WAV Group Partner Mike Audet Joins Real Estate Webmasters


You knoMike Audet/Morgan Carey/Ira Luntz Jamw there is something special about a consulting relationship when you end up on stage playing music with the CEO and owner of your client company at an Irish Pub during the NAR Conference!  From the first time I met Morgan Carey we just clicked at a business and personal level, and while I am old enough to be his father it became clear that we have a huge amount in common in spite of that.  From songwriting and music to our families and real estate technology something clicked and here I am!

(I'm on the left, that's Morgan in the middle and Ira Luntz from RED on the right)

The last few weeks have really been amazing for me.  Yesterday I announced I am joining Real Estate Webmasters as the VP of Business Development after 10 years as a founding partner of WAV Group, one of the top real estate consulting firms in the industry.  I have been hearing from all of my friends and associates in the industry wishing me well and sending me congratulations and some wondering why I made this type of move.  The answer is simple really.  I was ready for a change and having worked with Morgan as a consultant at REW and getting to know how he thinks and how REW operates I realized I really wanted to be a part of REW.  

Some people become consultants because they are laid off and don't have a job.  That wasn't the case with me.  I had a great job when I started WAV Group, but realized 10 years ago that I just didn't want to be in that corporate space anymore.  I wanted to create something, build something and I wanted the freedom of working with many different companies and people and it was fantastic.  We built the WAV Group up from nothing to a very successful consulting company, which will continue on.  My partners Marilyn Wilson and Victor Lund will continue on with WAV Group and I have no doubt they will continue to make it even better in the future.  

Leaving consulting is the same story really.  I had one of my most successful years last year in terms of revenue and the future in consulting looked great in those terms, but when I looked out into the future I realized I wanted to focus on what I love most in our industry, technology.  I wanted to return to my roots and be part of a company with vision and the ability to make that vision come to life.  For me REW was the obvious choice.  If I have to put up with Morgan as part of that, it’s worth it!  Just kidding Morgan.

We are going through some amazing technology changes in our industry at all levels from national associations, franchises and portals to brokers and agents.  There is amazing churn and fragmentation and a lot of cool products out there but there are some big gaps, particularly at the broker and agent level, where the real work is done in our industry.  Having worked with REW for a number of years and some of their very exceptional clients, like Justin Havre one of the top agents in all of Alberta, I was able to see how REW worked in practice and what made it different. There is a distinct cultural and technology difference.  If you have ever attended the REW Summit, you will know what I mean.  The technology works and there is an energy that I really found myself being pulled to.  Nothing is perfect, but the more Morgan and I talked the more it became apparent how much we shared a similar vision of where things need to go and it also became apparent that I wanted to be a part of that.   So here I am, beginning my adventure with REW and totally enjoying it!  I hope I have a chance to work with all of you at some point.

Since many of you may not know me I'll share a little background with you.  I grew up in the real estate technology industry and was an executive for some of the best and largest MLS companies in the business like PRC, Interealty and Moore that later turned into CoreLogic and today's Black Knight.  I was recruited by Microsoft and joined their HomeAdvisor team when it started and played a lead role in the development of one the first transaction management/CRM systems, Realty Desktop, that later became a very successful product for CoreLogic.  I have done a lot of international work over the years, providing technology services to clients in Israel, Spain, Italy and Germany as a vendor and later lived in England, where I helped RE/MAX expand their master licenses in that part of the world.  In Spain I worked with the MLS that was formed there, traveling around the country speaking on the value of MLS, on their behalf. Most recently I was the lead consultant on a project that created a national Multiple Listing Service in Brazil.  Watching the results of the game yesterday I have to feel bad for them, they are addicted to soccer and I know how bad they wanted to win the cup this year. 

Anyway, it’s great to be at REW now and I hope to see and meet many of you at the Inman Conference or the REW Summit in a couple of weeks.  Please feel free to call on me any time if I can be of service at REW.  I will be helping Morgan and REW in multiple areas including Enterprise level sales, research and ongoing product strategy so let me know what you need and how we can help. 

Michael Audet
Vice President, Business Development
Real Estate Webmasters
94 Harper Rd
Snyder, NY 1426
(716) 839-4628


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