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We've released another new update to rewLeads Beta, our new lead management app, to our beta testers. Our main goal for this release was to make one of our favorite features even easier to use: rewLeads Auto-Routing.

With Lead Auto-Routing, rewLeads can intelligently assign incoming leads to your agents according to custom rules that you create. For example, you can have residential leads over $800K go to a certain set of agents, while Seattle leads go to someone else.

To get started, navigate to Settings -> Lead Routing and ensure that rewLeads Auto-Routing is selected. Then, tap Rules to start creating your custom routing rules.

Tap the + button to create a new Rule, or tap an existing Rule on the list to edit it. This will bring up a dialog where you can specify the active criteria for the Rule.

Once you're satisfied with the criteria, tap Assigned Agents at the bottom to select which agents on your team should have the Rule applied to them.

How Lead Routing Works

Here's an overview of what happens behind the scenes when rewLeads Auto-Routing is enabled:

  1. A new lead registers on your site. Their status is set to pending.
  2. rewLeads finds all pending leads, then for each one:
    1. Figures out the lead's criteria. This includes looking through their viewed properties and creating a list of their target cities, subdivisions, property types, ZIP codes, and average Price.
    2. Once the criteria is known, rewLeads looks for any Rules that match it.
    3. If Rules that satisfy the criteria are found, rewLeads makes a list of agents assigned to those Rules.
    4. The Lead is assigned to the Agent who's gone the longest without a Lead being routed to them.

The More Specific, The Better

While Rules with broad criteria tend to match more leads, Auto-Routing works best with Rules that have very specific criteria. This ensures that agents have a higher chance of getting the exact leads they want, instead of just any lead that matches broadly-defined criteria.

For example, say you have the following agents & Rules:

  • Robert — all Residential Leads over $500K.
  • Alice — all Residential Leads over $500K in Seattle.

Since Robert's criteria is more broad, he will likely get more leads (even ones looking outside of Seattle). However, when a Seattle Lead comes in, it's more likely to go to Alice because Robert will likely have received another lead recently (due to his broad criteria), and it's Alice's turn to get a lead next.

In other words, the more broad criteria an agent has, the more likely they are to "attract" different kinds of leads. And the more often a particular agent gets leads, the greater chance other agents have to be assigned the next incoming lead.

The Road Ahead

We've done a lot of work to ensure rewLeads is as quick & easy-to-use as possible. With exclusive features like Auto-Routing, we hope rewLeads becomes an integral part of the way you handle your leads. Our next biggest focus is to expand the pool of beta testers, so stay tuned for more information on that soon!

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