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REW's New Lead Dialer Feature

**Update: REW dialer is currently in beta testing... will be available for expanded customer use coming soon...

You can already do so much from your website. Isn’t it time to upgrade your phone call game as well?

Well say “hello” to the latest addition to REW’s cutting-edge lead management system: A feature that enables you to make calls straight from the Real Estate Webmasters CRM!

With advanced controls, detailed call logging, and powerful analytics, the dialer feature is a fantastic addition to your toolkit to boost productivity and improve sales performance.

Efficient and Intuitive Design

The new dialer feature has a streamlined interface to make it as user-friendly as the rest of our UI.

With just one click on any phone number within the REW CRM, you can start a dial session that slides out on the right-hand side of your screen.

Screenshot of lead dialer flyout in real estate CRMThe new dialer window slides out with keypad, call record option, and note taking features.

It's as simple as that!

Advanced Controls & Analytics

The Dialer feature isn't just easy to use; it's also packed with controls that make it highly functional and an efficient way to follow up with leads.

For example, you can record your calls (with permission, of course) and enter notes to ensure that you don’t miss out on any crucial details.

And once the call is completed, it’ll be automatically logged along with any notes and recordings, making it easy to track call data and performance.

Screenshot of lead dialer call logs in real estate CRMWith built-in analytics, the new dialer feature makes it easier than ever to improve your sales process.

You can then use the agent accountability dashboard to track metrics for individual agents like:

  • Number of dials in a given timeframe
  • Number of unique leads called
  • Number of calls per lead

Screenshot of agent accountability dashboard for lead dialer in real estate CRMYou can check call performance by agent

Simple & Transparent Pricing

We want to make the Dialer feature accessible to everyone, so we've kept the pricing simple and transparent.

You'll pay a base price per number that includes a certain number of monthly minutes. If you exceed your monthly limit, you'll simply be charged for any additional minutes you use.

Boost Your Closing Strategy

The Dialer feature is a powerful tool for real estate agents and brokerages looking to integrate the process of calling leads into their overall follow up system.

With its advanced controls, detailed call logging, and powerful analytics, REW’s dialer is the way to go for instant lead follow up.

Don't settle for outdated tools that waste your time and energy.

Schedule a demo today and experience the difference!

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