Website trade in and LEC 6 pre sale


Many customers have been asking when I am going to be launching LEC (Limited Edition Custom) version 6 and if they can pre-purchase it and lock up the exclusive for thier markets. The answer is I began development this week - and I am planning for a maximum of 3 months total development time. I leaked this information to my sales people on Tuesday, and several markets / LEC 6's have already been snapped up, even before I made the official announcement. Just like all the LEC's this product is expected to sell out the most popular areas very quickly - I suggest you get in now, before someone once again beats you to the punch.

As with all LEC lauches we are running a co-inciding promotion - Anthony (newest member of our sales team) suggested the idea of a "website tradein" which as a sales team we all agreed could be quite fun - so here you have it - the LEC 6 pre-launch and website trade in promotion - details below :)

Promotional details:

Limited Edition Customs are on sale for $7500 across the board (including the new LEC 6)

Common upgrades (fixed cost items) are on sale for 25% off the retail price

Spiderable (built in) custom IDX is 50% off (save $1250 USD on setup

Custom design hours: Both the SEO dept, and custom programming dept have reported being incredibly busy and are nearly sold out, so I could not get any additional hours out of them for this promotion - however the custom design (graphics) dept did inform me that they can handle an additional overflow of approx 500 hours - therefore I am putting these hours on sale at $100 per hour (a discount of $25 per hour) as well (retail is $125) - first come first served - when they are gone they are gone.

And of course there is the website tradein portion - discounts listed below:

  • New template purchases: trade in your old website for a maximum $500 discount
  • LEC purchases / upgrades: trade in your old website for a maximum $1500 discount
  • Custom website purchases: trade in your old website for a maximum $3000 discount

How does the "trade in" work?

It's simple - you provide proof of purchase from your previous website and we will discount you the entire amount of that invoice to a maximum as listed above. Real Estate Webmasters customers do not need to provide proof of purchase as we already have the details of their original orders on file. *Note this is not the entire purchase history for the site, just the original setup cost.

A few simple examples:

#1 - A Real Estate Webmasters customer on an older version of a template (let's say CMS 1) and had no add ons would have paid $740 setup. If they would like to switch to a newer template (which are now actually priced lower than the old ones at $499) - they actually pay nothing for the upgrade / setup as they would get the full $500 discount. If they were instead to want to upgrade to an LEC (limited edition custom) product - they would get the already discounted rate of $7500 PLUS an additional $740 discount for the trade in value (full price) of their previous template due to it being under the $1500 maximum.

#2 - A non Real Estate Webmasters customer has an old custom site they are not happy with and they wanted to switch to our LEC product. This person provides proof of purchase of $5000 and wants to upgrade to an LEC. They would pay only $6000 for the new LEC ($7500 discounted price PLUS the max $1500 discount as thier proof of purchase is greater thant he maximum. If they chose to go custom instead - they would start with $15,000 worth of retail hours (our minimum for large custom projects) but pay only $12,000 for the starting package. They would also be able to access all of their necessary products (IDX, blogs etc) at a discount as well.

Please contact your sales rep directly or post comments "in this post below"

As with all promotions - our sales department (especially my office) is going to get incredibly busy - I would ask that if you are assigned to a sales person other than myself (Patrick, Anthony B, or Allison) that you please contact them via email or telephone directly as they will be able to assist in the quickest manner possible. If you have questions of me or this promotion specifically - please post them in the comments section of this blog below - during promo times I cannot take non scheduled calls - and with the CRM 4.0 summit in Las Vegas coming out, the building of LEC 6 and several new products launching - my time is less accessible than normal. You can read all about those exciting updates here:

Standard terms and conditions apply- This pomotion Ends, Friday March 25th at 4PM PST

LEC 6 Market updates! The following markets are already taken:

Sarasota Fl, Boca Raton Fl, Calgary AB, Alexandria VA,


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Morgan ... I think you are my assigned sales person. I'm considering the trade in and wanted to talk with you about it for just a few.

Morgan Carey

Also a heads of for those folks "not" with Real Estate Webmasters (or even if you are) - if you are buying LEC 6 (which isn't available yet) - we will give you a loaded template to work with (building newest IDX etc) so that you can get it up and hosted, start adding content even before the LEC is available - once the LEC is available we will simply do a swap out of the template for you to the LEC 6 (inclding swapping content and leads) at no extra charge.

Morgan Carey

Josh can you email me your cell please?


Rich Fine

Sweet, LEC 6 sounds like the right upgrade for me. I too have a few questions about previous upgrades and porting existing pages.



Morgan Carey

Hey Rich, I have limited info from you but I will try to address your questions:

#1 - all content and leads are moved over from a previous REW site to a new site when upgrading at no additional charge.

