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Introducing the latest REW CRM update– Agent Goals, a revolutionary feature designed to empower real estate agents in achieving their key performance indicators (KPIs). Agent Goals is not just about goal-setting but also a comprehensive tool for accountability and progress tracking. Explore this new CRM feature and make success a reality.

Agent Goals Overview

Agent Goals is a much-anticipated feature introduced to enhance how agents set and monitor their goals within the CRM platform. Now, you can seamlessly add, monitor, and evaluate your goals, creating an effective framework for tracking progress and other targets. Agent Goals' impact is tangible, and agents gain a heightened sense of accountability and focus, enabling them to align their day-to-day activities with strategic objectives.

Tracking progress in real-time transforms traditional goal-setting. Agents can now assess their achievements at a glance, identifying areas of success and areas requiring adjustment. The ripple effect extends beyond personal growth, positively influencing team dynamics. As individual agents thrive in reaching their goals, the collective impact on team performance also becomes undeniable, resulting in a culture of excellence.


A video walkthrough of REW CRM's new Agent Goals feature.

Navigating Agent Goals

Through Agent Goals, REW CRM users now have the flexibility to create historical and future goals from 2019 to 2029. This forward-thinking feature allows agents to plan and track their performance across different timeframes. The intuitive interface allows agents to input specific details, including the selected year, commission goals, buy and sell sides, and total deals.

View-wise, columns provide a quick snapshot of an agent's chosen goals and targets. This overview enhances visibility into individual performance metrics so you can effectively monitor progress. Visual indicators have been added, and hovering over these visuals reveals the percentage of the goal achieved. This fosters a proactive mindset by visually representing the journey towards success.

Each agent in your team can view and edit their individual goals, and admins can oversee all agents' goals and even create agent goals on their behalf if necessary. This balance of individualized control and administrative oversight provides agents and admins the tools they need to reach and surpass their goals.

Agent Goals' interface showcasing how to set key goals and targets.

Progress Tracking

Setting specific goals and diligently tracking progress should be done by real estate professionals. Without clear and well-defined objectives, it becomes challenging to channel efforts effectively, resulting in a lack of direction and purpose. Success is often measured quantitatively, and specific goals serve as a compass, enabling agents to focus on what truly matters.

Regularly tracking progress is equally important. Adaptability is crucial in any industry, and monitoring enables swift responses and adjustments to changes. By continuously assessing performance against established benchmarks, professionals can pinpoint strengths, address weaknesses, and make timely adjustments to stay on course toward their goals.

Agent Goals' visual indicators displaying the current goal achieved in bars and percentages.


Agent Goals creates a results-driven mindset and cultivates a culture of improvement. This new feature empowers real estate professionals to not only dream big but to turn those dreams into measurable and attainable successes. Explore REW CRM's Agent Goals and discover a new way of managing goals!

Agent Goals FAQ

What is Agent Goals in REW CRM?

Agent Goals is a revolutionary feature in REW CRM designed to empower real estate agents to set, track, and achieve key performance indicators (KPIs).

How far into the future can I set goals with Agent Goals?

You can set goals spanning from 2019 to 2029.

What fields can I fill out when creating goals?

When setting goals, you can specify the Timeframe (Year), Commission Goal, Buy Sides, Sell Sides, and Total Deals.

Can I customize the view to show only my goals?

Yes, each agent can personalize their view to display the KPIs they want to set and track.

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