Version 2.0 REW CMS and lead management a reality!


Note: 50% discount time period on CMS 2.0 has now expired - Please do not use this post as a pricing guide for CMS 2.0 upgrades - instead visit the work orders forum to request an estimate.

On Wednesday, February 6th 2008 we will be launching our new backend for customer use as a beta.

We are very excited about the new funtionality that this system provides to our customers and with this upgrade this should make 2008 the best year ever for client closings from their REW websites.

This very affordable upgrade represents a complete overhaul of our backend including new CMS (With new wysiwyg editor) new featured listings management, and most importantly new lead management. Some of the more significant changes I will list below:

REW CMS: (Content management system) - Our system still includes all of the great features our customers are used to such as adding unlimited pages and sub pages. Creating custom titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords and footers as well as being able to give each page a search engine friendly filename.

Added to this CMS is a new version of the editor (Wysiwyg) that has some exciting features such as the ability to create and edit tables, an undo redo function, find and replace, custom / special character selector, strikethrough, dropdown secondary CSS styles, new html viewer, new image manager (With the ability to have folders) new text alignment options - I could go on, but you get the idea.

Featured listings: Once again a complete overhaul - features include the ability to create your own custom suite of property features, management of locations database, built in Google mapping of featured properties, drag and drop photo organization, advanced settings such as longitute and latitude, elementary, middle and high school, driving directions.

Lead management: This is the big one! REW Customers have long been awaiting an upgrade to the REW lead management platform, the new REW Leads system is a complete change from anything you might be used to. Drip email management, campaign management, groups, leads and agent functionality have all been completely revamped and we have packed it full of new features such as our document management system which allows you to create, store and organize documents and emails into easy to access categories which can be recalled for single or group emailing or drip email campaigns.

Pricing: This is probably the most asked question I have been asked during the development of this platform and hopefully you will all be pleasantly surprised. The pricing is broken into 2 parts, an installation cost and a monthly fee.

Installation is based on labor required for upgrade. I have authorized a 50% discount on all hours required to upgrade your systems so instead of our normal $100 USD rate, you get $50 a hour. For the most standard non IDX systems the average install time is 1-2 hours so that translates into a total cost range of $50-$100 USD for the upgrade. Those with complex custom IDX systems will naturally take a bit longer thus why we have chosen the hourly route so that we are compensated for the time it takes for the upgrade, while keeping the upgrade cost fair and equitable for all.

Monthly: The monthly increase to uprade to the new system is only $10 USD per month. That's right, all new technology, and support for only $10 per month. As all REW customers know, our platform is billed yearly so upon upgrading you will be billed $10 per month times the amount of months left until your platform / hosting renewal. Platform / Hosting renewal invoices will then be going out at $480 USD instead of $360 USD.

This upgrade is completely optional - I want to stress how much of an improvement these technology upgrades are and for the cost of $10 per month, we feel they have the ability to save considerable time for our customers who manage their own sites, and use them as a lead generation source. However, this upgrade is completely optional - if you prefer to keep using the version 1.0 REW CMS that you currently have, that is completely your choice and you will not be forced to upgrade or be hit with the increased $10 per month fee for the new platform.

First come first serve - As with our christmas promo, we will be handling the upgrades on a first come first serve basis. REW has a very large development staff, but the fact of the matter is, there is an upper limit to hours available, thus we will be handling upgrades on a first come first serve basis based on the order in which we receive payment.


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Morgan Carey

Lol 2 comments in a row, you really want an upgrade :) - You got it bud, you are at the top of the list.

Eddy Kicker

Think you have me on the list already, but if not please upgrade me.


Put me down for this as well. Been looking forward to this for some time. I will fax over cc auth tonight (was going to be sending one over anyway)


Not sure what I even have now, but upgrade GuideToLocalRealEstate if it is an improvement. I think my other site has much of this already?

Tim Baur

Upgrade me too for what I don't have.....I upgraded my lead management about 10 days ago. Is this any different than what i have? I know I don't have the other features of the cms but not sure about the lead part....can somebody take a look? Would hate not having the latest and greatest.


is there a broker addition of the new lead system?

