Update - Google maps extension to November:


For those of you that do not know, Google is cancelling its map API "version 2" which is the version used on any REW websites running backends 4.1 or older. Originally this cancellation was to occur on May 19th, 2013 which left us almost no time in order to upgrade thousands of customers. You can read about the situation here:


After working diligently with Google we have some great news! Google has granted us an extension of maps version 2 until early November, 2013. Google mentions in their blog post that they have created a javascript wrapper for "simple maps" that might make for easier updating - however, the kinds of maps that REW uses are far from simple and so the consensus is, anyone using version 2 maps after November will likely have broken websites (any part where mapping exists, including on a CMS page that has an IDX snippet).

The fix - you must upgrade to REW's 4.2 backend

Again, I have covered this in this post: http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/blogs/morgan-carey/27671/show/ and also included commentary / estimates for common upgrades.

I know November seems a long ways away, however please realize you must get your request to upgrade in early as there are over 10 thousand man hours potentially required to upgrade all REW users, and there is no guarantee we can get all of them done before the November deadline.

"What about 4.3? Can't I just wait for that and then upgrade so I don't have to do it twice?" A lot of people are asking me this, and my answer is DO NOT wait for 4.3!

Why, you ask? Because 4.3 beta will not be done until "at least" late June / early July. We then need time for testing and once tested, the installs will first be on LEC 2013's then on REW Summit users' sites and finally on a first come first served basis.

Just getting the LEC's done could push us to September, and then we would only be able to get started on the REW Summit people before the deadline - this would leave everyone who did not upgrade to 4.2 and waited for 4.3 with broken maps and many potential errors on their site for quite some time.

So again, I re-iterate, do not wait until 4.3 comes out - even if it comes out when we hope (and that is not guaranteed, as it is software and can have last minute issues) - you will likely not get your upgrade done in time.

Reasons to upgrade to 4.2 now:

#1: You will be covered on the maps issue, and have the latest technology

#2: Upgrading to 4.3 will be much faster, easier and less expensive if you already have 4.2

#3: If you upgrade now, you will be given priority over non upgraded users in the queue (because we can get yours done faster)

#4: There will be a discount offered to those already upgraded to 4.2 if they want to upgrade again to 4.3

#5: You might not even want / need 4.3 - chances are you will (because it's awesome) but 4.2 is a huge enhancement already over previous versions - social media registrations, who's online, all kinds of good stuff in there.

Some folks have said the only reason they never upgraded to 4.2 was because of the double opt-in for AOL etc. - we have a solution for this as well - we can hook your mail up to a third party service as part of your upgrade and you would not have to have the double opt-in, or we can put you on a special non-opt-in server.

Hopefully everyone upgrades ASAP so we don't have a huge backlog as we get closer to November - we will not be able to get everyone done if that happens, and we certainly don't want anyone to have non-functioning / partially functioning websites while they wait.

I welcome your comments / questions:


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Question on the double opt in isue, I am already sing a third party email, my email accounts are through godaddy, so am I already set up with that suggestion? We are upgrading to 4.2 right now. After seeing some of the features at the REW summit, excited to get this going!

REW Kyle

When Morgan refers to using a third party email service, he's not referring to having your domain email (ie. personal email accounts) handled through another service such as Google Apps, GoDaddy, etc, but rather hooking up the sending of email from the website to go through another service such as SendGrid, MailChimp, etc.

Morgan Carey

Yes sorry for the confusion - we are talking an email sending service - we do not technically recommend any one of them specifically (because haven't used them much) - but Steven said he has seen these ones being used:


Again, we can't recommend one over the other - it's a choice you need to make. That being said - you can start a thread in the forums or the REW Facebook group and ask others what their experiences are.

Jacob Waschke

Hi Again Morgan,

Just wondering is there no hack work around like you spoke of before with this new update from Google? We have an EXTREMELY old site, and so we are trying to figure out what our best route is cost wise.

Feel free to email me directly about this with the email address I have provided.

Again, thank you for your time and this valuable info.


We're already there! Thanks for the pre-emptive updates on things like this. It's good to know that you're looking out for us :)


For future reference, is there anyway to gauge what custom work might require rework when upgrading to versions in the future?


Once an REW LEC is up do you charge for revisions like this. I am considering a change for www.temeculahomesguide.com and want some idea of future upgrade and customization costs.

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