Introducing The New REW Help Center For Support Questions


We've been hard at work to give you a better Support experience, and it's our pleasure to announce the release of our brand new REW Help Center.

You can access the Help Center at

You'll need to sign up for access, but it's as simple as filling out your full name and email, and then accepting the verification email. If you get stuck, just give us a call at 1-877-753-9893 and we'll be happy to walk you through the steps!

Our goal was to create a single knowledge base full of all the most important questions, tutorials and manuals to help support you better than ever. We’ve moved over our existing guides and added some new ones—and it’s only going to get better from here. Help Center allows us to create new resources faster than ever, providing a stronger and better Support system for all our REW clients.

REW Help Center

REW Help Center has several notable features to improve your experience:

1. Easy Search Bar

The new REW Help Center features a phenomenal search, making it easier than ever for you to look up answers to your questions. This search was a primary reason for our move to a new Support platform, as it allows you to find answers to your questions quickly and efficiently. This Search bar is also easy for your to find, located at the top of every page on our Help Center.

Help Center's Easy Search,

2. Article Comments

You can now ask new questions on existing guides! By making our posts compatible with comments, you’re able to reply directly to the tutorial you’re reading. With comments, you can get directly involved with the posts, and let us know when something doesn’t quite make sense. This will ultimately provide you with faster responses and more accurate guides.

3. Community

The new Community section of our Help Center is your space to ask questions you can’t find an answer to in the existing knowledge base. Our Support personnel will monitor and reply to your questions regularly, essentially improving our Help Center on an ongoing basis. Better still, you can view previous questions and responses as well, and the Help Center search will suggest relevant community posts when you’re searching for answers.

Help Center Community

4. Zendesk Integration

Another great feature of our new Help Center is its integration with our existing email Support system. When you send emails to our Support team, we’ll be able to link you to relevant articles directly in our Help Center, ultimately providing faster and more complete service. And when your peers ask questions that don’t yet have answers, we can simultaneously email a reply and update the Help Center, ensuring the answer is there for the next person who searches.

5. My Requests

When you’re logged in to your Client Center account, you’ll be able to see your pending Support requests in the Help Center. It’s easier than ever to keep track of your requests and see where they are in the response process.

On the desktop version, click your profile name at the top, and select “My Activities”. On mobile view, there will be a large “My Requests” button near the bottom of the screen.

All in all, we’re extraordinarily excited about our new Help Center because it’s better for you! We’ve been putting our time and resources into providing the best possible Support experience, and we think this is a giant step in that direction. We know you’re going to have questions about our products and services, and we’re always happy to help you out. With the new REW Help Center, we can do this better than ever.

Help Center Requests


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