Top navigation items (When logged in) at REW Blogs


Mikey and Phil this ones for you.

Ok so when I am logged in on the new REW Blogs design, I want the light blue bar to focus on user control panel options.

Blog Settings (With drop down for Profile information, Display Settings, SEO settings, Blog Signature, and Blog Widgets)

My Listings (With Drop down for add new listing, listing statistics, view my listings)


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Morgan Carey

Ok - now I just realized that when you are logged in you see that cool widget for the bio box with the Add / Remove from ffriends, Add a profile comment, report abuse - which is great for the community / social networking side of things, but what about the visitors / potential customers that are not logged in? They should see View my listings, Content Me, Recommend me (Send to a friend kind of deal)

Morgan Carey

While I am looking at this page, I just remembered - on the this users stats box I want to show average rating, and "unique readers" - Oh yeah and remove the dang captcha from the comments box when a user is logged in, it is annoying and should only show for non registered commentors

Morgan Carey

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