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One of the things many posters don't take the time to do is use images in their blogs. Readers love images, and by integrating images into your blogs you will capture your readers attention more, and they will come back more often to see what interesting articles (Supported with images) you have posted. This post will focus on posting images for REW Blogs

Pretty effective huh? I referenced REW Blogs followed by a screen shot image. Ok so how did I do this?

*Instructions are assuming you already have images on your computer to use on your blog, we will post another blog about formatting and editing images on the web

Step one: Decide where you want the image to be in your post, click that location in the wysiwyg editor and then click the insert image button. *Screen below

Once you have clicked the upload image button, you will be presented with the image uploading menu, in order to upload an image from your computer you will need to click the top tab that says "Upload" see screen below.

Now don't forget after you find your image, click "send it to the server"

If you have optimized your image properly then you should not have to use the image editor (Shown above) to further format the image, so just click "Ok" and your image is now on your REW Blog. It's that easy, try it out!

*Important width note

The width of the images you upload matters. Why? Because REW Blogs have a fixed width for content, I keep my images with a width of 350 pixels in this post, so that I don't break the content container. The same does not apply for height, you could have an image that was 350 wide and 400 high, or 350 wide and 1000 high, the content container will handle heights just fine, just watch the width.


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