Some Changes to Profile Pictures


You'll notice that the blogs and some other parts of the site will now be sporting new profile pictures; We are now keep thumbnails of profile pictures all over the REW site in a square aspect ratio. This shouldn't be a problem for most of you... but I did notice a small percentage of users that had logos an other types of graphics with non-standard photo dimensions that may need to be readjusted within our new system. We're automatically cropping images to a 1:1 aspect ratio and the final dimensions are 50X50 pixels or 32X32 pixels (depending on context).

How to Fix if your Profile Image looks "Broken"

Option A) Crop your original Image Closer to a Square Shape. Crop your original image closer to a square shape with a software tool such as Photoshop or iPhoto. The closer you are to a square shape, the less we'll have to adjust on our side. If you don't have an editor available, there's plenty of web-based ones; is popular.

Option B) Copy over your Facebook Photo. Copy over your Facebook photo. Facebook's profile picture thumbnails are already 50X50 pixels, so there's no additional retouching. Login to Facebook, right click your thumbnail and choose "save as..." from the contextual menu. The the time you're at REW, login in, find your settings page and upload your new profile pic :-)


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Thanks Phil - note that the profile pic preview (in the edit profile page, after you first upload the photo) is showing as a rectangle.

REW Phil

Thanks Gerry--fixed!

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