REW Summit 2011, Las Vegas


Heads up folks! We are meeting on the second floor of the mexican restaurant for breakfast (right beside the fantasy towers, it's called guardinos or something) - we are then heading from there to the 2nd floor of fantasy towers (it just says meeting rooms) and we will be in Reggae A,B & C

Who: Real Estate Webmasters's most elite customers, new customers and prospects as well as REW staff, R&D team, and special guest presenters.

When: November 16th & 17th, 2011

Where: Palms Resort & Casino, 4321 West Flamingo Road

What: 2 amazing days of networking, classes on internet marketing, REW technology & the launch of the new mobile lead management as well as 4.1 features.

Why: Because we believe in supporting our customers and the power of face time / networking. We also believe that in building our systems and technology, it should be in response to demonstrated need as well as fostered discussion between clients, industry experts and our developers. Oh yeah, and it's a writeoff trip to VEGAS!

Benefits for attending:

  • First in line for the November 4.1 augmentation of your existing 4.0 backend (this is a free upgrade outside of any customizations *summit attendees only)
  • First in line for the new 4.1 mobile lead manager application
  • Invaluable education in search marketing and conversion
  • Amazing networking opportunity
  • Gourmet breakfast and lunch
  • Writeoff mini vacation to Las Vegas!
  • First access to the next REW promotion (get ahead of the pack and in the front of the production queue)

The format:

November 16th
8:00 AM to 9:30 - Breakfast
9:30 AM to 10:45 - Class 1 - Search Engine Optimization Recap / Advanced (Morgan Carey)
10:45 AM to Noon - Class 2 - Social Media / Links (Eric Blackwell)
Noon to 1:30 PM - Lunch
1:45 to 3:00 - Class 3 - Advanced IDX modification & other duplicate destroyers post-Panda (Morgan Carey)

November 17th
8:00 AM to 9:30 - Breakfast
9:30 AM to 10:45 - Class 4 (Eric Blackwell)
10:45 AM to Noon - Class 5 4.1 Walkthrough - I will take REW users through the new 4.1 release and explain all the features as well as make recommendations on their use. (Morgan Carey)
Noon to 1:30 PM Lunch
1:45 to 3:30 - 4.1 CRM discussion / feedback & development session: (Morgan Carey)
7:00-bedtime (whenever that is) After party at Morgan's! Mingle and have a great time in the Fantasy Tower Sky Villa with the REW Crew and our best, brightest (and most fun) clients.

Room rates: (assuming 25+ rooms) approx $79-99 plus applicable service fees (booked and paid by attendee)
Group name Real Estate Webmasters or the reference number CAWEB11. The phone number is 702-942-7064 or 866-942-7770. to book your rooms

Summit Tickets are only $499 per person - limit 100 (covers attendence, access to after party AND breakfast and lunch both days)

To purchase your tickets please fill out this form and fax back to 250-753-7209 - or email your request to be invoiced to

I will be coming to Las Vegas early, Monday November 14th & staying right though to Sunday November 20th and will be available for 30 minute to 1 hour consulting sessions several times all week. Come have lunch with me, and let's make a plan to take your project and more importantly your business to the next level.


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Panama City Homes | Jennifer

I know Jessie wants to go - If anyone is driving, he'll split the costs :)

Morgan Carey

Driving from Florida to Las Vegas? Everyone who has booked so far I think is flying, but certainly worth putting out there. Should I put in a request for a ticket for him? Are you joining us as well Jennifer?



As much as I'd like to join you guys, we're planning a vacation and doubt we can do both with both of us being away.

Jessie won't fly anymore due to the TSA issues - he's driven that distance lots of times - he may just take the train though :)


I am planing on attending with atleast 1 other from my office maybe 2, i have to get my money together.

Morgan Carey

I am having the paperwork sent out now Mike - seats are limited and we will likely sell out this year, so be sure to get it in as soon as you can


Jennifer should I sent paperwork for Jessies ticket?


Ok, Numbers change i might be looking at as many as 4 people coming. I have another one i need to talk to yet. I didnt get the paperwork yet


This comment box doesn't seem to work on IE9, had to switch to compatibility view, could be my pc though.

Anyhow, I just wanted to know if the mobile lead manager is an iPhone app or an actual website? From the looks of it, it seems like an app, if so, will this be made available to other phones? I personally use Windows Phone 7, although I'm probably a minority.

