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Every real estate professional should have access to accurate and up-to-date property information. Internet Data Exchange or more commonly known as IDX, made this possible, revolutionizing how properties are showcased, searched, and ultimately, sold. In this blog, we will explore what IDX is, its benefits, and how Real Estate Webmasters can help you create a custom IDX solution.

What is IDX?

IDX is a set of agreements, data feeds, and system that allows real estate agents and brokers to display a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database on their websites. Traditionally, consumers would solely rely on agents to provide them with property listings directly from the MLS. However, IDX changes this dynamic by enabling agents and Realtors® to showcase MLS listings on their own websites, giving clients direct access to a wealth of property information.

At its core, IDX relies on a collaborative effort among real estate agents. By agreeing to share their listing information with other agents and consumers on the internet, everyone gains access to thousands of up-to-date listings.

Ashton Real Estate Group's MLS listing page with IDX solution.

Benefits of IDX Solutions

Having an IDX solution offers numerous benefits to both real estate professionals and prospective clients. Firstly, it provides users with comprehensive listings, spanning various locations, property types, and price ranges. This expansive database ensures that individuals can explore a wide array of options to find properties that precisely match their criteria. Additionally, IDX ensures that listing information such as price and status remains up-to-date. This means that when a property is added, sold, or modified in the MLS, those changes are reflected instantly on IDX-enabled websites, enhancing transparency and reliability.

For real estate professionals, IDX serves as a valuable marketing tool. By integrating IDX into their websites, agents and brokers can attract and engage potential clients. This boosts a website’s lead generation and conversion capabilities. Lastly, IDX significantly improves the user experience for consumers by enabling websites to provide an efficient means to search and explore properties.

JB Goodwin's MLS listing page offering various properties.

REW IDX Custom Website

At Real Estate Webmasters (REW), our dedication to empowering real estate professionals shines through our innovative solutions. Our custom IDX website stands as a prime example of this dedication, providing a comprehensive platform tailored to support agents’ success. As an approved vendor for most boards in the United States and Canada, we have the capability to seamlessly set up a feed from clients MLS Boards. Our IDX team also meticulously reviews the regulations of each MLS board, ensuring that clients' IDX websites remain fully compliant with requirements.

What truly sets our IDX website apart is its unparalleled customization options. Unlike other solutions that may offer limited or no customization, we ensure that every aspect of your MLS solution aligns perfectly with your unique brand identity. From color-matching search results to inquiry features and maps, we go above and beyond to ensure that your IDX website exudes your brand's personality and professionalism.

Additionally, clients have the option to order a unique design and feature set for their IDX. This ensures that even if other Realtors® in the same marketplace are using a REW IDX website, each website will still be distinct and tailored to their specific preferences. Moreover, all our websites and their IDX are seamlessly integrated with REW CRM, granting clients access to detailed insights and analytics regarding leads' behavior.

A snippet of Smith & Associates' custom IDX community page for Tampa.


IDX is a transformative innovation in real estate, fundamentally reshaping property transactions. Its impact is profound, driving transparency, collaboration, and success throughout the industry. As IDX continues to evolve, it promises to redefine the future of real estate, with Real Estate Webmasters at the forefront.


What is IDX?

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange, a system that enables real estate agents and brokers to display MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings on their websites. It allows consumers direct access to a wide range of property information, revolutionizing the way properties are showcased and searched.

What are the benefits of IDX solutions?

IDX solutions offer comprehensive listings, up-to-date information, enhanced marketing opportunities for professionals, and improved user experience for consumers.

What is Real Estate Webmasters' IDX website?

Real Estate Webmasters' IDX website is a customizable platform integrated with an MLS listing.

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