REW Lead management - Creating and managing groups


One of the first things you will want to do when starting to use version 2.0 REW lead management is create groups.

What are groups?

Groups are ways to organize your leads into specific types of leads such as "registered IDX users" or "relocating next year". Groups are tied directly to the drip email system, so creating and organizing your groups is the first step in creating a successful drip email campaign, which is the key to success in processing online leads.

The new REW Leads system allows you to create and manage unlimited amounts of groups, and assign any particular lead to as many groups as you like or you feel they fit into.

Creating a group

Ironically as important as groups are to laying the groundwork for your lead management, they are probably the most simple thing in the entire lead manager to set up.

At the top of the system you will see a light blue bar with "leads" "group" "documents" "campaigns" etc mouse over the Groups tab and select "Add Group" from the dropdown, or click on the groups tab and select "Add group" from the right hand side sub navigation.

Groups only require 2 fields to be filled in - The name of the group, and the description of the group - enter those two things in, hit add group and you are done!

Below is a screenshot of the add groups menu: Here you will see that I have created a group called "Registered IDX Users" and in my description I wrote "This is a group I am creating for all my leads that have registered through me IDX"

Note* The name and description for a group is for your own internal use only, the name and description will never be seen in mailouts, or by customers. When naming your groups and providing a description be sure to do so in a way that makes sense to YOU because they are there for one sole purpose, and that is to help you keep your leads organized.

Screenshot of the add group screen.

Assigning multiple leads to a group

Now let's talk about how to add leads to a group: From the summary screen, search results screen, or any other screen where you can list multiple leads, you can quickly and easily assign multiple leads to a group simply by clicking the checkbox to the left of their name, selecting the group you would like to assign them to from the "Add to group" dropdown and clicking "Add to group"

Here you can see I have selected 3 leads from a list of new leads, and I am assigning them to a group called "Test Campaign Group" which I have selected from the dropdown.

When I click the add to group button, all selected leads will now be assigned to that group.

Adding an individual lead to a group

You can also add an individual lead to a group (Or multiple groups) quickly and easily. To do this, click on the name of the lead, then click on the edit tab. You will see all of the groups you have created with check boxes beside them - Click one or more of the check boxes for the groups you want to assign them to, scroll to the bottom of the edit lead form and click "Edit Lead" - The lead has now been assigned to those selected groups.

Screenshot of individual lead group assignment

There you have it folks! - You now know how to create a group and assign mulitple leads to a group and assign an individual lead to multiple groups. This information will prove valuable as it is the first thing that you should do when you are beginning to use the REW Lead Management System.


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