REW’s Trip to the Googleplex


This past week I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Googleplex (Google HQ) in Mountain View, CA for the annual All-Stars Summit. The PPC team here at REW is an official Google AdWords Partner and with this comes the chance to take part in Google contests. This specific contest had the grand prize of a “trip for two to the Googleplex”. Morgan and I made the trip and we learned a bunch of valuable information all while having a great time! 

Google Partners Computer Science MuseumGoogle flew us in on Sunday and put us up at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose. We woke up Monday and were shuttled to the Computer Science Museum, which acted as the home base for the speakers and most of the Summit. We got an inside look at the Self-Driving cars and the earliest origins of computers and technology before making our way into the conference room. The room was full of some of the brightest PPC minds in the world (500 people from 51 countries) eager to learn.

Day 1

On the first day the speakers focused on innovation and how there is no set of rules to drive this. They also outlined Google’s principles: Focus on the User, Freedom, and 10x (ramp things up 10x what is normally required). You can certainly see these values reflected in the company’s culture as well as the products they offer.

Day 2

The second day had a strong focus on Remarketing and how it can really squeeze more value out of each website visitor. 90% of people don’t buy/register on their first website visit, so it can be important to stay "top of mind” and approach these past visitors with new ads. Real-time automated bidding is key for these campaigns and it’s important to adjust budgets as list sizes fluctuate.

Google All Stars Reception BridgeReception

After the second day’s speakers we were shuttled out to GARField Park on the Campus for an evening reception. They had several miniature versions of iconic structures (e.g. The Golden Gate Bridge), various food buffets, and about 100 tables scattered throughout the park. They even had a bouncy slide which Morgan and I firmly believe isn’t just for children. The spread was amazing (Lamb Chops for dinner) and it was apparent Google spares no expense when it comes to their partners.

Day 3

The last day was focused on Programmatic Advertising and that to succeed these days; you need to hit the right person with the right ad at the right time. In addition, to increase the likelihood of a conversion, this ad needs to bring value. Google has been working on tools focused on helping us accomplish all of this easier and more effectively.

Another underlying theme of the whole event was “Micro-Moments” and how these are the new battleground for brands. Google really wants their users to get the info they need right as they need it. The idea is that life is lived in these small micro-moments and if each question could be answered quickly and effortlessly, how much easier would our life be? The average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day, so there are tons of opportunities to make contact.

Google All Stars Cartoon MarketingThe conference concluded with a “PPC Ask The Experts Panel” and a presentation from Marketing Cartoonist Tom Fishburne.  We had the chance to ask the panel tons of questions and Morgan and I got some great insight from the top experts in the industry. Tom then concluded by showing us some of the classic Marketing oversights/blunders in cartoon form which really helped finalize everything we’ve learned and bring things home with some humour.


This was an amazing experience and I am thankful for REW and the PPC team for allowing me this opportunity. I’ve heard great things about the Google Campus, and thought I knew what to expect from watching The Internship movie, but to actually see it first hand was amazing. The company is doing more than we could ever imagine from Renewable Energy products, to Virtual Reality (Google Cardboard – part of the swag we were gifted), to expanding their online offerings. I look forward to continue working with Google on making our campaigns the best they can be and for more trips to Google in REW’s future!


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