The wait is over! The brand new LEC (Limited Edition Custom) 2015 has arrived



The LEC2015 is here and it is hands down our hottest yet! Not only did REW work closely with Realty Austin mastermind Jonathan Boatwright (the LEC 2015 is heavily influenced by the arguably most successful real estate website in the very competitive Austin, TX market), our R&D department has additionally put all its knowledge and effort into the development of our brand new LEC! Rest assured we made sure that no stone was left unturned and that we dotted all I’s and crossed all T’s to deliver the best LEC on the planet. A user friendly layout and functionality paired with the latest technology were paramount for the development process, our aim was to create a pleasant user experience for leads/visitors and your Agents alike.

I hope you will enjoy this brief overview! Of course there is tons of more new and exciting about the LEC and we would love to chat with you about it. Give us a call at 1-877-753-9893 or drop us a line at

LEC Homepage

The LEC 2015's homepage contains six dynamic call to actions that can be easily managed right from the CMS. Simply update their content, swap out photos and re-order the call-to-actions by drag & drop.

Dismiss listing from search results

Visitors can now hide listings from being shown on their searches as well as on snippet pages with one click of a button. No panic, if they change their minds then dismissed listings can be managed from the dashboard and can still be found if searching by MLS® number.

Search criteria tags

When viewing search results, criteria that is in affect (i.e. Location, Property Type, Price Range, etc.) will be shown as search tags on the page. This allows you to know what filters are being applied and allows them to be easily removed.

Property mortgage calculator

Wondering about the required monthly budget for your dream property? Simply calculate monthly payments from the listing details page using the mortgage calculator.

LEC Navigation

The LEC 2015 has a pretty advanced navigation snippet. It includes drop down menus that have search tools and dynamic content pulled from featured listings, featured communities and featured agents. The navigation is cached for 1 hour and can be updated by re-saving the #navigation# snippet.


Similar properties for sale

IMHO this is a particular sweet feature, in the past often times requested as custom work, it now comes standard with the LEC 2015.
Listing details page includes similar properties for sale in the same zip code. Similar properties have the same status/type/subtype and are priced 25% higher or lower of the listing being viewed.



Agent search bar

Easily search for an agent by name, any agents whose name contain your keyword will be shown.




Agent testimonials

Testimonials manager now allows an agent to be credited with the recognition they deserve.







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