REW Summit Toronto, June 14th and 15th - Hands On Learning & A Special Deal For Clients


That's right, REW Summit is coming to Toronto, Canada! And we're SUPER excited! 

For those clients and prospects who have not heard of REW Summit, it is a 2-day real estate conference created and sponsored by Real Estate Webmasters, the world's largest custom real estate design and marketing company. 

Our event spans 2 days and is a combination of rock star speakers, top agents, team & broker panels, design and marketing experts, and innovation. 

Past keynote speakers include: 

  • Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank, and REW Business partner
  • Fredrik Edlund from Million Dollar Listing New York
  • Stefan Swanepoel, international real estate speaker and mentor
  • Josh Altman from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Who will keynote this year? Keep an eye on our REW Summit page for an exciting announcement! 

This year's confirmed speakers include: 

  • Jeff Turner, CEO, Immoviewer (Virtual Reality Photography and Video)
  • Mitch Ribak, CEO, (Lead conversion and increasing company dollar) 
  • Michael Audet, Co-Founder of WAV Group, and VP Enterprise at REW
  • Eric Doty, SEO Leader at Real Estate Webmasters
  • Yours truly, Morgan Carey, CEO of REW (I will be speaking on technology innovation)

There is even a rumour that our friends from Google may be doing a special presentation. 

This year is even more special in that we are bringing a large contingent of our staff for a half day of hands-on training on the new REW CRM platform, REW IDX mobile apps, REW Leads, and Vision framework. If you are a REW customer or thinking of becoming one, this event is a MUST ATTEND! 

You can even book one on one consulting with top staff like our SEO team leader, and for enterprise customers, I will be providing one on one consulting as well. Be sure to book early as these slots will fill up fast. Ask your product consultant for more details.

Tickets are limited to 300 for this event, and they are filling up fast! 

If you're ready to purchase your ticket, visit our REW Summit page, or

Once you have registered, head over to Facebook and be sure to request access to the REW Summit Facebook page. We will be chatting after events, meet up locations, REW afterparty, and lots more.  

Past REW Events: 

For those of you who have not attended REW Summit before, here is a couple of videos from past Summits. We always have awesome content, engaging speakers, and lots of superstar agents and brokers who make the networking second to none! 

A Special promotion for new and existing customers

Summit is all about making the most of current REW technology and marketing. If you are a current customer and have been considering doing some upgrades to your site, this promotion is for you. 

If you are considering signing up with Real Estate Webmasters and attending the Summit, you will love this promotion as well. (You must be attending Summit, this is a Summit only promo)

Here is the deal:  

Buy a new website (Vision, Fredrik, Barbara) and receive a ticket to REW Summit for free! (A $499 USD retail value). This is valid for customers upgrading as well. 

Sign up for our Guaranteed ROI program with 110% ROI+ (guaranteed!) and receive a free REW Summit Ticket. 

Sign up for 12 months FCA services through and receive a free REW Summit ticket. 

In addition to the free REW Summit ticket with purchase, customers can also access professional services through our retainer program or through pre-purchase at a significant discount. 

Normally retail hours are $200 USD per hour. If you are attending Summit, you can access professional services hours (design, programming, QA, PM) at only $125 USD per hour. Please note this does not include SEO hours. 

The only caveats are: you must start using the hours right away (no banking hours) - we want you to have your project well underway (or even complete) prior to REW Summit, and we have teams available and set aside just for this promo. 

You must actually attend the Summit or the discount is not valid. We're making sure we fill the rooms with great people, not just looking for ways to offer discounts. 

So, if you are thinking of doing a project and attending the Summit, now is the time! 

Existing and prospect customers: please reach out to your assigned product consultant in order to access this promotion. They are ready to help! 

Just need to buy a summit ticket? 


Any questions? Comment below, or post a question in the REW Facebook Group.


Morgan Carey, CEO

Real Estate Webmasters Inc 


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