REW Promotion - 12 Days of Christmas, great deals!


Looking for this year's 12 Days of Christmas deals? View them here!

I am pleased to announce our annual 12 days of Christmas promotion, as with every year, this represents the most significant savings on many items of our entire year! Template setup fees are 100% off, discounts on LEC's, all common upgrades and even custom work! This promotion is time sensitive (expires on the 21st) so hurry and get your orders in. I am also very excited to announce that all "new" website orders will be launched on the brand new REW 4.1 lead management / content system. This means you gain access to both the mobile IDX platform AND the never before launched REW Mobile lead management system. Now you can assign and manage your leads from a mobile device seemlessly. Please read below for promotional discounts and remember, if you have questions, please remember to ask them in the comments section below this helps us ensure everyone gets the answers they need, their orders placed and noone is missed.

Amazing Deals Below! (Free templates, discounts on labor and more!)

  • $25 discount on all pre-paid custom labor hours
  • 25% discount on any items from our upgrades menu, including LEC's
  • $2500 discount on the setup of all LEC versions 2-6 (limit one per market area)
  • $1250 discount on integrated IDX 4.1 (our newest, most search engine friendly platform to date)
  • Free template setup! 100% discount on any new 4.1 template setup (that's right, free setup! you pay the hosting – applies to new hosted accounts only*)
    *This means that the template cannot be replacing an existing REW site. Template "upgrades" do qualify for the 25% products discount, however.

Promotion will start today, Friday December 9th and end Wednesday, December 21st

IMPORTANT! - Tax savings / promo invoicing: Our sales / billing office "may be closed" between December 24th and the new year (they are optional days) - so if you need to be invoiced for anything before the new year for tax purposes please ensure you have requested to be invoiced and made payment no later than December 23rd. All "new" installs will be on the brand new 4.1 platform which does not get released until mid January - orders placed now will go into the queue immediately but should not be expected to begin until 4.1 is launched (your project still gets queued up in a first come first served manner as with all REW production).

Terms and conditions for this promotion:

Payments must be received by 4PM pst on December 21st

Previous outstanding balances must be paid prior to ordering new work, including promotional hours and new websites (with the exception of those on an agreed-upon payment plan in good standing).

Hours and orders can be applied to "new work only" - you cannot apply hours to previously ordered labor or products.


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Jolenta Averill

Hi Morgan, Do IDX augmentations have to be ordered by the promo deadline or are those separate from the promo? Thanks.

Terry Burger


Would like a quote please on upgrading my current website to the latest version of IDX as well as the CMS. Is there a demo of the latest CMS on the backend?

I also want to start a new template site in a different area, if I sign up for the free template setup, is there a time limit in which I need to make the website go active? I'm probably 3 to 6 months out on a launch.


Kevin Hughes

Hey All,

Please put me down for LEC6 for Boise, Idaho. I would like to add some custom hours and other upgrades if you could ask sales to confirm LEC6 via email... I will reply with more details.


Kevin Hughes

Ron Ogden

I'm ready to upgrade my LEC 2, but need some advice on where to invest for the biggest return. New backend? Upgrade IDX? SEO hours? Is there someone I can speak with to discuss my options? Thanks,

Ron Ogden

Dwell Utah Real Estate

Mike Brown


I may not be able to pass this up. I have some older sites badly in need of a facelift. I'll be giving the sales department a call on Monday.

Your At Home Team

Hey Morgan - do you have a feature list for 4.1. We currently have 4.0 on two sites.


Hi Morgan --can you send me a quote for the REW mobile IDX platform & Mobile lead management system -Thank You

Brian Burke

Do you have a feature list for 4.1. We currently have 4.0 being installed. What is the difference? Can someone contact me about this?


I would like to update my website, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Todd Covington

I'll take 10 programming hours please.


I'd like to order 20 prepaid custom labor hours, as well as the Slideshow manager that is customized to be per-page. Can you confirm that our current upgrade project (in production right now) is the new REW 4.1 lead management/content system, or is it 4.0?

Morgan Carey

John, I have sent in your request for hours and slideshow manager.

As for 4.0 vs 4.1, 4.1 is not even ready yet (it's mid January for launch) so you are currently undergoing a 4.0 upgrade. This would need to be done basically to do the 4.1 anyways, so it's not like it's "replace and then have to replace again" if that makes sense.

Morgan Carey

Todd Covington, your hours request has been sent.

