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Typically during the first quarter of any year, we are quite busy with professional services. 

Realtors® and brokerages often wait until the last quarter to commit to large custom projects which generally means our production schedule is full even though Jan-March are typically very slow months for "net new" orders. As the spring market kicks in and Realtors get back into the groove, orders return to normal levels. 

This year has been different though: 

We didn't get the huge influx of orders in Q4 for professional services. If I had to offer an educated guess, it's because of a few things: 

#1: Brokerages are waiting to see what happens with the market (it has been headed in the wrong direction)
#2: There is still a lot of fear around the commission lawsuits 
#3: Our product has gotten exponentially better these past few years (meaning customers are requesting to customize less and less). 

I'm sure it's a little of everything. 

Either way, the result for us is the same (and I'm just going to be transparent about this). We have unsold inventory in our professional services group. (Programming, Design, SEO, PM). 

How this promo works: 

I want to be clear, we're only giving discounts on hours "if" (and only if) you have actual work you want done. You can't just buy these hours and park them or not have anything planned for them. This is about making sure our highly valued employees have meaningful projects. 

So "if" you have work "right now" these are the deals: 

A: The top priority is to fill the queue for March. If you can give us work in design, programming or SEO we are prepared to offer a 50% discount for any unsold hours "under" 50% of capacity (these will likely sell out in a day). After we are at 50% capacity, but "below" 75% capacity you can buy hours for 40% discount. That's March. You need to order right away (and know what you want the hours for). 

B: April / May: The same concept, but since we have a little time to sell those hours before that time comes the discounts are slightly less. Below 50% capacity is a 40% discount and between 51-75% capacity is a 30% discount. Still a crazy deal. 

Here is an example (using the SEO department) to help illustrate how we look at this:

What you'll see here is the "client %" of our SEO team is booked out at 78% for February (right where we like it to be). But in March the client % is only 52% so far. That means for March (if you bought today) you could get a 40% discount on SEO hours until such time as the client % hits 75% booked. Once we hit 75%, discounts are over. Promo over. 

Of course, each dept is different (check with your AM for availability). 

How do you order these hours? (And how do you know what your price is?)

Call your AM (or email them). They have access to what is sold in which discipline. 

They will give you how many hours you can buy (and at what rate) and that offer will be good until the end of that day. The next day they have to recalculate and you could have missed the biggest discount. 

They will send you the price along with the month you must use the hours in and remind you they are nonrefundable and cannot roll over into other months. 

Existing customers, you don't even need to sign anything via Docusign. Just reply back in writing via email "Approved, please process my order" and we'll take care of it for you. 

It's as simple as that. 

My goal is to have all these hours (March- May) sold out by the end of the week. So if you really want these hours (and you know this kind of discount has never happened before and never will again) 

Place your order.

There are no exceptions, substitutions, or changes. Just this one awesome deal

When it's gone, it's gone. 



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