Submitting Real Estate Websites to DMOZ


Submitting to DMOZ is always a good idea, even if it takes quite some time to get accepted. The reasons for this is that not only do you get a high quality backlink from DMOZ which is one of the oldest true authority directories on the web, you also get backlinks from websites that use the DMOZ to supplement their directories via the DMOZ dump which is available to anyone willing to adhere to the DMOZ dump terms of service.

So how do you submit to DMOZ if you are a real estate agent?

First create your submission:

Title for agents:
When adding an agent site the title needs to be in the form, Agent Name - Company Name. In the event the submission is for a team, use both names in the order presented on the site: Example "Jake Marsh, Keller Williams Realty"

Title for brokers or agencies:
Use only the company name, no keywords or areas. For instance, if your company is called Century 21 Smith, then your title is "Century 21 Smith"


Descriptions for real estate sites, just like all other sites in the directory, should give specific information about the content and/or subject matter of the site. They should be informative and concise, usually no longer than one or two lines. The basic formula for a good description is Description = Subject + Content. Real estate sites should be described objectively, without hype or keyword stuffing.

Here is a good example of a DMOZ description:

"Offers commercial and residential property sales throughout Anne Arundel County. Includes property listings, agent profiles and community information."



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Sam Dodd

Nice post this is great infomration about dubmiting to dmoz.

Morgan Carey

Is dubmiting a new word :)

Morgan Carey

Just submitted my new website in the Orlando Real Estate Agents section.

Joe Samson

Is it possible that DMOZ only accepts Brokerages in their directory? I have submitted to them a long time ago but no luck. When I checked across the board, I couldn't find any individual REALTORs listed.

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