Morgan Carey

Tarek - you are already running the 4.0 platform, which means you arlready have the mobile IDX portion :) - you can link to it or send to your customers - also, you can have the team create a custom graphical call to action with a few labor hours if you like. There is a nice example of a CTA on (on the right)

I will get you an estimate on upgrading to 4.1 so that you can access the additional features (including mobile lead manager) - Thanks

Morgan Carey

Kevin Hughes, I have sent in your order for LEC 6 - and CC'd you, sounds like you have some other items / questions? By all means reply to my email, cheers and thank you. Morgan

Morgan Carey

Jolenta - the "IDX Augmentations" you are referring to, is privvy only to the REW Summit attendees, and those are not part of this promotion (although you do get this promotions pricing on the hours etc) - send me an email if you would like to place an order. thanks

Morgan Carey

For those of you asking the differences between 4.0 and 4.1 - here is the raw user notes, I can explain some of these better if you have questions. Obviously the bigges update is the mobile lead application - I asked the team what they thought it would take for a "default" 4.0 to go to 4.1 (meaning if you had no front or backend customizations) and they said "a couple of hours" - of course once you get into handling your customizations, those are always estimated on a per case basis, and if you do NOT have 4.0 then your estimate will be dramatically different depending on what platform / version / site you are running (template, LEC or custom) - for estimates please email sales@
Here is the raw change log:
IDX Dashboard New
All 4.1 Skins now include the IDX Dashboard from LEC6 (this is on new installs only)
Mobile Backend App New: Mobile Web App to acess Lead Manager
* Leads
* Inquiries
* Agenda
* Settings
Backend Dashboard New
Admin Dashboard:
* Activity Chart of New Leads, Returning Leads, Closed Leads, Inquiries & Visits
* Top 10 Most Viewed Listings (Last 30 Days)
* Top 10 Lead Sources (Last 30 Days)
* Most Responsive Agents (Last 30 Days)
Agent Dashboard:
* Activity Chart of New Leads, Returning Leads, Closed Leads, Inquiries & Visits
* Agent Response Rate (Last 30 Days)
Google Analytics New
Connect your Google Analytics account to access your report data.
Calendar & Lead Reminders
A few improvements have been made to improve these systems:
* Drop Down added to filter All Events, Your Events, or a specific Agent's Events. (Admin)
* Lead Reminders can now be shared with the assigned agent. (Admin)
* Lead Reminders now use the same types as calendar events. (Manage from Lead Reminders)
* Improved UI for Lead Reminders
* Improved UI for Calendar to flag Overdue & Completed Reminders.
Lead Manager
* Agent Auto-Responder is now sent when a lead is accepted, instead of assigned.
* Lead History now has an 'Expand All' button.
* Lead Notes have an improved UI.
* Renamed Lead Filter 'Inquiries' to 'Inquired'
* Manage Lead Groups, Sort By: Name, Color, Agent, # of Leads
* Manage Campaigns screen shows # of leads in campaign groups
* Lead Filters: Agent / Status are now remembered in session
Misc. Changes
* Added Drop-Down of Useful links under 'Help' in Top Corner
* Change the Publish Date of Blog Entries
* Added Quick Sorting of Columns to Manage Blog Entries
* Allow Custom HTML Block for Featured Modules (LEC6)
* Improved Thumbnail Caching to better handle third party IDX Photos
* HTML Editor upgraded to add iOS5 Support
* Backend Login Form: Username is now case in-sensitive


Tarek, I believe that (don't quote me quite yet) your customizations have been minor, and/or mostly to the frontend (only backend changes will affect your 4.0 > 4.1 upgrade), so you are only looking at a few hours to move to 4.1 (but remember this won't be ready until mid-January). Let us know if you'd like to get in line!


I'll take 10 hours. Thanks.


any deals on the craiglist tool?

Morgan Carey

Coloradohomefinder - 4.1 has not been released yet, so noone (including you) is on 4.1 - you are currently on the "latest available" platform, which is 4.0 - I can get you an estimate to add the 4.1 components (once they are ready) if you like.


Hi Morgan,

I think I want to upgrade to 4.0 on the website. Can I speak with someone about this?

Thanks, Mike

Morgan Carey

Of course Mikey (you will be upgrading to 4.1 of course) - or perhaps I might interest you in the LEC 6 and get you to venture out into deeper waters ;-)

I'll try to get a call into you ASAP


Can we recieve a discount on a custom website? :)

Morgan Carey

Hey Richard, yes of course you can receive a discount on a custom website. Typically a custom website is quoted at a minimum $15,000 but and breaks down around $5000-$6000 in products with the balance going towards custom work at $125 per hour.