Morgan Carey

For those of you that have customized versions of the old lead management, can you PM me the features you need to ensure you keep if you upgrade, I can put together a time estimate - chances are a lot of it is in there already. Mike - all lead management is now broker addition, so yeah it's the broker addition :)

Morgan Carey

For those subscribed to these comments and who will be upgrading right away, I have created a new forum in the customer service section titled "Version 2 REW Platform" - please see the sticky at the top of that forum - - thanks


CMS 2.0 sounds pretty slick. I'll be upgrading TheHomeCart and probably 2-3 more sites currently in dev(dev77,dev78,dev79). I'll send in the CC auth tomorrow.

Matt Scoggins

Morgan, please upgrade my ThinkLouise CMS.


I haven't even read this post yet and I want to sign up for the upgrade so that I'm 100% current when my site goes live later this month.


Morgan, per our conversation last night, please upgrade me tto the new CMS on my site now in development (Dev42). Thanks. Tom W.


I assume w/ CMS 2 we can import large amounts of contacts/leads for the drip campaigns? Are their timetables avail for setting up the drip campaign? I have a whole set of campaigns that go out through my Market Leader system but that's $50/month. I love how customizable the campaigns are. Whatever, just sign me up for the improvement. I'm sure some of the features will save me $$$$ by my needing less work done on my website.

Morgan Carey

Jay - importing of lead databases is a custom job (Requires a script to be written) in most cases this is a function of 1-2 hours programming time, but it is near impossible to give a blanket estimate because there are so many third party systems out there, and the format in which they export leads is anything but standard.

Brett Tousley

You had me at tables...LOL Hook me up for Brettsellshouses.


put me down for the upgrade


If we submit it as an excel file????? Most of the systems out there allow one to save themselves an excel file of their contacts. Anyway, sometimes I get 100 registrations on my idx a week. I can't put them in my contact & drip campaign system one by one....Otherwise I'll need to use MarketLeader that allows me to send them an excel file every couple of weeks as I get around to it. any thoughts on the above?

Morgan Carey

Jay email me a copy of the xcel spreadsheet you are able to export from your IDX and I'll give you a quote on a custom application that allows you to upload and process the sheet directly from excel into the Lead manager en masse

Wayne Long

Morgan - will there be any loss of the data already in our CMS and lead management systems like the customers we have already in, the drips we have setup, the featured listings already in?

Morgan Carey

Wayne, I made a post regarding what goes and what stays in the V 2.0 forums here but might as well cover it here as well. You will not lose anything to do with the CMS, pages, content, snippets etc - featured listings you will have to re-enter, the reason for this is the new featured listings manager is completely different in structure and requires a lot more info than the previous listings manager, and is much more robust. In terms of the lead manager - all of your leads will come over, their saved searches, and their saved favorites - their tracked visits however will not. Because we are doing drip emails differently as well (A much better solution) you will have to re-enter your drips as well. I have moved a few of these personally, and it really did not take much time at all to copy paste the drips over.

Wayne Long

Sounds good! I just wanted to know what to expect. I do want the new system. I will post in the work order section. Thank you!


Morgan, Please upgrade us... & Our CMS is the same on both sites and are interconnected... Hopefully that makes it easier as opposed to upgrading two separate ones?


Is there no way to keep "tracked visists"? Will we be able to refer back to our original CMS to take a look at tracked visits? I use this all the time. I'm surprised more don't. It's great knowing what they want before you talk to them.


I currently have wide hack and a secondary CMS on my current CMS that I've paid for--will that be transferred over to or would I need to pay for it again? jay

R. Soto

Add me to the list if I'm not already on it.

Lou Lynch

As you may already know, I have a custom lead manager that is already in use. Is there anyway I can check out your release and maybe add some of the features that don't exist on mine?


Morgan, Is there a way I can evaluate the new lead system? Maybe a demo ro something? As you may know, mine is highly customized, and I want to to a side by side comparison before jumping in.

Justin Havre

Sign me up for this upgrade Morgan. Bill my account.

Joshua Keen

Please upgrade me! I'm ready to test this puppy. Just send me the bill...

Joshua Keen

Upgrade me. Consider this post authorization to charge my CC.

Carl Ericson

can you upgrade mine (dev51 template). go ahead and charge my CC. I need to get to work on it. Hopefully I will be ready to go live soon. thanks

Ed Kirkland

Please upgrade my CMS to Version 2.0 on my site. Thanks!


Please add my sites and to the list! Thanks Dave


Please add my site to be upgraded as well to 2.0 Thanks Ted

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