SAAS ($1,500) for 6 months on our PPC program 

Ninth offer: Lock in your users: Are you currently paying per month for additional users? Do you think you might need more users in the future? Lock in your users (on a net new 36 month contract) and receive 50% of the increase of your SAAS fees for all “net new” months as a retainer. 

Example - going from 25 users to 100 users. SAAS increases from $500 to $2,000 but you get $750 back as a retainer on an ongoing basis. So in this example, if you are already paying for the 100 users on a month to month basis, now by locking them in you get a bonus / gift of a $750 retainer.

Tenth offer: Refer us a fast track customer: 

We’ll pay you $1,200 for a customer who signs up for Renaissance on the “fast track” program + PPC. AND we’ll reduce their contract length requirement to just 12 months and give them an 80% discount off of setup. 

What do they have to do? Commit to 12 months of Renaissance + a $1,000 PPC budget ($1,500 total) on the fast track.

What could they get? 25-100 leads per month. 1-2 deals pays for their whole program for the year in many markets and now they have an epic website. 

Eleventh offer: Commit to content (SEO focus) - Increase your SAAS spend (users) by at least $2,000 monthly (so you get more users) and get a bonus 125% back in SEO / content services. 

Twelfth offer: Win a Tesla!!!! (contest details & guidelines at that link)

Important note on delivery & timelines!  

12 Days Is First Come First Served and it is our busiest promotion of the year. As such, it's important you book your services immediately in order to ensure prompt delivery. Orders booked early in 12 days are targeted for January delivery, while orders posted later in the promotion may be delivered in February due to volume. 

12 Days Runs from Dec 6 - Dec 22nd (12 Business Days), Docusigns must be in no later than Dec 22nd and payments no later than Dec 31st, 2022. 

Fast track orders are currently available for install in Dec-January. 

Getting expenses in: REW does not provide accounting advice (we recommend you consult with your local accountant) however if there are benefits to getting your expenses logged prior to Dec 31st, please note we may not be able to process your payment on the last days of the month, as such we recommend contacting us immediately to be invoiced / make payment if this deadline is important to you. 


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