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The stage is set for REW Summit, and we're thrilled to have the one and only Stacie Staub gracing the event as a distinguished speaker. Her session will delve into the intricacies of building an epic independent brokerage, drawing inspiration from her remarkable journey of growing West + Main Homes. Stacie's insights are guaranteed to leave you inspired, empowered, and armed with the tools you need to turn your brokerage dreams into a reality.

Stacie Staub - Background

Stacie Staub is the co-founder and CEO of West + Main Homes, a real estate brokerage servicing multiple states, including Colorado, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Oregon. Under her outstanding leadership, West + Main Homes has emerged as a powerhouse in the industry, recognized as one of the 500 Fastest-Growing Companies in America. With a relentless focus on excellence and a commitment to pushing boundaries, Stacie has propelled the brokerage to unprecedented success, redefining the standards of service and client care along the way.

In addition to her role at West + Main Homes, Stacie is deeply involved in several other entrepreneurial ventures. She is involved with other startups, such as West Way Lending, Spring House Pilates, and Blue Nest Coffee, demonstrating her commitment to building thriving communities beyond real estate. 

Stacie's expertise extends far beyond traditional brokerage operations, she is also a prolific contributor to industry publications and a sought-after speaker at conferences and events. Alongside her business partner, Madeline Linder, she continues to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence through initiatives like Genuine Hustle, a platform that provides real-life education and empowerment to industry professionals.

Stacie Staub, co-founder and CEO of West + Main Homes.

Building an Epic 

Join Stacie Staub at REW Summit, where she will unveil the story behind West + Main Homes' meteoric rise from startup to industry titan. In her session, Stacie will explore the essentials of organic growth, strategic acquisitions, and the art of navigating market fluctuations. With her insights, attendees will be equipped with the tools and strategies to carve their path to brokerage success.

The session aims to cut through the noise and get straight to the heart of what it takes to build a thriving brokerage in today's competitive landscape. Through her years of experience and knowledge, Stacie wants to empower attendees to embrace change, seize opportunities, and lead their team to success. 

Homepage of West + Main Homes website.

Join REW Summit

At Summit, you'll not only gain invaluable knowledge and insights to propel your venture forward, but you'll also have access to exclusive resources that can take your business to the next level. As a special bonus for attendees, we're offering a 35% discount on SEO and custom work services, providing you with the tools to drive tangible results. Take advantage of this chance to network with industry leaders, expand your skill set, and access valuable resources.

Learn from Stacie Staub at REW Summit in Nashville.

Meet Stacie

Don't miss this unique chance to learn from Stacie Staub, the driving force behind West + Main Homes. Mark June 20-21 on your calendars and reserve your spot at REW Summit today! Join us for two days of invaluable insights, networking opportunities, and inspiration that will boost your career. See you there!

Stacie Staub FAQ

Who is Stacie Staub?

Stacie Staub is the co-founder and CEO of West + Main Homes, a renowned real estate brokerage operating across multiple states. She is recognized for her exceptional leadership, innovative strategies, and commitment to excellence in the industry.

What can attendees expect from Stacie Staub's session at REW Summit?

Attendees can expect Stacie Staub's session to provide invaluable insights into building an epic independent brokerage. She will share the story behind West + Main Homes' meteoric rise and explore essential strategies for organic growth, strategic acquisitions, and navigating market fluctuations.

When and where is REW Summit taking place?

REW Summit is scheduled for June 20-21 in Nashville. This two-day event will feature Stacie Staub and other industry leaders sharing their insights, networking opportunities, and inspiration for attendees looking to elevate their real estate careers.

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