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Another great REW Summit this year in San Diego! Those who had the chance to come out and attend this year were shown an early preview of some of the new features we've been working on here at REW.

Now that the brand new LEC-2013 is out the door, I'd like to share the list of features and improvements that are available in REW's latest 4.3 platform.

Updated Monday, August 26, 2013

Lender Integration (Add-On)

The Super Admin can create Lender accounts. Lenders can log into the Lead Manager to view Leads assigned to them.

Lenders can track Calls, Emails, and Notes.They can also view Calls, Emails, and (Shared) Notes added by the Lead's assigned Agent.

A lender can view a Lead's activity on the website: Visits, Recommended/Saved/Recent Listings and Saved/Recent Searches.

Lenders can been managed from the backend by the Super Admin. Lender Auto-Assignment can be turned on to assign new leads will be evenly though-out lenders who have auto-assign enabled.

Inside Sales Associate (ISA) Integration (Add-On)

The Super Admin can create ISA accounts. An ISA can log into the Lead Manager to view & manage all Leads.

An ISA can View & Email Agents - as well as Add, Edit and Assign Leads.

An ISA An ISA can track Calls, Emails and Notes. As well as Saved Listings and Saved Searches.

They can also view Calls, Emails and Notes added by Agents and Lenders.

MLS® Listing Report

Generate a report to visualize lead activity for a particular MLS® listing for a specific timeframe.

Agent Response Report

Generate an Agent Response Report to provide an overview of response times and the preferred response method for each agent.

This type of report allows you to see how well your agents are using the Lead Manager to send emails and track calls to their leads.

This report can be generated in the REW Backend under "Reports > Agent Reports".

Export Leads

You can now perform a search against your leads and then export their information to CSV format. Pick the information that you want to export - drag and drop to sort each column.

On the Agent Permissions form, You can choose whether or not an Agent should be allowed to export their leads.

Improved File Manager

The new and improved file manager can be found under "Leads > Tools > File Manager" and allows uploading of images and documents.

On the Agent Permissions form, You can choose to give agents access to their own file manager. Share files with agents as well as password protect them.

Password Reminder

Forgot your password? Not a problem! You can now reset your password in the event of a memory lapse.

Enter your username to have reset instructions sent to your email address.

Email Campaign Start Date

Email campaigns can now be setup with a specific start date. Set status to Active and pick the day that the campaign should begin.

Agent Deletion

When you remove an Agent from the Lead Manager, what do you want to do with their Leads?

You can now choose to an Agent to re-assign their leads to, as well as choose to update their status in the process.

MLS® Listing Picker

Previously throughout the backend, you had to type in an exact MLS® Number to Feature a listing on your website or Recommend a listing to a lead.

To make things much easier, these forms have been improved to include auto-complete functionality that accepts the listing's address and includes a preview of matching properties.

Quicker Quick Notes

You can now easily add and edit a lead's quick notes directly from the manage leads screen as well as the lead's summary page.

Simply double-click the quick notes (in the space under the score bar) and start typing. Once done, press enter to save your note.

More Columns for Agent Management

When managing Agents you can now pick and choose the columns you would like to display.

Columns includes: # of Leads (Assigned, Accepted, Pending), Last Logged In, Auto-Assign, Auto-Rotate

Calendar Event List

Display a full list of events for the month in this newly added view. This mode allows you to view a simple list of upcoming events and appointments for the month.

Share Calendar Events with Agents

Calendar Events can now be shared with Agents and will display and their calendar. Agents can view shared events, but cannot edit or delete them.

Ability to Copy a CMS Page

You can now easily create a copy of an existing CMS Page.

Lead Score Metrics

The lead score algorithm has been updated to include scoring of Manually created leads and if phone is flagged as Good Number Talked, Good Personal VM or Good Family VM.

CAPTCHA for Blog Comments

CAPTCHA is a SPAM prevention technique that requires visitors to indentify a combination of letters and/or numbers from an image.

If you feel you need additional protection, you can now enable this feature to help prevent against SPAM on your blog.

This setting can be turned on and off in the REW Backend under "Blog > Blog Settings".

Hide Page from Sitemap

In addition to hiding a page from the CMS Navigation, you can now choose to exclude a page from the CMS & XML Sitemaps.

Automated Agent Opt-Out

This feature will automatically remove Agents from receiving Auto-assigned and Auto-rotated Leads if they do not perform certain actions within a set timeframe.

Turn on this new feature from the Lead Manager Settings page and then edit the desired Agents to be included in the automated opt-out.

Price Change History (Add-On)

Display a property's history directly on the listing details page. Property history includes price reductions, increases, and status changes.

IDX Meta Information (Add-On)

Customize your listing detail pages to use any page title, meta description and keywords you want. Use tags to be replaced with the actual listing data.

This tool can be found in the REW Backend under "IDX > Meta Information".

Backup CMS Database & Files

CMS > Tools > Backup CMS Data: Has been updated to include Blog & Directory information and well as data from other available REW Add-ons.

CMS > Tools > Backup CMS Files: New link that allows you to download a zip archive of all uploaded images and files.

That's not all...

  • Lead Manager now allows sorting leads by Calls, Emails, Inquiries, Status & Referer.
  • Reminders now display on the Calendar under the appropriate event type filter using the same color.
  • Keywords from Leads using Facebook Graph Search are now captured and displayed.
  • Lead Search has been updated to include text field to search by Original Referer.
  • Added checkboxes to easily delete or publish multiple Blog Comments & Pingbacks.
  • The columns for Calls & Emails have been added to the Unassigned Leads filter.
  • Admins now have a quick filter to view all Pending Leads from the Lead Manager.
  • Mouseover a group label to see the owner of the group: Global, Shared, Agent
  • REW Backend Version is now displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

Michael Griffiths
Real Estate Webmasters


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Blake Center

I would also like to know that

Eddy Kicker

What is the cost for the Price Change History add on?


More information about the Lender Module and Inside Sales Associate Integration coming soon! :-)

Blake Center

Excellent, thanks

Christian Adams

Any update on the Lender Modules yet? Might be able to get our lenders to pay for our upgrade if I know more about this feature! Will the info be available before the promo ends? Thanks!


Forgot to order Price Change History & IDX Meta Info with my 4.3 upgrade. FYI, those asking about the lender module, I ordered that last week and the order was accepted. :D

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