REW Website special no setup fee for V 2.0


To celebrate the launch of the new REW 2.0 platform we are offering our REW template websites with no setup fee.

Many of you missed out on the 12 days of Christmas special for REW templates well here is your chance to finally upgrade your old clunky website to a brand spanking new REW template.

So what's the deal?

Normally REW templates with the 2.0 platform are $740 setup and $480 per year combined hosting / platform fee.

For a limited time I am waiving the $740 setup fee - so act now if you would like to place your order and save yourself $740 but more importantly get a website that you can actually work with, looks good, ranks great and better yet generates leads.

What's the big deal with 2.0?

  • How about a new CMS The brand new content management system is a significant upgrade in both ease of use and function. The new wysiwyg editor has many more features, there is new intuitive page management / sorting, completely revamped snippet management, new SEO tools and much more.
  • New featured listings Build your own custom set of property features as you add listings, automatically map properties using Google maps, new calls to action and details layout - advanced tab for driving directions, schools, and if you really want to get specific you can even manually override lat and long for those of you who are uber geeks and want pinpoint geolocation accuracy.
  • Lead management This is by far the most significant upgrade. Our new lead management system allows you to create and save documents for single use or drip campaigns, create and implement your own custom html templates using an easy to use wysiwyg editor, new search functions, the ability to control your auto responders from all standard forms, multi tier agent management allowing teams and brokerages a single access point for all leads. I could go on all night listing features - but I think you get the idea.
  • AND YOU SAVE $740!

 It really is as easy as it says on the website template page - Pay the yearly hosting / platform fee, pick your template and you're done :)

What is included in the hosting / platform fee?

  • REW Template website
  • Hosting of the  website
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Listings Manager
  • Lead Manager
  • 2 Gigs storage (Inclusive of website and email accounts)
  • 24/7 customer support via the REW CSR Forums

So for what ends up costing you the equivelant of $40 USD per month you are provided with what widely regarded as the nicest looking, most search engine friendly Realtor websites on the planet, the tools to manage it completely on your own and the support to ensure you can use these tools to their fullest.

Kind of salesy, sorry about that: for the most part I am likely preaching to the choir as most of you reading this are already familiar with REW sites and what can be done with them - so let's just get on with it - you can order your new REW website here.

Ok so you will likely have questions:

It worked very well last time doing the promo in blog format and inviting those of you with questions to just post a comment right in the blog entry - so if you have questions by all means ask them right here by posting a comment - this way others with the same questions can get the answers as well. I will also maintain an FAQ below

Q: How long is this promo on for?

A: I have not decided yet, might be a week might be a month - better not to wait.

Q: Can I order more than one REW Template and still get this amazing deal?

A: Of course you can - you can order as many REW templates as you like.

Q: I want to get started right away and order a template, but what if I choose to go custom later, will I have to redo everything?

A: Not a problem - Many customers start out learning the system on a template and add small customizations over time or end up switching to a full custom REW site. Because the very same system / backend powers the templates and customs you can easily upgrade at any time without having to redo any of your work - once your custom design is completed we simply overwrite the template files with the custom files and presto - your new custom comes to life. We do recommend starting sooner than later so that #1 - your new search engine friendly filenames and content get some age and links to them and #2 - so that you don't miss out on this wicked price :)


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Eddy Kicker

Are you offering anything for existing clients like you did for the Christmas special as far as buying $740 block of time and getting another $740 free?


I requested a quote on getting a custom website with custom IDX and haven't heard from anyone. I know I said that we won't be making a decision soon, but it still would be nice to hear from someone

Joshua Keen

Ditto on what Eddy said :)

Morgan Carey

Hello Troy, If you provide me with your contact information (You can email me at morgan @ I would be happy to send you some information (Or could always just ask here :) - I do appologize if you did not hear from us, I will track down what happened once I have your details. In terms of a special on hours - sorry guys this one is on launching new templates and the 2.0 platform - If there were enough interest (And we had room in the schedule) I might be coaxed into putting on some kind of hours special on again - however in terms of the most requested departments (Custom design and custom programming) I think we are pretty tightly scheduled right now - so would not be able to do it right away.


Early in, I asked about looking at a demo to see what kind of things you added in 2.0 as I have a very custom CMS with a custom lead manager built by Steve and Aaron. I would like to do a comparison of the two systems. At first glance, it looks as though 2.0 looks far better than my custom solution. If we do decide to upgrade to 2.0, what will be the process? We have some features that were built specific to our business model and we simply can't live without those, can we bring them over to 2.0?

Morgan Carey

Lou I PM'd you a demo user and pass in the forums, please check your PM's - What are these features specifically that are custom, perhaps I can answer your questions for you.


Steve could probably tell you better than I fro the technical end. I will PM you a quick run down.

Morgan Carey

Got it Lou, Thanks! Btw - what do you think of the new interface vs V1 ?


Very slick! There is a lot going on there that you wouldn't expect at first glance. The UI is tight and well organized. The tracking Codes feature is cool, I imagine you will be adding to this quite frequently. The ability to manage auto-responders is a biggy and offers a whole new level of marketing capabilities.

Matthew Stallone

Right now I own a domain name, and its collecting dust. How much would it cost me to get it started and have an IDX search on it. Also say someone types in Bayville real estate (where I work) will my website come up on top ? thanks in advance

Morgan Carey

Matthew - if you wanted to iframe the MLS search provided by your board, there is no extra charge for this - however if you wanted to go really high end with IDX (REW Built in IDX) that starts at $2500 USD. In terms of coming up on top - REW websites are pretty much the best starting point / platform in real estate for search engine optimization, but it still takes time and a lot of hard work to reach the top of organic search results. If you would like to get there right away, there is always Google Adwords.

Morgan Carey

The deal ends on Friday, I suppose I should tell people that lol

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