The Future of Luxury: Revisiting LRE®'s Palm Springs Retreat

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Get ready to dive into our recent trip to Palm Springs! Last week, our CEO, Morgan Carey, Sales Manager, Jeff Pady, and Videographer, Elianna Fajilan, joined other top real estate professionals at Who's Who In Luxury Real Estate's Spring Retreat.

Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, our team didn't miss the unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders, gain insights, and explore the latest trends in luxury real estate. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of our adventure, sharing the highlights and unforgettable memories from our time in Palm Springs!

A group photograph featuring the participants of LRE®'s Spring Retreat held in Palm Springs.

Morgan's Anticipated Talk

Morgan took the stage at the Spring Retreat to share invaluable insights on "Launching a Successful Team Based on Lead Generation." Drawing from his experience supporting the Carly Carey Real Estate Team and their remarkable success story, Morgan was the perfect person to shed light on this topic.

Throughout his presentation, Morgan shared strategies that will empower attendees to get inspired by the achievements of Carly Carey Real Estate Team. He also highlighted how REW CRM and our Renaissance platform can help teams achieve similar levels of success. With Morgan's guidance, attendees left the retreat equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to propel their teams to new heights.

Our CEO, Morgan Carey, speaking about the topic, 'Launching a Successful Team Based on Lead Generation'.

Carly Carey - New LRE® Member

Meet Carly Carey, the newest addition to our LRE® family! Aside from being the wife of our CEO, Morgan Carey, Carly is also the powerhouse behind the Carly Carey Real Estate Team and the Head of Charitable Giving at Real Estate Webmasters.

In just two months since launching Carly Carey Real Estate Team, Carly and fellow agent, Jayda McLauchlin, achieved some mind-blowing feats: $5.23 million in sales volume, $92,500 in GCI, and closing a whopping 5 buy-side deals and 2 sell-side deals! This is all thanks to their incredible talent, hard work, and the support of Real Estate Webmasters. Carly is a force to be reckoned with, and Palm Springs is just the beginning of her journey with LRE®! 

Carly Carey joining LRE®'s Spring Retreat in Palm Springs.

The Role of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged as a hot topic of discussion at the Spring Retreat. David Abernathy of Waterfront Properties, our client and longtime friend for whom we created a website, shared his insights into the game-changing power of AI. Additionally, David and our CEO, Morgan Carey, served as table captains during the networking lunch discussions, leading engaging conversations on AI in real estate. They sparked thought-provoking dialogues, further highlighting the significance of AI in revolutionizing the industry.

David Abernathy, Business Manager of Waterfront Properties, giving a talk about the role of AI in real estate.

Fun Times with REW!

As the sun set and the closing reception of LRE®'s Spring Retreat kicked off, we seized the opportunity to sprinkle a final dash of fun onto the gathering. What better way to celebrate the culmination of this incredible retreat than with a sponsored photo booth and cocktails? Attendees donned quirky props and struck their best poses to capture cherished moments. If you swung by our photo booth, we invite you to share your snapshots on social media with the hashtag #REWxLRE and tag us!

That's not all! We also prepared the REWfresher– a refreshing blend of citrus and coconut rum– as the perfect accompaniment to the evening's festivities. Each sip was a toast to the bonds forged and memories created during the retreat. Cheers to the relationships built and the promise of many more adventures ahead!

Snapshots from Real Estate Webmasters' photo booth.

Other Highlights

At LRE®'s Spring Retreat, we grabbed every chance to connect with industry peers and cultivate meaningful connections. We were also thrilled to catch up with old friends like Todd Cutter of 2Costa Rica Real Estate, Meghan Barry of LRE®, Wendy Cox of Rodeo Realty Property, Mike and Maria Patakas of Desert Sotheby's International Realty, and Chris Pollinger of RE LUXE Leaders and upcoming REW Summit speaker. Each interaction was a window to exchange insights, share stories, and lay the groundwork for future collaborations.

The Spring Retreat also offered attendees the chance to explore Palm Desert's most stunning real estate properties. The tour's highlight was visiting the legendary Bing Crosby Estate, an iconic property steeped in history and grandeur.

From the laughter-filled networking sessions to the awe-inspiring property tours, the retreat was a whirlwind of unforgettable moments and cherished connections. And as we bid farewell, we carried with us not just business cards, but memories of a truly magical experience.

Morgan and Carly Carey alongside industry friends and fellow retreat attendees.

Up Next - REW Summit!

Get ready to mark your calendars and pack your cowboy boots because the next big event in real estate is just around the corner! REW Summit is heading to Nashville on June 20-21 at the iconic W Hotel Nashville, and you won't want to miss it. 

This two-day event is packed with networking opportunities, learning from industry experts, and diving into Real Estate Webmasters' R&D roadmap. We're also bringing the fun with a night at Marathon Village filled with music and moonshine, guaranteed to make memories that last a lifetime.

Additionally, attendees will enjoy an exclusive 35% discount on our SEO and custom work services, making this event not only a chance to learn and connect but also a fantastic opportunity to boost your business. So don't wait any longer—secure your spot at REW Summit now!

Join us at the upcoming REW Summit in Nashville!

LRE®'s Spring Retreat FAQ

What was the focus of Morgan Carey's talk at the Spring Retreat?

Morgan Carey shared insights on "Launching a Successful Team Based on Lead Generation." Drawing from his experience supporting the Carly Carey Real Estate Team, he provided strategies and tools to empower attendees.

How was Artificial Intelligence (AI) discussed at the Spring Retreat?

David Abernathy of Waterfront Properties and Morgan Carey led discussions on AI's transformative power in real estate. They shared insights on how AI is reshaping the industry and engaged attendees in thought-provoking dialogues during networking sessions.

What was the highlight of the real estate property tour during the retreat?

The tour's highlight was visiting the legendary Bing Crosby Estate, an iconic property known for its history and grandeur.

What's next for real estate professionals after the Spring Retreat?

The upcoming REW Summit in Nashville on June 20-21 promises networking opportunities, learning sessions, and exclusive discounts on SEO and custom work services. Attendees can expect a blend of education, connection, and fun at this event.

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