Static Pages and Sort order


2 of the things I would like to roll out this week are static pages and sort order for those pages, as well as a sort order for the bategories - we should use the new ajax drag and drop thing for this

What else? Oh yeah, I would like to show the amount of views and amount of comments next to the blog entries (Without having to view the details) so that users can see which are the most active, and which have the interest at a glance.

Hmmmm on a roll - don't forget about "My Google Maps" (Not going to post me idea here cause I like it and I'm greedy, you guys will see it soon)

Better Digg, Delicious graphics / links for new design - also look at other social networking sites.

REW Client blogs - we are ready, (Almost) so we need to make sure these templates are easily skinable for client sites, would like for it to take less than 5 hours (Consider discounting this to 50% hourly cost to make it easier on clients pocketbooks)

Rework organization of backend, that whole group of Options is kind of annoying for me, we should look at grouping things that are often used, and things that are not always used out of the way - Like the my blog, my listings tab etc, doesn't need to be in the same place as category manager or comment queue, blog settings etc.

I think "Blog Settings" should be in the header, maybe we can actually do a CSS dropdown (Suckerfish style) for the bonus admin functionality.

Google Adsense - remove the reference to adsense code, and make it a one line entry point where they just put their adsense ID, they dont need to provide the whole code.


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