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Echoes from RISMedia's Rocking in the New Year last January 11 still linger in the air, and we are delighted to share a glimpse of the insights we gained from this virtual event. Bringing together industry leaders, visionaries, and experts from the real estate industry, we are thrilled to be sponsors for this prestigious gathering that kicked off 2024 with lots of insights and strategies for success.

Panel Discussion on Luxury Real Estate

Rocking in the New Year comprises a series of discussions designed to empower real estate professionals with the tools and knowledge essential for making 2024 their most successful year to date. Stepping into the spotlight, our CEO, Morgan Carey, joined forces with Candace Adams of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England, New York and Hudson Valley Properties, Morad Fiki of Fiki Properties Group, and Michael LaFido of Marketing Luxury Group for an engaging panel discussion titled 'Luxury and Upscale Marketing in 2024.' Together, they delved into luxury real estate, offering invaluable insights into effective marketing strategies within this niche industry.

Panel Discussion on 'Luxury and Upscale Marketing in 2024' featuring Morgan Carey, Candace Adams, Morad Fiki, and Michael LaFido.

Effective Marketing

Every agent must know how to effectively market themselves, their brand, and their listings to succeed in this competitive market. Before initiating any marketing efforts, thorough research into your target demographics is crucial. Understanding your audience allows for a strategic presentation of who you are, highlighting your exceptional track record and aligning seamlessly with the needs and desires of your clients. The key lies not just in showcasing properties, but in establishing a genuine connection with your audience, reinforcing your brand, and ensuring that your marketing efforts authentically resonate with those you seek to serve. This approach positions you as a trusted partner in your real estate journey.

One indispensable tool in an agent's toolkit is social media. It provides a powerful means of showcasing properties and a unique opportunity to infuse authenticity, engage with audiences, and cultivate meaningful relationships. Incorporating video on your blogs and other content also enhances your presentation, capturing attention more effectively and allowing your personality to shine through. If you seek professional assistance in building your brand, don't hesitate to contact our team.

Our CEO, Morgan Carey, highlighting the significance of understanding your target audience and employing effective marketing tools.

Thrive in the Luxury Real Estate Space

Thriving in the luxury real estate space demands a nuanced approach, dispelling misconceptions and embracing a mindset that allows you to step out of your comfort zone. Contrary to some belief, success in this market isn't reliant on a specific lifestyle or social standing. Instead, it hinges on a deep understanding of your listings and service, honing your networking skills, and actively participating in industry events. 

Continuous personal and professional growth is imperative to truly excel, which will eventually result in having more confidence in yourself. Confidence in your expertise naturally follows when you invest in both your knowledge and the courage to navigate beyond familiar territories. There's no easy button in this industry. Still, with a proactive mindset and a commitment to ongoing development, you will surely reap the benefits of this rewarding market. 

Morgan Carey, JB Goodwin, and John Featherston at the 2021 RISMedia Power Broker Event in San Diego.

Year of the P&L

As the real estate market undergoes a significant shift, 2024 is heralded as the year of P&L (Profit and Loss). Properties might linger longer on the market, emphasizing the critical need for agents to measure their marketing efforts' effectiveness and demonstrate the value gained to their clients. By scrutinizing and quantifying outcomes, we gain insights into what works and what doesn't. This evaluation enables us to cease investments in less fruitful avenues, reallocating our budget to marketing channels that yield better results. 

To succeed in luxury real estate, you can't focus on cost-cutting and saving money alone, it's about wise investments and leveraging the tools that can increase your ROI. In the year of P&L, the key lies in measuring, improving, and adapting, ensuring that every effort contributes to both client satisfaction and business prosperity. REW CRM's Source View feature allows agents to accurately track their ROI in each marketing channel, making it an essential tool for efficient budget attribution.

REW CRM's Source View dashboard, providing insights into lead sources and KPIs.


Here are the final thoughts from our incredible panelists: Increase your visibility, build connections, mind your bottom line, and don't be afraid to make strategic moves, even in a down market. So, make your moves count and embrace the journey with courage and resilience. Here's to a successful year ahead!

Rocking in the New Year Recap FAQ

What was the focus of the Luxury Real Estate panel at Rocking in the New Year?

The panel discussed effective marketing strategies for luxury real estate in 2024, featuring insights from industry leaders like our CEO, Morgan Carey.

What is emphasized in effective marketing for real estate professionals?

Thorough research into target demographics is crucial. It's not just about showcasing properties but establishing a genuine connection with the audience, reinforcing the brand, and ensuring authenticity in marketing efforts.

Why is 2024 referred to as the 'Year of the P&L' in real estate?

2024 is called the 'Year of P&L' due to a significant market shift. Agents need to measure marketing effectiveness, adapting strategies for client satisfaction and business prosperity. REW CRM's Source View is recommended for accurate ROI tracking in each marketing channel.

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