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This post is for those of you with multiple blogs

As many of us have found out, there are many great places to blog and increase our online exposure and solicit new business. Often times REW members will not only have an REW Blog here at Real Estate Webmasters, they will also have an Active Rain Blog and a blog on your personal or company website such as Jim Olenbush's Austin Real Estate Blog.

Now "hopefully" users are not posting duplicate content on each of these blogs as having unique content is a bonus from a search engine perspective, but also at each website you post, the readership will be slightly different.

Ok so I have 3 blogs and I want to make the most out of them by getting myself some link juice, but how can I link to my other blogs and other posts to help with link popularity without appearing spammy or violating the terms of service of the respective blog site outbound linking policy?

Here is my idea: Creating a blog recap post
The idea of this post would be to summarize my weeks blog posts on other blogs in a single post on my blog. This way I can link to all my great blog posts (Increasing link popularity) but even more importantly I can share with my loyal readership posts that I have made that they may be interested in and have likely missed.

Now when you are recapping your blog post, don't be lame and just copy paste the first few sentences from each blog as the description and then link to it. Instead take the time to write a concise summary of each blog post you are linking to explaining the features and benefits of the posts, thus helping your readers decide which ones they may want to read.

I have posted quite a few blog posts at Active Rain so I will use it as an example:

[begin example summary post]

Summary of my recent activity at Active Rain

Although I have not been as busy as I would like over at Active Rain I have posted a few articles as of late that I think my readers here at REW Blogs will be quite interested in.

The latest post I created at Active Rain was on the topic of the use of the membership mark Realtor in blog and forum user names. I made this post to help educate users over at Active Rain about the proper use of the membership mark Realtor when creating a blog user name or forum nickname. Many Realtors attempt to create user names such as "Chicago Realtor" in the hopes that their profile will rank well in search engines for that term. What they do not know is that this is a violation of the use of the term Realtor which is a registered membership mark (kind of like a trademark) and is the collective intellectual property of the NAR (Of which all Realtors in the united states are members. You can read the whole blog post and some very interesting comments here.

Next on my list of Active Rain posts you may be interested in is my post on Active Rain being banned by Google. No Active Rain was not banned by Google, however in creating the post I meant to draw attention to some holes in terms of usage over at AR with regards to search engine spam and the creation of link farms. It is quite a lengthy post but hopefully thought provoking especially for those members who love AR and want to see it continue to be a great resource. There is also some suggestions for improvements at the end but to much for me to recap here so it's best to read it yourself if you are interested.

Finally a little bit of a duplicate post from my REW Blog, but I thought it was important enough to cover at AR as well as search engine link spam is a big deal (And something that really ticks me off) so I created a post regarding outbound link abuse in blog posts.

I hope you enjoy my posts at Active Rain and I welcome you to comment on any one of them or if you are so inclined rate them a 5 and suggest them for featured blog posts (I can always use the exposure ;-)

[End Summary Blog Post]

There you have it folks, a technique for interlinking your blogs that will help avoid duplicate content, increase link popularity for your posts and most importantly ensure that your readers don't miss a work of your insightful commentary on the web.


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That is actually a totally brilliant Idea! No wonder your the boss man!

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Fabulous idea!! Thanks Morgan!

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