Morgan Carey

It is not an iphone App, it is a web based app that is adaptable for all major phones (windows, iphone, htc, android etc) - blackberry testing coming soon.

Choice Real EstateĀ®

I'll be there. I look forward to meeting you.


Morgan--I'm down can you have someone send paperwork? Thanks so much for giving everyone this opportunity!

Ben Ganje, Urban Realtor/Dad Minneapolis Condos, Lofts & Fine Urban Homes.


Any discounts to be a Las Vegas Tour Guide??? LOL!!

The Palms????

AWESOME CHOICE!!! The Palms Rocks!! Anybody who shows up will have an incredible time.... I guarantee it!! Great rooms... great staff...

Viva Las Vegas Baby!!!!

Greg Eckler

Just booked flight from Denver for $139 on Southwest and there is a 7 day sale at the palms for $88 per night.

Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Sam Smith

Morgan, looking forward to it! Put me down and go ahead and send me the paperwork. Thanks, Sam

Mike Brown

Just paid the fees, looks like I'll be there. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.


I'm in. Looking forward to a brisk drive up the LV.


I have 4 People Confirmed, Waiting on a 5th.

Joanne Erickson

Can you provide any information on the educational sessions? If I invest in such an expensive (for me) conference, I'd like some details.

mikepannell has travel package for 2 for $375 each, includes plane flight, and room for 3 nights, and taxes at the Palm... This is out of Dallas, or places might be cheaper or more expensive. I price plane ticket alone and i was looking at $430 each though the airlines...


$375? The lowest I can find from Philly or BWI is $630. No big deal, the info gained from attending is worth paying 10 times this amount.


To anyone who is on the fence about joining the REW crew at The Summit in Vegas, stop what you are doing and book NOW. I've been to two events hosted by REW and both times I came away with thousands of dollars in advice and connections. Knowing that I can pick up the phone or jot out an email and get some real advice from others in the trenches has been invaluable! Not only that, but we are all working with the same platform and refining the same systems, so the advice is even more targeted.

Gloria Singer

I'm in!!!Looking forward to meeting you all.


Who's getting the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa? I'll chip in $10.... lol!

Morgan Carey

I cheaped out and got the single story villa instead - very similar layout, but only 6000 sq ft ;-) I'll still take that $10 though :)

Morgan Carey - Is my room for the Summit, also where the after party will be on Thursday night when the summit is complete.

Still don't have your tickets? Are you serious? This is going to be an epic event!

Morgan Carey

Yes Carrie, please do so :)

Gloria Singer

Yes send me an invoice. Also an agent of mine is coming. Did you hear from him today? Lance Jason.

Morgan Carey

I spoke with him via email today Gloria, I sent him the form he needs to complete, fax number etc - hopefully he should be good to go :)

Greg Eckler

I'm in for the poker table in the suite. Who's in?

Ryan Ward

Ok, just sent my request to billing. I'm in.

See you guys soon!


I'm going to try again this year - faxing the form. Hopefully, I won't get stuck in Atlanta again like year!!!

Waylon Stricklin

Hey Morgan,

Susan and I look forward to meet with you!

A Very Satisfied Customer - REW - Invest in Quality rather than quantity!

Morgan Carey

Waylon, I will have your paperwork sent out today - 2 tix then?


OK, just faxed mine in :)

Morgan Carey

Nice! Looks like we are about 40% sold already, this is shaping up to be a great turnout!

Lisa Lambert

Morgan - Just emailed to invoice us for 3 tickets! Looking forward to seeing you guys again! Cheers!


Morgan, Guess who is ready for Vegas :) Please let billing know I need to be billed for 1 Thank you Ted

Morgan Carey

Sounds great Ted - I will have the office send out your paperwork cheers

Justin Havre

Who is arriving the the day before? Maybe we should organize a little mixer/vegas warm up the night before.


me and my crew will be coming into town on the 15th

Jolenta Averill

Are tix still available?

Morgan Carey

Yes they are, not sure exactly where we are, but if I had to guess I'd say we are 55-60% capacity, so please let me know if you want tickets, and tell your friends! :)

Mike Brown

I'll be arriving on the 15th. Count me in for the pre-party.

Cell Phone = 302 258 4368

Morgan Carey

Yes there are some tickets left - how many do you require, and what name should they be billed to? I am not sure if you will get the rate posted for the palms rooms but by all means call in and ask for late registration.


