Staying Competitive With A SaaS Pricing Model


competitive SaaS pricingIn 2016, REW introduced a new SaaS pricing model that has allowed our clients to experience superior technology that's faster, safer, and more powerful.

In turn, REW invested in product development and resource improvement, providing our clients with a highly competitive technology suite that will help our clients outperform their competition.

Basic Hosting vs. Comprehensive SaaS

First and foremost, it's important to understand the difference between hosting and SaaS. In essence, hosting is a service that allows a website to exist on the internet. It's an online rental fee, if you will. But more importantly, that's all it is.

SaaS, by contrast, is literally "Software as a Service". It's more than a rental fee, because it includes the cost of technology platforms and their upgrades, the development of new features, maintenance upgrades, support services, and more. While hosting is included in SaaS, it's only one small part of a much larger offering, and our SaaS program allows clients to utilize a comprehensive suite of technology for a simple monthly fee.

A Superior Technology Experience

By transitioning to a true SaaS model, our clients experience a more complete technology service that's easier to budget for and ultimately makes competitive innovation more cost-effective.

Our SaaS program subsidizes product development costs, allowing our clients to benefit from platform upgrades, apps, new modules, and more—all included, free of charge.

Here are a few examples of bonuses our clients have received because of our SaaS program:

  • Free 4.7 & REW CRM upgrades
  • Free REW Leads app (up to 25 users)*
  • Free domain & logo changes
  • 7-Day, 12-hour phone & email support
  • 24-Hour Help Center resources

The SaaS model allows our clients to enjoy a better technology experience. And, thanks to a simple SaaS program, real estate teams of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the latest and greatest in innovative technology without any unexpected fees.

*We're currently offering unlimited REW Leads users through to the end of 2017!

Backed By The Best Tech Available

Our current SaaS model covers the cost of numerous tools that help our clients run their businesses more effectively. REW has negotiated and refined a suite of phenomenal hosting and server packages, which includes:

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • High Availability Server
  • Content Delivery Network

Google Cloud Platform

All our clients' websites are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, a highly reputable hosting platform that is known for its reliability, stability and security. Every one of our SaaS users will enjoy this elite hosting experience.

High Availability Server

Our High Availability Servers help ensure your website is always online when you need to be—24/7. In essence, high availability employs two servers that share the work load of hosting a website. This allows for faster performance, while providing an even more important benefit: protection.

These servers constantly talk to each other, checking in on their buddy. If one of the two servers runs into an issue, like a cyber-attack, the second server will spring into action and pick up the extra slack until the first server is healthy again.

Content Delivery Network

Our Content Delivery Network is another way we help your website load quickly and efficiently. When a user visits a website, their computer pings the servers, which then reply with the files and code it needs to load. The closer these servers are to a user, the faster this information is returned.

In the traditional server environment, a website is hosted on just one server. But a CDN stores information across numerous caches, shortening the distance between users and the files they need to load a site. The end result is a superior website that loads faster than ever, no matter where you're located.

SaaS: A Simple Yet Powerful Concept

SaaS is a simple concept, but has powerful results. Our clients are able to experience the latest and greatest in innovative technology, while also enjoying predictable costs. From CRM upgrades to shared server resources, our SaaS program ensures our clients' technology is always ahead of the competition.


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