REW Summit & LEC 2015 Promotion - Real Estate Webmasters Summer Promo


We just had an AWESOME SUMMIT in Nashville

Before I get into the details of this promotion, I want to once again thank everyone who came out to the REW Summit in Nashville at the end of May. I had such an amazing time, and as always learned far more from you than I could ever hope to teach. The speakers were great, the company was great, the after party was great - I mean it was just awesome, would you agree? Would love for you to share your favourite moments in the comments below. 

Special thanks to Barbara Corcoran for travelling all the way from New York to deliver one of the funniest and most engaging presentations we have ever had! 

It was so awesome in fact that we have already secured both our dates and facility for our next event and given the inspiration for this years LEC it is only fitting that we bring the REW Summit to Austin! 

That's right folks - the next REW Summit is already booked! December 2nd and 3rd in Austin TX at the JW Marriot - if it's anything like the last one, I can't imagine a better way to end off the year on a high note :) 

VIP Draw For Summit: 

Speaking of high notes (or rather "high kicks") - I'm also EXTREMELY excited to announce our keynote speaker for REW Summit Austin, none other than Fredrik Eklund!

For those of you joining us for the REW Summit in Austin, you can win a chance to have breakfast with Fredrik Eklund, star of Reality TV's Million Dollar Listing New York, Best Selling Author of the book "The Sell" and one of the top real estate brokers in the entire world! 

If you have not signed up for the REW Summit (or never been to one) I may be biased, but honestly, I think it is one of the best events in the entire industry. If you want to find out why, you can purchase your tickets here.


REW Website Offerings: 

LEC 2015: $10,000 USD 5 entries in the REW Summit Draw

LEC 2013 / 2014: $6,500 USD (save $3,500 3 Entries into the REW Summit Draw

Barbara Corcoran: $5,000 USD 5 entries into the REW Summit Draw

Premium sites: $1,500 (fully loaded) save $500 - 1 entry into the REW Summit Draw

Free 4.6 upgrade: 

Any websites ordered during this promotion will get a "free" 4.6 upgrade when 4.6 is released sometime in July *as long as there are no backend customizations

Search Engine Marketing: 

SEO Audit - Normally $500 USD, receive an SEO audit for half price and have one of our expert staff help assess your websites SEO needs. (add consulting phone call for only $125 USD also half price) 

Full Service SEO: Have our team completely handle your on page SEO needs, content development, WPO, custom SEO programming tweaks & more - $2,500 per month, during this promotion buy 3 SEO blocks get the 4th free (buy a whole year and receive $10,000 in free SEO!). Organic SEO is the best way (long term) to receive high value traffic & leads while at the same time looking amazing by having professionally written content for your users to enjoy.  

PPC (Pay Per Click): Are you new to REW? Do you want to start off with predictable, highly effective, high ROI producing buyer leads - you really need to try our PPC services. The paid marketing team is currently offering on this promo 

  • 6 for 5 PPC (buy 5 units of PPC service receive your 6th for free)
  • OR get 2 months of our add on Facebook / Yahoo / Bing managed advertising at no extra cost. 

Guaranteed Sale: For those offering (or willing to offer) a Guaranteed Sale program for sellers - our seller lead system at guaranteed has really taken off. In fact, one of our REW Summit members recently shared that he put 1.7 million dollars of listings under contract from just last months GS seller leads. During this promotion, if you sign up for our seller lead program we will DOUBLE your PPC spend (up to $500) for your fist month when signing up for a year. is market exclusive by city, and the program is $500 USD per month (including PPC management fees) + whatever budget you would like to spend on paid ads. For Martin at $500 GS fees and $500 PPC ($1,000 total) just his last month paid for his costs for the GS program for over FIFTY MONTHS! Not bad ROI at all! Are you ready to start generating more seller leads? 

And FINALLY - The dedicated developer program!

In Nashville, Michael Audet, our VP of business development (co-founder of WAV group) gave a great presentation on how to effectively look at, and plan for both technology expense and marketing costs. So many look at websites and technology as "one off's" when in fact, they are a constant and very important investment. Campaigns and technology should be both planned and budgeted, and then that budget can be effectively spread out over time to avoid the frustration starts and stops of "jump in, jump out" investment.

We asked our clients to share some of the challenges they face by not budgeting or planning their tech & marketing spend and one of the most frustrating things for them that came up over and over again was our queue's.

People wait until the last minute to upgrade or invest, then they get motivated to do something and have to go through both the quotation and estimates process which of course takes time and then after they approve and get and pay an invoice. They place an order and get placed in "the queue" - which is basically a line up of projects that are ordered by when they were paid for in our system. 

