REW Real Estate Directory - New features!


As part of an ongoing effort to maximize the amount of exposure REW members receive from our combined forums, blogs, listings and directory - I have begun implementing a new phase of advancements for the REW Directory - as an equally important consideration, these upgrades will improve the overall user experience that our visitors (Your potential customers) receive while using the REW Directory.

Enhancement #1: Exposure for bloggers

The directory now shows the 3 most recent blog posts from a member in a given area. (I might change this to 5 not sure yet) - Now visitors to the directory can not only find agents, but get access to "current" information regarding an area, and read posts from local Real Estate Professionals.

If you are already listed in the directory, nothing extra is required just keep blogging the way you have been blogging and your posts will be shown and linked to from the city and neighborhoods pages where you have directory listings. This will also significantly increase the relevant internal link popularity to your REW Blog.

Keep in mind our real estate directory receives millions of pageviews every year, and these are mostly from visitors coming by way of search engine, typing in real estate related keywords looking to either buy or sell a home, or locate a local Realtor - just another reason (And a friendly reminder) to put the most into your blogging and provide quality relevant and "current" information to your readership, as they truly are your next potential customer.

Enhancement #2 - Real Estate Listings

Alongside the traditonal list of web savvy real estate agents in an area, featured agents, and the new recent blog posts, we are also please to announce that we have integrated the "listings" portion of REW with the directory. Once again, if you are already adding your listings to REW then nothing more is required of you - the listings summary for your listings will be shown on the directory pages of the city of those listings. (Random 5 with a link to "view all listings for this area")

More to come

There are plans for many more enhancements in the near future to all parts of the REW social networking system - but for now, I am very please and excited to offer these 2 new opportunities for our great members to generate business and build their online reputation.

Design Note:

Today is Friday December 28th, and you may notice some formatting or design issues as we complete this upgrade, rest assured they will be addressed by the end of the day.





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Annie Maloney

Looks Good! From what I can tell there is link love getting spread to the main blog page as well as the 3 last posts, is that right?

Morgan Carey

That is correct, from your regular agent listing, it links to "my blog" which is your main blog page, then the 3 most recent posts from members in an area also get link juice. So "potentially" you could be getting 4 links to your blog, 1 to the main, 3 to your posts - however because there are often times more than one agent blogging in an area, and it is the 3 most recent, you may have 1,2,3 or none of your blogs being linked to depending on if you are one or more of the most recent three, so it's important to blog often :)

Annie Maloney

Morgan, I have noticed that when I go to the main page of my blog through the links in the directory that the font is HUGE! Why is that? Is there a way that I can scale back the font so that it is not so big?

Morgan Carey

I an not able to reproduce the error, what browser / version are you using?

Annie Maloney

IE7 and when I look at it in FF it still has issues but not as bad. The stats under the first post are a much larger font than the rest of the page. Wierd..

Alec Kinnear

Morgan, in some ways adding blog posts to the directory is a good idea. On the other hand it looks a right mess right now. A side effect is to make your featured listings slightly less valuable (an unpaid weblogger can have up to five linked posts on that page) - of course including fresh and changing content on the directory page will push the directory past lots of Google directory filters, so the end result is greater than the sum of its parts. I think you are right here. But the aesthetic mess remains. Perhaps you should just put in the weblog post name. You could include an excerpt as in a hover box (fancy CSS trick which Phil should be able to handle in his sleep - there's a few ways to do it). Just title looks okay as you can see from the Wordpress SEO tricks with recent posts, popular posts and recent comments on the home page of Happy New Year, btw, old chap!

Morgan Carey

Thanks for the comments Alec - The directory redesign is actually still in progress, so I completely agree with you, it's quite messy right now. The team (Myself, Phil, Michael and Steven) who handle REW developments exclusively are all assigned and work on the new V2 CMS and Lead manager - so we kind of put the directory etc on hold.

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