REW's March Charity Winner: Nanaimo Child Development Centre (& Silly Boats!)


REW's NCDC Charity DonationWe did it! Thanks to all of your support and votes, the Nanaimo Child Development Centre was chosen as March's charity through the REW charity initiative. Real Estate Webmasters is now a Gold Sponsor of the Nanaimo Child Development Centre and we'll be participating in the 30th Annual Silly Boat Regatta!

Morgan and I presented the $3000 cheque yesterday morning to the NCDC's resource development coordinator, Michelle Kocourek, and executive director, Scott Bradford. 

A Challenge For The REW Team

Now, I'm challenging my colleagues to match REW's donation! I know that we can raise just as much funds as the company donated and make an even stronger impact on our community. I've been talking to you guys in the lunch room and I know we have colleagues in our own office who have relied directly on the NCDC to support their children. This is a cause that means something to our team, and I have no doubt that the REW staff can raise an additional $3000 through pledges and a fundraiser or two.

As a little incentive, I'm thinking whoever raises the most money gets to captain the silly boat! (Or, if you have an aversion to water, you personally can choose the captain who replaces your spot.) 

Speaking of Silly Boats...

silly boats logoWe now have a registered team for this year's Silly Boats Regatta! To my REW colleagues, I'm looking at you, because I see this being n

I already know of a few things we're going to need:

  • A really rad team name
  • Recycled materials to build a boat out of
  • Ideas on how to actually build a boat
  • Tools we can borrow
  • Someone to photograph our efforts

I would love every last bit of help we can get, and strongly encourage every single person at REW to participate. If you want to be part of the team, you're in! Everyone on staff is welcome and I'm hoping REW has a really strong presence at the regatta. It's guaranteed fun!

I'll be reaching out to everyone when we get a little bit closer to the event, to find out exactly who wants to participate and to share more info on how to raise additional donations. In the meantime, start thinking of some sweet ideas...

This is going to be AWESOME!


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