Tom Antion a hypocrite? Internet Marketing Guru's are full of it!


I just read a great blog posted by Knox (A Denver Web Guy) you can read the blog post at this Tom Antion the SEO hypocrite link.

I am always amazed when someone like Tom Antion who claims to be able to help people achieve higher search engine rankings calls SEO's "Full of it" - does he not realize that he is selling that very same service? Lol to funny, Tom I really hope that this post (Made by an SEO that is apparently "full of it" helps show you the error of your ways. You have to realize that if you call out a community that is prominent on the web, you are going to attract a negative response. I have looked at your own site and you really aren't in a position to be calling any upstanding internet marketing professional full of it.

I highly recommend clicking on the blog post listed below if you want a laugh, check out how Tom Antion responds to the post, he swears and attacks the poster instead of addressing the post. Tom Antion you are a true Internet Marketing Guru thank god I do not have a title like that, because (Tongue and Cheek) all Internet Marketing Guru's are full of it.



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REW Nick

Rofl... that guy's a joke. I like the hidden links bit.

Eric Blackwell

Just dugg it. Kind of funny to see losers like that get called out. Posts like Knox's are the little floating thing that skims along the water and helps keeo the SEO gene pool clean (grin)... Thanks for bringing it to the surface...

REW Nick

It also made me pretty happy to see that he had an intelligent answer for everything those two guys threw at him.


Toooo funny. Personally I believe I have achieved 10th grade level, I hope to graduate with honors some day ;)

Cherie Young

Wow James, I love what you said about too many people trying to gain success by putting others down. Usually those singing their own praises are a one voice choir!


Tom Antion is two faced. Criminal type. Back stabbing and very vicious. Dangerous and I'll intentioned. Major case of Bi-Polar Personality type

Tom Antions mentor program for Internet marketing sucks!

I joined about a month ago and have had major buyers remorse.

What I have experienced is that Tom knows how to joke around. He can be funny and in that way a fun to talk to.

On the flip side, I have felt more buyers remorse than I have ever felt about a program. Many other people feel this way too that I have contacted personally, but wouldn't dare tell Tom for fear of being kicked out.

This was a odd number of people feeling this way. 20 people I send emails to or called. It is a crazy mentor relationship when you think of it.

The first week it was great. Tom promises the world then (for whatever reason) he starts to treat you bad. BI-POLAR disorder is real!!! And the people who have Bi-Polar are NOT safe like Tom Antion.

My sister has Bipolar so I know one when I see one. They are not right in the head.

He has your money in contract so you have to jump through some easy hoops to get out if you want. Of course, he preys on stupid people. Tom Antion would tell you it's not possible to have your money back. Well, my lawyer will be coming after him soon. I will sink Tom in his own bull crap. And I plan on getting more people to stand up and take back their money too. It's Not hard because if you make a case its easy to sue for the money you paid and get a full or at least partial return.

I would say, don't join his program unless you are crazy. You would have to be crazy to make such a dump decision. Even if it is "sold" to you like it's not bull crap.

Tom is a used car salesman type, and can get a lot of people to buy into something. Ask for fact's about his results and you’ll see that 1 out of 100 of his students ever go onto make a good living online. Why? There is a reason he would say against this like people have dumb ideas or make up ratios to prove against it. Or are too early in the program to see real results. But tell me if you can find more than 5 people who are making money via his training who were not before they were “sold“ into his lies, ask for their bank statement because if you can't see that then it is a lie and you would be a fool to believe it!

Tom is very powerful at making people believe a lie. I know because at a live event where Tom was he sold everyone the world and gave us a pile of bull crap.

Things I like about Tom Antion. Used Car Salesman types like Tom are only trying to make a living too, even if it is at the mercy of you and your family.

Don't like: Tom Antion is Two faced. Criminal type. Back stabbing and very vicious, dangerous and Ill intentioned. Major case of Bi-Polar Personality type.


I know Tom personally, and I must admit he is a con artist!

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