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Using Video For Lensa AI

How to use video instead of photos to train the Lensa AI model

The internet has blown up with photos of people using the Lensa App, and rightly so! It creates incredible, beautiful, and very creative photos using AI technology by referencing existing selfie photos. 

Just check out these amazing AI-generated images of Brad Inman (founder of Inman News) and Meghan Barry (President of Who's Who In Luxury Real Estate)

Brad Inman AI Photo
Meghan Barry AI

Pretty amazing right? These AI Photos are unreal! 

You need to have at least 10 great images (close-up, high res, selfie-style, or cropped) if you want to use the app, and up to 20 if you really want to train the model well and get good results. 

But not everyone has a professional photography team or years of high-resolution photos of like us here at Real Estate Webmasters. So what can you do if you don't have enough photos? 

Not to worry, just use video! (Screen caps for the win!) 

Here's how you can do it. Setup a video camera (or likely your phone) and just record yourself talking for 2 minutes. It doesn't have to be long at all. 

What you're trying to do is capture various angles and expressions on your face. And since the AI really only cares about your face (not your clothes or the background etc) then you don't need to be going to all sorts of different destinations to get shots. It's really that simple! 

Let's give you an example using a well-known Author in real estate Stefan Swanepoel

A few years back we had him at the Real Estate Webmasters studio and he recorded an interview with us. So we have some really great high-resolution video to use for this app. (It's important you use your own content, don't go take someone else's, as that is likely a TOS violation).

From that video we just grabbed various screenshots of him talking. Here are a few examples:

Screenshots of Stefan Swanepoel

Notice they are all the same background? Doesn't matter (I'll show you why in a minute)

Once we had more than 10 screens we were able to feed the app.

And here are just a few of the results (just from video screencaps)...

Lensa AI results for Stefan Swanepoel showing 8 different images

It's mind-blowing what this LensaAI app does! 

This one is my personal favorite...

 Stefan Swanepoel AI generated portrait

#Protip: make sure you try to get as many varying angles and expressions as you can. So if you're creating your own video, try to avoid going all "blue steel" and having the same face always looking forward at the camera. 

Bust out a laugh... allow yourself to get distracted and look away. Whatever you need to do. But get lots of expressions. 

Don't have a great phone/camera setup?

Can't make natural faces on your own?

Use Zoom or Google Meet! 

Seriously, both have recording functions. So set up a quick 5-minute call with a friend and have a chat (about something real). And then just go back and screen cap yourself afters. 

Remember TAKE LOTS OF ANGLES! Don't just pick the flattering ones. AI is trying to get a robust picture of who it is you are, and what it is to be you. 

But don't worry, only you publish/share the results.

So if vanity compels you, feel free to do what everyone else does, and just post the really flattering ones. 

OR (since a bunch of really good-looking pics of you is boring) have some fun and share you looking like Hodor or some of the other really fun ones that come out of it. Have a sense of humor, it will go a lot further. 

Here's me as Hodor for reference: 

AI generated image of Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters

What do you think? Time to grow a beard? :) 

I'll post the whole series I created of Brad, Meghan, and Stefan so you can see all the results AND.....

Feel free to suggest in the REW community thread on AI, who you'd like to see us cover next! 

I'll check if we have photo content or video on them, and if we do, we can make it happen! 

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