Now for larger projects, the queue is generally less of an issue because there can be several weeks of planning, prep, refinement etc - however for small projects, backend upgrades and things of that nature - it can be very frustrating to wait several weeks in a queue just to get a few hours of work done. And sometimes you have an idea and you just want to talk to your tech, and if feasible get it implemented.

It was out of these and similar frustrations that David Abernathy of Waterfront Properties helped us develop the "dedicated developer program".

David has worked with us for a decade, and knows and trusts how long things are going to take, so he does not need an estimate. He also knows because of the size of his operation and the complexity of his marketing there is ALWAYS lots of work to do and the last thing he wants to do is wait around in a queue. So what David proposed instead (and what eventually became known as the dedicated developer program) - was to simply "buy out" a certain developer for a time slot. There was no projects, not scopes, nothing - his programmer (Matt at the time, now he has several) simply had a time block every week for 10 hours or so and for those hours, that time belongs to David - he can pick up the phone, send in email instructions, change his mind a hundred times if he wants, and have his developer change direction just as many. It's an incredibly flexible and efficient program. 

It probably sounds new to most folks reading this, but in fact - this program has been privately available to elite customers for years now. David is likely up over 40 hours dedicated time per week, and we have many other elite clients taking advantage of this program as well.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, and you're constantly updating, tweaking, changing, upgrading your websites with us - I've put together a monthly package that I think will not only make you VERY happy with the flexibility and benefits of having your own dedicated developer - but for this promo only, will actually SAVE you a considerable amount of $ over the course of the year. 

What I'm going to offer is basically a SAAS+ package that "includes" both your regular SAAS fees of $199 PLUS $500 (4 custom hours) per month of dedicated developer time for only $499 per month (12 month minimum). This will save you $200 on labor every month, and put you on a comfortable payment plan for amortizing costs over time and allow you the flexibility you desire while diminishing wait times. 

As a bonus if you already know you need a lot more than say 4 hours programming per month, I'm offering the opportunity to augment the hours included in the program at $100 per hour (saving $25 for every hour) so if you want say 2 hours a week, 10 hours a week or even 40 hours per week we can make that happen.

Please note that this program is currently only offered for "programming" services, not design - however your rep and your dedicated developer can certainly help you order the design time you may need when required.

There you have it folks - our LEC 2015 / REW Summit Austin promotion has begun

Please note, programming hours, market exclusive LEC's, Guaranteed Sale, dedicate slots and summit tickets are all of limited quantity and are offered on a first come first served basis - please contact your assigned sales rep or sales@  immediately if you would like to place your order. 

And as always - ask my anything! Post your questions down below and I am certainly happy to answer them for you. 

Thank you once again for your support of REW - I look forward to seeing you in Austin in December, who knows, you might just be joining me at the head breakfast table with Fredrik :)   


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Scott Hack

I don't want to assume incorrectly either way, but do the hours bank? If I don't use the 4 hours in one month, can I use 8 in another? I am thinking no, but I do want to ask to be sure.

REW Niki

Hi Scott. The hours do not carry over to other months. We continuously develop new functionality, and with this new program you can always have your codebase remain up to date without needing a large upgrade project. And even if there's no patch/upgrade available, you can do other programming projects with these hours.

Morgan Carey

They definitely do NOT bank - what you are buying is an actual slot in our schedule (that we could otherwise sell) therefore if you don't use the slot, it doesn't carry over - that being said, as Niki points out, there are always things for us to do - and knowing REW clients the way we do - there will never be a shortage of tasks (normally there is a longer list than there is time to complete) -

You don't have to wait btw to provide requests / instructions - you even if you slot is not for several weeks, you can still send in your requests / instructions to your developer - they won't look at them "until" your slot, however by getting ahead of it and making it list it ensures there is always lots of work for them to do.

Also realize that the discounts on this labor is SIGNIFICANT you're getting $6,000 worth of labor for only $3,600 - therefor even if you miraculously missed out on $2,400 worth of labor (which you won't) it is still break even for the year.

Juan Moreno

Good afternoon,

i bought the LEC 2015 at the beginning of this year. Would it count in orther to get the tickets for the REW Summit Draw? I think it would be fare since i havent been able to take advantages of the site yet and i fell like i would be buying it now. Thank you very much and i hope to meet you in Austin.

Best Regards,

Juan Jose Moreno Perez (LEC miami)

Morgan Carey

Hello Juan,

Sure - I think that's ok since there was not a previous LEC 2015 contest, for other sites however, they qualified for the previous draw, so would not qualify again - hope to see you in Austin, have you picked up your tickets yet?

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