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Greetings to the good agents of Sotheby's International Realty Canada. For those you of who don't know me, I am Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters, the producer and website vendor for your corporate site

A few weeks ago, I flew over for a meeting with Ross McCredie (Sotheby's Canada CEO) and Hien Tran (Sotheby's Canada Technical Consultant) to discuss the possibility of providing website products for the various offices and agents of Sothebys International Realty Canada growing program. After a very productive meeting and a few weeks of development, I am pleased to announce we have completed phase one of the agent / office website project for Sotheby's and can now begin taking orders from the agents and offices of Sothebys International Realty Canada.

Two tiers of websites available:

Agent / standard website: A fully hosted website, custom skinned with the Sotheby's brand at a significant discount. Retail on this package is just over $3000 USD setup, and $79.95 USD per month. As a Sotheby's agent you can purchase one of these powerful website templates for only $200 setup and $30 per month. That's over $2800 USD savings on setup, and $50 less than retail in monthly fees. Here is a sample template:

Broker / Office / Region website: Our $10,000 USD "LEC" (Limited Edition Custom) website for only $4500 (savings of over $5000 USD) - hosting fees for the brokerage / office sites is $79.95 per month. This site (example here) comes completely loaded with built-in Sotheby's-data-powered IDX search, agent roster module, quick search, featured listings, multi user blog, office/agent lead management, full content management system and unlimited content uploads. As you will see from our coverage area in the US, this product is incredibly popular (at the retail price) so at the Sotheby's dicount price, this investment is a no-brainer. *LEC 5 is replaced by LEC 2 in Vancouver - market exclusives waived for Sotheby's offices / agents as long as they are with Sotheby's Canada.

Canadian pricing:

Our retail prices are in USD - however Sotheby's has asked me to make these prices Canadian, and I am happy to oblige. So each USD price estimated above, you can cross out the USD and put CND.

How to order:
Just email and request either a Sotheby's "agent site" or "broker site" and we will be happy to send you an invoice. We will need the following to create your customer account: First name, last name, email, phone, physical address.

Ordering Customizations:

Yes you can order customizations to the product. Once you have ordered one of these sites, you are then a retail REW customer and can request estimates for any custom modifications you like. Our billing is normally $125 USD per hour - once again you may convert this to Canadian for Sotheby's Canada customers.

Thanks again Ross / Hien for the opportunity - we look forward to servicing the many agents / offices of Sotheby's Canada, and adding additional functionality / built in modules as this program matures.

If you have questions, by all means post them in the comments section of this blog below, and I will be happy to answer them.


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Morgan Carey

I have been asked two main questions so far:

#1 - Do we need to indicate the the office when ordering? No - but it would help (we can figure it out if you forget as we have all agents / offices listed in the corporate site)

#2 - How long will it take to process the order - really these things can be launched within a week of receiving payment in almost all cases.

I am going to add one of my own:

#3: Do we have french language versions of these sites? - No, not yet I will be speaking to Hien re alternate language versions in our next discussion. For those of you from our French speaking / bilingual offices, can I get a show of hands in terms of interest?

Thanks everyone.

Morgan Carey

Some new questions:

1 - will my listings automatically go to the site, or will I have to upload them? No upload is required, your listings search is powered by a feed from - so if they are on the corporate site they will be on your website.

2: How do I ensure the site appears correctly in Safari / Ipad? - Safari / IPAD are not supported browsers for web based tempaltes. Safari (for the most part) should display well enough - but our support browsers are IE 7, 8 and Firefox.

3: Are there any other templates available? The current versions (LEC and template) are the ones posted above - currently there is only one of each. Additional designs may be availalbe in the future depending on demand / popularity of the program.

4: What is the $200 for if I am doing the setup? - You are not doing the setup, we are (from a installing the files, prepping them for DNS etc) this is what you pay us for. You are responsible for your own content (or you can hire a third party and give them access or you can hire us at our hourly rate) - but the "setup fee" is the cost of the website install.

Darlene Hobbs

Will we have the ability to add Video Clips and ftp files (floorplans or brochures)?

Great to see this new partnership and we are quite excited about getting started.

Linda Chu

When listings are uploaded are they regional ones or all of SIRC's to search, it would be best if client's are searching for Toronto region that these show up without having to go through i.e. BC listings

Roger Quirion

Hi Morgan,

I would be interested in a bilingual version( French & English ) if it becomes available. Regards, Roger


Do the standard agent template fees quoted above include IDX?

Morgan Carey

No they do no - but they do include a free "IDX like" search that includes all sothebys listings OR just those from your area. Most regions in Canada that Sotheby's operates do not have IDX available to agetns - where are you located Steve?


Hello Morgan,

I am based in Vancouver, BC.

Does "all" Sotheby's listings mean all Sotheby's listings or just the Canadian franchise listings?

Thank You


peter Townsend

1. Does the agent/standard website have it's own independant CMS or "back end"?, i.e. does the individual agent have control over uploading of images, copy etc?

2. Can you program/allow the search listings or featured listings to include all "reciprocity" listings. If so, is this customizable? i.e. north & west Vancouver only in a certain price range?

3. Is it possible to use/view/track google analytics results for the individual website.

4. Obviously the pages need copy and content. Is the work/time involved populating the pages with custom copy included or is that classed as billable customization?

5 Can you show HD video, floor plans etc?

thanks in anticipation

Morgan Carey

1: yes you have a full CMS

2: By default the program only includes sotheby's listings, but with sotheby's permission, you can order what is called an "integated IDX" - pricing located at and yes it can be customized through our custom dept at $125 per hour.

3: Yes - we have analytics installation ability for customers on all CMS's no cost of course

4: No custom copy is included, if you would like to add copy or edit you may, you can also hire a third party or our writing team. Again our billable rate is $125 USD per hour

5: Embedding videos through snippets is no problem (utube, viddler etc) floor plans can be uploaded via our upload manager if they are a standard type (pdf, jpg etc

Hope that helps.

Peter Townsend


I really love the style, design and layout of the proposed Sotheby's agent website.

I specialise in Luxury residential properties in West Vancouver and need a "flagship" website. The feel of your Sotheby's site suits me well however I am on the fence, and slightly leaning towards Ubertor given all the inclusions they offer in their "concierge" or "plus" services.

Within the framework of the Sotheby's agent website proposition:

IDX is available in the REBGV area and inexpensive and localised Integrated IDX is a very basic and necessary function for any credible agent website. Does this mean that the available Sotheby's agent website will only show Sotheby's listings unless I add $2500 to the bill plus a monthly subscription in addition to the REBGV's yearly fee?

Unfortunately You-tube video inclusion is not an appropriate quality of content for the market I work in. Can you handle a higher quality video content? if so where/how would this appear? maybe in an additional tab adjacent to property details, map and floorplan?

Is there any possibility of image size control; i.e. can the images be bigger once the user views specific properties?

Would I have control/choice over rolling images that serve to decorate the generic page layouts or are these fixed for everyone?



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