Switching to a real estate webmasters website from Advanced Access - FAQ


Every month we convert current users of the Advanced Access website platform to the Real Estate Webmasters platform and I find myself confronted with the same questions each time - so I figured I would write this blog post to provide a convenient way for those converting or thinking of converting to get the answers they need before making the switch.

I am going to adopt the FAQ format for this post so that as more questions come in, I can update this post with those answers as well for the benefit of future readers - So let's begin.

Leaving Advanced Access frequently asked questions

Q: My Advanced Access website ranks well in search engines, if I switch to Real Estate Webmasters will I loose my rankings?

A: This is probably the biggest concern / most asked question regarding the switch over, and the simple answer is no - there is no reason you should lose rankings by switching to Real Estate Webmasters. Rankings are based on several factors including inbound links (You don't lose those by switching) - The domain itself (Your new REW website takes over your existing URL ) and quality unique content - We set up a development environment so you can move over your titles, meta data and unique content before switching, so no loss there either. If anything due to the search engine friendly architecture of Real Estate Webmasters websites you will gain more rankings as we employ search engine friendly URL's, completely spiderable website architecture, html sitemaps as well as Google xml sitemaps standard.

Q: I have many pages of my AA website spidered by search engines what happens when I switch to more search engine friendly filenames does this create a duplicate content issue?

A: This does not create a duplicate content issue - Once you switch to your new REW website, the AA filenames will cease to exist, thus a duplicate content situation is avoided. Once the new website is launched, you simply submit your xml sitemap to your Google Webmasters account and the system notifies Google of your new URL's and they are picked up as your old AA URL's are removed.

Q: What about my internal Advanced Access pages that have links pointing to them, do I loose the benefit of these links?

A: Not at all - how we handle this, is we ask our AA converts to provide us with a list of the current AA pages that have backlinks, as well as the URL of the new page you have created on your REW website that replaces it - our team creates a proper 301 redirect for each of these pages so that pagerank and link popularity are conserved. If you are not planning on replacing the old pages with a new version, we simply 301 redirect the old page to your homepage.

Q: On my old Advanced Access website my internal pages loaded in framesets, do real estate webmasters websites load in framesets?

A: All pages created with the Real Estate Webmasters platform are completely spiderable by search engines, and we do not make use of framesets of any kind for loading content.

Q: My current Advanced Access website creates URL's such as /Nav.aspx/Page=%2fPageManager%2fDefault.aspx what kind of control over the filenames will I have in your system.

A: What you write for your filename is what you see. For instance, if you were writing a page about Seattle Real Estate and you wanted your filename to be seattle-real-estate.php you simply write seattle-real-estate in the filename field.

Q: Do I have to know HTML or pay you to update my content?

A: Creating / updating / deleting content or listings can all be done through our wysiwyg editor and requires absolutely no HTML knowledge and you most certainly do not have to pay us to update your content. For those more advanced that "want" to code in html, they most certainly can do so by switching to HTML view.


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Don Price

Sounds great, AA folks need to get on board and REW is the Bullet Train. We know a couple of other guys @ ibs that made the switch flawlessly ~ should we invite them?


As much as I'd love to help REW, I'd like to keep it a secret. To late, the secret is out already Not much of a comparision when you look at REW sites vs AA and the others.

Dennis Pease

@FindCRE, My feeling exactly. The first question listed above is about search engine ranking. Morgan answers that question but I just want to add a comment to that. Being at the top of the search engines bring clicks, but not nessesarily business. IMO if you want to capture more business you need a website capable of doing that, AA is not the website for that. I know this because I've been there and done that.


Very true Dennis. When I first began looking at sites, I was considering AA. However, I could not get over how awful thier designs were. So I decided to go with REW, must admit its worked out pretty well!

Larry Jensen

Anyone even considering AA at this point would do well to stay far away. Like FindCRE stated, I too would love to keep this a secret, but thats just not fair. Not to worry, agents like us are far and few between. Companies like REW are unheard of in todays companies that put support at the bottom of their priority list. I'll say this and it should answer anyones concern about switching over. When I call (and you don't need to because they truly embrace the Internet and all its benefits, but when I do) Everyone knows who I am. When my web site launched and I called less than an hour later, Jen had already seen it and commented on it. What can you say about a company that actually has a human, a Pleasant, Friendly and Knowledgeable human actually answering the phone today? You can say that they are headed to the top of this game on their merits and not by who the sponsor like AA does.

Wayne Long

I want to go on record to encourage all my competitors to invest in an AA site. :)


LOL - Good idea Wayne!

Myles Weisman

To whom,

I have been with Advanced Access for the past 10 years and util recently I thought I was doing well enough, however, I had some friend who's knows much more than I make some changes in my meta tags recently and I just found out the a marketing person who was responsible for my web site market at Advanced Access changed the meta tages and ever since my web site has lost it's plavement.

Morgan Carey

Current employee - although one might understand why you would keep your identity a secret, at the same token how are users supposed to take your comment seriously as opposed to this being a "past employee" who hates on AA because of a dispute etc - or perhaps even a competitor. I think if you want to have our readers take things like this seriously, then you would somehow have to be able to verify your identity - if you would like to keep it private but still verify for the group, you could email me at morgan @realestatewebmasters.com from an advanced access email address, and I could confirm (without providing details) that you are in fact who you say you are.

Otherwise I think our readers (myself included) will just think you are a disgruntled poster and not take your post seriously.


Morgan I have seen very few posts that I thought needed to be deleted here, but that is one - there is no purpose for this guys post other than to cause harm and he is helping no one. What a fabulous employee, doesn't he feel bad cashing his pay check. This is REW, not whistle blowers hotline. 99% of all websites generate no leads and we all know that it is because they all contain the same canned content and are not unique. My opinion is that this guys post takes away from these forums and even if he responded privately to you it still smacks of someone trying to do harm to your competitor when they are perfectly capable of shooting themselves in the foot on their own. Just my 2 cents.

Morgan Carey

You're absolutely right Cal, I was going to call him out on the BS (because I do think it's just sour grapes, and I don't like deleting comments if they are valid (and verified) but in this case - I think I can make an exception - going to hit the delete key now.

Morgan Carey

Comment removed - webmaster is glad he has good friends to remind him of such things :)

Carolyn Gjerde-Tu

Wondering when webmaster started referring to himself in the 3rd person.

Morgan Carey

Morgan Carey and Webmaster are actually 2 different people, they just share the same (needs to go back to the gym) shell lol

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