REW Leads - new feature - manage your auto responders


Ok I know lots of you are still on the list for the new v 2.0 REW platform, and we are working through it (Josh Keen I think is the most recent upgrade) - please be patient, we have a very long list, and as we roll out this beta to customers, they are giving us feedback which helps us ensure each subsequent rollout has the most secure and stable version.

Now - one thing you might not have known -although I said we are not accepting or making any changes during this beta rollout - I have been making some sneaky upgrades on the QT and if they are completed during a patch, we are launching them in the patches (Along with Bug fixes)

One of the cooler ones we just finished today that I think many of you long time REW users will appreciate is lead form auto responder management. Check out the screenshot below and I will explain:

So what is going on here?

 In the screenshot, you will see there is now a "manage autoresponders" tab you can click on to get to an index of all your forms, or each form in your site will also show up in a dropdown for single click access to edit that particular forms auto responder. Note - editing the form auto responders in the lead manager is only available for super admins - agents cannot change the autoresponders for the site, nor should they be able to.

Once you click on the autoresponder you would like to edit, you are confronted with a full wysiwyg editor for setting up your new email message - you can set them up as html emails or plain text. And there are Tags you can use to personalize the responder such as first name, last name etc.

Check out the screenshot below for a peak at the editor window (Not to self, need to add a "from" email address field in there)

So there you have it, now you don't need to ask the REW team to change your IDX registration autoreponders etc, it's all available for you for any form that is custom created for your website.




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Indy Realtor

Stop posting these screen are driving me crazy:) Very cool new feature, I can't wait for my upgrade.

Gary Ashton

Looking fwd to my update ;)


I will upgrade when you come out with a broker addition. I need to be able to manage my agents with it like the old one.

Morgan Carey

Ermmmmm - all V 2.0 REW backends have the "broker version" if by that you mean the ability to create and manage agent accounts as well as view their leads etc as a super admin :)

Joshua Keen

Do we have the ability ot add autoresponder categories? Right now I can't figure out how to do that...

Joshua Keen

Actually - what I mean is this...not ALL my forms are in the autoresponder manager. Do I have the ability to add forms or is that done through REW?

Morgan Carey

The autoresponder function is for standard (CORE) forms, if you have custom forms, the REW team would have to integrate them into the lead manager.

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