Virtual Realty is Here! Is Your Company Ready?


Virtual Reality is here, is your company ready to take advantage?

I was just looking through some of the websites of real estate companies I admire, but don’t serve ,since we are in the technology business, and I was amazed at how many great companies have substandard websites.  Most, but not all, are at least responsive now, but beyond that many designs are so dated and the user interface is so cumbersome and they just look old.  Today, the truth is, if your website is more than 3 years old , it is old? 

Technology and design is changing exponentially today and companies today need to understand that websites should be looked at like a three year car lease.  When you lease a new car, you know it’s only for the term of the lease, you don’t even own it.   With a website it’s really the same thing.  You don’t buy a website, really, you just pay someone to create it so you can use it for a couple of years knowing, from day one that it’s life span is limited and it will need to be upgraded.  Unfortunately many companies don’t upgrade their sites and their brand suffers.

Exponential Change and Game Changers

When we talk about exponential change in technology we aren’t exaggerating in the least.  Hardware is getting smaller, faster and less expensive, bandwidth is increasing and things that seemed like futuristic dreams a few years ago are now a realty.  These are game changers and like the fax, email or the Internet, if you aren’t prepared to make them part of your business technology, you are going to be playing catchup or losing altogether.  One of these Game Changers today is Virtual Reality. All you have to do to believe this is to look at who is investing heavily in the future of VR.

Facebook purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion in 2014 and now Oculus VR headsets are some of the most popular n the market with more being introduced in the last few months.  Besides Oculus, Facebook has invested heavily in VR technology and rolled out its own VR hangout called “Spaces” though the reviews I have read aren’t too great, just yet.  That said, is there any doubt the hiccups will be ironed out?  I don’t think so, VR is here to stay! 

Other companies like Sony and Nvidia, big in the gaming industry are also full in along with many others,  but we are in the real estate industry and is there any technology more suited to our industry than Virtual Reality?  VR was made for real estate, which is why Morgan Carey, CEO/Owner of Real Estate Webmasters, created the first VR site for real estate, “The Vision Site”. 

Virtual Realty and REW – How’s it Work?

                         The Vision Site

The best things in technology are simple to use and that is true for REW’s Vision and Discover website frameworks.   They allow users to have VR imaging on their sites on both pages or for their own listings and there is nothing difficult about it.  

With VR images you can use VR goggles, your mobile phone or just your mouse to move around in all directions.

You can see an example of VR on “The Vision Site”.  Go to the site with your mobile phone and just move your phone around to look around the example.  Or, if you are on your Mac or PC, just use your mouse to move around the room.  Of course it works best with VR googles! 

Note that all REW sites can be designed to your specifications.  Here are a couple of examples of sites that are using the Vision framework, that chose video or still images for their home page, but they all still can use VR on their listings, single property sites or change the home page anytime they want.

360 degree cameras now can be bought for less than $500 and VR images can be uploaded onto the REW system in seconds, just like any other image and instead of a static image, slide show or even a video (though all are supported on the REW sites) users can use a headset or just their mouse to move anywhere they want on the VR image.

VR at REW Summit a Big Hit!

Recently,  at the REW Summit held in Toronto this year, we had an exciting presentation by the CEO of Immoviewer (, Jeff Turner, where he created a VR video while he was talking at our event and posted it on Facebook live as he was giving the presentation…pretty amazing,  but what’s even better is the REW websites are fully compatible with immoviewer.  So while you can take a VR image and add it your home page or listings in a snap, with a product like immoviewer you can create full house video tours in minutes and also create floor plans automatically.  The key though, is having web technology that will enable you to take advantage of VR without having to link out to another site to view it on their platform.


REW and Virtual Realty

REW has been an innovator since it was founded in 2004.  We were the first to have responsive websites and now, even our backend CRM system (REW CRM) is fully responsive.  We are leading the way in Virtual Realty as well which means that companies who use REW now have the power to incorporate multiple media options on their site and their listings, including 360 degree, VR images as well as videos, tours and slide shows and they can take advantage of these same media tools when they create Single Property Websites. Single Property Websites are included with our framework at no extra cost.  The example behind the link in the previous sentence shows a VR image on the main Single Property Website page and then a full gallery of still images.  The example above is a VR image on a property as it would look on an IDX search result.  The left and right arrows show there are also additional gallery images!  360 images like this are truly impressive and valuable to consumers and will set your company apart with online viewers that come to your site.



Another game changer introduced by REW in the last 12 months is REW CRM.  Our CRM platform is first and foremost an attractive, fully mobile design that is easy for the average agent to use while providing outstanding tools to service their clients.  What else do you need?

The biggest issue for real estate companies and technology is getting their agents to actually use it.  We understand and have spent many years creating a platform that makes it fun and easy for agents to use and get results from their 
technology on their phone, iPad or computer.

REW CRM has way too much for us to detail in this article but in addition to the VR and the media tools already mentioned it comes with a full CMS system, CRM, Drip Marketing, Lead Management, Action Plans, Task Manager, Calendar, Blog and more.  We will be happy to give you a tour at your convenience.

Contact Us

To learn more about our Virtual Realty websites and REW CRM technology, please contact us at your convenience.   We will be attending the INMAN San Francisco conference, and would be happy to set up an in-person meeting.    We can also set up an online demo and call at your convenience.

We look forward to speaking with you.

For more information or to set up a meeting with myself or Deirdre LePera at the upcoming INMAN conference, please contact us.  

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