If you cant get the posted rate try I got Plane Flight and hotel in the Palms for Around $350 a person from Dallas Texas.

Jolenta Averill

Very much looking forward to meeting everyone! I'll be staying at the Palms, arriving the evening of the 15th.

adam robinson sarasota


I am coming in Monday. Can I take you to lunch or dinner on Tues.?


Justin Havre

Hey John, are you going down? I am heading down Tuesday night......back Friday night but I may change it to an early morning flight.


I just booked my air, I'll be faxing in my CC Auth for ticket this afternoon. Looking forward to seeing you all there.


13 Days to Vegas baby... WHOOO HOOO!!!!

Morgan Carey

Oh man, I really have to get these classes done lol - getting excited :)

Mitch Argon

Morgan - Are there spots open? Please let me know - planning on booking room/flight on Monday. Tx.

Morgan Carey

Yes Mitch, there are at least 15-20 spots left if I remember correctly - we are getting a bunch of late comments (just like this one) via email, the blog etc) so for those who are on the fence, please book right away
thanks -
Mitch I will have your ticket invoice sent


11 More days to Vegas Baby!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!

Come to Vegas and be able to write it off on your taxes??? Meet Paulie Vegas in Person????

Opportunity of a lifetime!!!!

Lots of laughing....

David Hughes

Morgan, we are there, put us down for 2, sorry for the late response, look forward to it, see you there!

Gloria Singer

Hi we are looking forward to next week! Who do I speak to about the meals... we have some dietary restrictions need to find out the menus...

Can't wait to meet you all and learn a ton!

Morgan Carey

Hello Gloria - the meals selected are as follows:

Day 1 Breakfast:

USA Breakfast Buffet

Chilled Freshly Squeezed Orange and Grapefruit Juices, Chilled Apple Juice

Assorted Breakfast Pastries

Whipped Butter and Preserves

Assorted Cereals and Granola with Milk and Yogurt

Scrambled eggs with Ham and Peppers

Plain Scrambled Eggs

Seasoned Potatoes

Smoked Bacon and Sausage

Freshly Brewed Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee and Assorted Hot Teas

Day 1 Lunch:

Italian Buffet

Garden Fresh Greens with Assorted Dressings including Ranch, Italian and Thousand Island

Antipasto Salad, Tomato & Cucumber Salad and Rotelli Pasta Sala

Chicken Angelo

Steak Pizzaiola

Pasta Primavera

Lasagna Bolognese

Oven Roasted Parmesan Red Peppers

Garlic Bread

Mini Cannoli and Eclairs

Freshly Brewed Regular & Decaffeinated Coffee and Tea

Day 2 Breakfast

Palms Breakfast Buffet

Chilled Freshly Squeezed Orange and Grapefruit Juices, Chilled Apple Juice

Assorted Fruit Yogurts

Assorted Breakfast Pastries

With Whipped Butter and Preserves

Bagels and Cream Cheese

Cinnamon Raisin French Toast

Buttermilk Waffles

Scrambled Eggs

New York Steak

Seasoned Potatoes

Smoked Bacon and Sausage

Freshly Brewed Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee and Assorted Hot Teas

Day 2 Lunch

Mexican Buffet

Garden Fresh Greens with Assorted Dressing


Chips and Salsa

Cheese Enchiladas, Red and Green Chile Sauce

Chicken Monterey

Beef Fajitas, Tortillas

Spanish Rice, Refried Beans

Strawberry Margarita Cheese Cake and Churros

Freshly Brewed Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee and Assorted Hot Teas

Gloria Singeer

Perfect, thanks!

Justin Havre are missing the booze. ;)


2X ( are missing the booze.)


We will ber arriving tonight around 7 Vegas time... Anyone want to scopp us up at the airport lol. I will be in the Casino at the Palm playing three card poker and backjack. Look for me.. 817-703-3238 Mike Pannell


Wish I was going to be down there with you all. Next time!

David Abernathy

We are enroute. Looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Morgan Carey

Heads up folks! We are meeting on the second floor of the mexican restaurant for breakfast (right beside the fantasy towers, it's called guardinos or something) - we are then heading from there to the 2nd floor of fantasy towers (it just says meeting rooms) and we will be in Reggae A,B & C

Justin Havre

Almost Breakfast time.......Morgan are you ready? lol


Great Event Morgan!

It was good to see everyone.


Will be attending it Again! Thank you.

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