During this promotion - you would save $1250 (from the $5000-$6000) from the IDX alone, and 25% off everything else in that range (other products you had for your custom site like control panel, quick search that sort of thing)

And for your custom time, you save $25 per hour, so that means you have far more hours available in your budget for custom work (instead of say $10,000 at $125 = 80 hours of combined design / programming - you now have say $12,000-$13,000 @ $100 per hour which nets you 120 hours of combined design and programming.

As you can see, there is a significant advantage to ordering your custom site during the promo :)


Thanks Morgan, where should I email my list of items/features to get a quote.

Morgan Carey

You can email me the scope Richard - I am off next week for a few days, but if you can get it to me today, I should be able to estimate it before I leave.


Thanks Morgan, I sent the email yesterday.

Terry Burger


Would like to upgrade to 4.0. Currently running 2.0 i think. How much coin?

Also, left this in a previous thread but you might have missed it.

I also want to start a new template site in a different area (referral based site), if I sign up for the free template setup, is there a time limit in which I need to make the website go active? I'm probably 3 to 6 months out on a launch.

Last questions: Is LEC 6 similar to Gary Ashton's site? If so, is there one in North Atlanta already?

Chris Audette

I want to have a number of small design and programming changes done to both and Both are running on older platforms though, I want to take about 20 hours prepaid, but should I be changing to the new 4.1 first? (Not sure what each is running now). Please advise.

Indy Realtor

Could I get a quote for moving reddoorindy to 4.1? Would this quote include moving all custom features over or do I need to supply a separate list? Thx.


Please put me down for 5 pre-paid hours.



Hi, I'd like to order template #8. Is it possible to order now and tell you our colors and answer all the pre-setup questions in a few days? Thanks.


I would like to order 5 custom hours of work. Thanks!

Indy Realtor

I realized I waited unitl the last minute, but it looks like Morgan is out for the next day or two. Will I be able to get a quote before the promo ends? Or perhaps there is just a ball park and I can buy close to that many hours? Thanks.


Hi Holly, yes this is for a new site. I will be working in Virginia, USA with this one. MRIS

Jennifer | Panama City Beach Condos

I'd like 10 hours as well - can I add them to the current project for the 4.0 upgrade?

Charlotte Brigham

Polly Clarke and I both work at Turnquist Partners and I see from her website that you probably designed and host it. I just came upon your special; could you please extend the promotion for me for one day so I can explore how much my site would be? Please email me and I will tell you what I am looking to do. Thank you, Charlotte

Bruce Wagg

Ok, Last minute request but I suppose I should take advantage of things. I would like to see about upgrading to 4.1. I have a LEC 2 and am not sure what version I currently have. Lets ge the ball rolling.


Morgan Carey

Hello everyone, just to let you know, since I have been in San Diego the last few days, and missed a bunch of comments (or rather missed approving them) - I am going to extend this promotion to anyone who has enquired on this promotion through Friday (even if you haven't had an answer by friday, the delay is on our side, so as long as you have enquired by Friday, we will honor the promotional pricing (through to the end of December) thanks for your patience and patronage.

Cheers and merry Xmas


Can someone email me what one of these sites would look like and the final cost with this discount?

Mark Ciochon

I would like

Get local and Streetview added to my site

Also Plus one logo added above my phone number on the home page..


I will take three hours of programming please. That should cover my google plus and another project I had discussed with Niki..

Morgan Carey

Mark I have added your 3 hours plus streetview and get local to queue for billing. You will need to indicate to what you would like to put the 3 hours towards as I do not have a scope for that - thanks.


I already have an IDX sitemap but I want to delete one town (Tinley Park) and add a different town (Palos Park). I thought I could do it myself but couldn't find where. Let me know if this would be billable and what should I request for time.


Note that I am in contact with Indy Realtor via email. :)

Joy Peacock

Hi Morgan,

I am a realtor in Calgary with Remax Central and would like to take part in your 12 Days of Christmas specials please. I am interested in your latest features, as per your advertisement. How do I proceed from here? Thanks. Joy


Hi, I want to order the integrated IDX 4.1 and the Quick Search for the template I just ordered on this promo.


Hi Cleo,
We will wait to install your template -- we'll install a 4.1 version when those are ready -- so there will be no additional project needed for you to get the 4.1 platform.
As for the quick search, I'll send in the order for you, now.
Cheers and thanks,


Hi Holly, yes I would like to have someone contact me about idx.

Thanks Gerry I have not got the invoice yet.

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