Timing and Why I Joined Real Estate Webmasters


I joined REW five months ago and I still get asked quite frequently why I left the WAV Group and joined Real Estate Webmasters.  If I had to simplify my decision down to a word, it would have to be “timing”.   Timing is the critical element for so many things we do, like when you buy a stock, when you sell, when you move, when you introduce a new product,, etc.  For me, when the opportunity arose at Real Estate Webmasters and I looked at the industry and REW and their technology, the timing was just right on so many levels!  Here’s how.

I grew up in the real estate technology industry.  During that time technology has gone through a lot of amazing turns and twists and there has been a significant shift from MLS technology being the center of the real estate universe to what we have today where brokers and agent technology is the hub.  This is the technology that has really become exciting and I realized I wanted to be a part of that!   As a consultant to REW, I got to really know REW as well s their broker and agent technology and it was very clear to me how different REW and their technology was from all of the other vendors I was aware of.  

From my perspective, REW is at that perfect point in its growth curve  You know, that great curve that shows how a stock is hitting astromicaly growth, or where a company’s revenue and profits are really starting to accelerate?  That is what is happening at REW!  Joining REW is like catching the perfect wave (no pun intended)!  I think what just happened on Dragon’s Den validates this (Morgan starts at 35:11 if you check it out) .  Morgan Carey went on the show and landed the biggest deal ever on Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank, a $2 million dollar investment for 5% of REW. That means a $50 million valuation!  But, Morgan didn’t talk about a $50 million valuation; he spoke of  $100 million in revenue and a billion dollar valuation in the future!  Yes, that’s big talk, but the Dragon’s Den ponied up and they clearly believed that REW is worth investing in.  Well, I see the same thing.  It’s real.

As REW’s consultant, I saw the technology was right, the vision was right, the leadership was right and the culture was right.  Nothing is perfect, but you know that old song “Nobody Does It Better”?  That’s how I see REW.   Culture is a huge part of it for me.  Culture is what keeps employees and clients happy when things aren’t perfect and gets their buy-in and collaboration when working through issues and vetting new ideas.  REW has a great culture that is truly unique, in my opinion, and it starts at the top.  I don’t want to give Morgan too big a head, especially after his Dragon’s Den success (sorry Morgan, someone has to keep you grounded ☺) but Morgan has created a company culture where we don’t say no and we deliver what we say we will.  It’s a fun place to work and there is true belief in the ability to be the best.  

There’s a saying at REW that the only limitations you have for your technology with REW is your imagination and your budget!  I love that!

Instead of just providing cookie cutter solutions designed to give everyone the same type of weapon in the real estate war REW is committed and able to make you unique.  You don’t have to be happy with the same gun everyone else is using when you go to war in the real estate industry, REW will help you build a bazooka or a tank if you want!   There are certain core functionalities, of course, but there is also a huge amount of customization and diversity in our client products and this is the reality of our business.  Top brokers, teams and agents want to be able to differentiate themselves and need to be able to reflect this in their technology presentation to consumers.  REW has the ability to do that and that was really important to me because every other company I worked for cringed when asked to do something outside of the box.

At the end of the day though it all has to start with the core technology.  Great culture and vision are highly important but if you don’t deliver the core goods they don’t mean much.   I have been involved with delivering broker solutions since my days with Microsoft and I think REW has the best products in the business today and I voted with my feet when I came on board.  As important, I want to be part of that technology when it goes to the next level and the next level.  Before I joined REW, when Morgan and I had discussions about where technology needs to go I felt like we were finishing each other’s sentences, our ideas were in such alignment.    We both want an end-to-end enterprise solution done internally and through key integration with the best partners.  We believe in playing nice with other vendors and open API to make integration easy because you can’t be the best at everything.  And when a customer thinks of something totally out of the box we can do it for them.  

Another key focus that I have never experienced with any other technology company to this degree is the understanding that technology should be an investment not an expense.  Technology should make you money or it isn’t working.  REW believes you should be able to realize a 1000% return or more on your technology spend if the technology is working and you are doing your part in working online leads.  We have clients that do well beyond this ROI.   REW is all about that.  REW does its best to train their customers on what the cost of a lead should be.  REW  has a world-class SEO/PPC division that works with their customers to dominate their respective on-line market or they are happy to work with your SEO vendor if you have one...again, they play nice.  So it’s not just delivering technology, it’s delivering technology and helping clients use it to grow their businesses.  

So at the end of the day timing is everything!  I was fortunate to consult with REW at a great point in the company.  I believe I was fortunate and caught the perfect wave (pun intended) and I am truly enjoying the ride.   Call me anytime if you want to know more about REW, our enterprise solutions and how we can help you turn your technology spend into a true investment.


Michael Audet
Vice President, Business Development
Real Estate Webmasters
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Snyder, NY 1426
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