Saved Search Creation - Now Available in REW Leads


The Mobile Development team at REW has been hard at work on our latest project - rewLeads. It's a fresh take on Lead Management, focusing specifically on mobile devices. It works alongside the existing REW Backend you already know and use on the web, but it's a standalone native app for your phone. It offers the best possible speed & ease of use, while taking advantage of platform-specific features like Push Notifications and iPad support on iOS.

Since August of 2016, we've been inviting select Real Estate Webmasters customers to try out a beta of rewLeads for iOS and let us know what they think. The response & feedback so far has been amazing, and has really helped shape rewLeads into what it is today. We're also hard at work on an Android version, and we hope to offer a similar beta for that later in the year.

Over the course of this beta period, we've released 6 updates for rewLeads, ranging from new feature additions to overall improvements & bug fixes. I'd like to highlight our next update here, which adds support for creating Saved Searches for your Leads right on your phone without having to leave rewLeads.

rewLeads Saved Searches

To create a Saved Search, tap the Lead in question to navigate to their Details:

Tap the + icon next to the Listings section and choose Create Search. You can also add a search by navigating to the Lead's Saved Searches list.

Enter the criteria you'd like to use for the search, then tap Add in the top right corner when you're done. That's it!

As always, we look forward to your feedback on how we can improve existing features, as well as new features you'd like to see in rewLeads. We plan on opening up the rewLeads beta to even more customers soon, so stay tuned for more updates!


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How do I get the beta version of this to try out?

Jim Esposito

Some good ideas here. Thanks

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