#2 - Previous "fixed cost" upgrades purchased will be installed on LEC 6 at no charge if they do no already exist on LEC 6

#3 - Any "custom" work done on previous sites is lost, and would need to be recreated on a new site as it is a totally different framework and the code does not operate the ame.

Any other questions? Did you want me to get you an invoice?


could someone in sales send me an e-mail calculating the cost if I was to upgrade to LEC 6 please with all of the promos applied


Morgan Carey

Hey Ben - it's $6000 USD to upgrade ($7500 discounted price, plus the additional $1500 in discounts for the buy back)

adam robinson sarasota

I would like a quote to upgrade my 3 LEC's to the new IDX sharing a new 4.0 LM.



Robert Worthington

Morgan, when will we be able to see the lec6 in template form?

Morgan Carey

Hello Adam - we are not providing estimates on 4.0 upgrades at this time (the software isn't even completed yet) - however I would love to see you in Las Vegas on the 28th and 29th of April and I'd be happy to discuss it with you at that time :)

Morgan Carey

LEC 6 should take me roughly 3 months to develop - I will likely be posting some sneak peak mockups for feedback once I have them completed - but that won't be for at least another month I would say.


Who got the Calgary LEC6?

Would you offer all of the promo details above (all of the "extras" discounted, the custom idx discounted, the discount on custom design hours, plus the "trade in") on a custom?

KD Vancouver

Hey Morgan - I'm in for SEO. Can you please give me a call to figure out what would be best ('package') for me?

Thanks, Kerri


Hi Morgan,

Looking forward to Vegas and my new LEC6. Can you please let me know what upgrades I will need to purchase and what is recommended to bring the new site up to where my current site is, as I'm not sure what is included with LEC6. I know that I did quite a bit of upgrades to my current site and would like to buy the hours while they are on sale. Thanks so much!


Josh Sloan

Hey Morgan,

I have an older template and would be interested in talking to you about this new LEC or other options. I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago regarding the same. Later today or Monday is best for me.


adam robinson sarasota

I will take 20 hours. They will be used to start re-building customizations for upgraded IDX. I just don't want to have to rebuild all the customizations once for the IDX and then a second time for LM 4.0



Exciting stuff Morgan. When do we get to see the demo? Very interested to see what you guys have up your sleeve. You never sit still to catch your breath, huh? Definitely looking forward to the new CMS and some more add-ons so us non LEC6 people aren't left too far behind.

Lauren Spencer

Hi Morgan,

You are my rep.

How would your offer update my current site? Please review my site and let me know how I could utilize your promotional. Thank you

Morgan Carey

Jim - yes all the promotions above apply to any level of website purchase be it custom, LEC or template.

So if you wanted a custom site for instance - you could buy up as many as the discounted hours @ $100 per hour for the design portion, you could get the IDX you need for a custom site at 50% off, you could get all other "products" at 25% off and you could trade in a site (you don't actually trade in the site for the addition max $3000 on the custom site (depending on the value of the trade in)

Morgan Carey

KD Vancouver (is that Kerri?) - if you would email my assistant Laura @ she will be happy to book us a consult re SEO -

Morgan Carey

Caesar - we don't have a final tally on everything that is "included" in the LEC 6 yet, so I can't advise on what extra you should buy - but if you think you are going to want any custom "design" hours for graphics / mods etc - then yes it is advisable to purchase when they are on sale.

Morgan Carey

Josh Sloan - same deal, if you would like to have a consult, please book with Laura - in terms of trading in your template - you would qualify for the max $1500 discount on your LEC in San Deigo - please let me know online here if you have any questions I can answer in the meantime.

Morgan Carey

As for a "demo" - I will post LEC 6 mockups as I am working on them - likely be a month before anything shows up there - (keep an eye on the website reviews forum) - as for the 4.0 backend, there will be a few screenshots here and there, but the actual first official unveiling will be happening in Las Vegas on April 28th and 29th - we encourage all to attend :)

Morgan Carey

Lauren - I can't really do "site reviews" during promotions as we are typically run off our feet - but I will try to peek under the hood a bit if I can. Pretty much for older custom sites the recommendation almost universally is going to be "upgrade" - and most of the time LEC's are far more cost effective (and less time consuming on your part) to lauch.

Brandon Patton


I just signed up for you web service. Could you please review my current web page and let me know if you can make me something very simular but just cleaner and more SEO friendly? I want details on how your web pages are better for SEO and I am very interested in cool social link out buttons and blogging. I want the resources to read and read away and learn everything about the best set up. i am nervouse making any changes becuase i log 3-4 leads a day right now. My current web provider offers a cool way to e mail all my leads at the same time and track what they are doing plus send them custom home seached on auto update. Do you guys offer all this?


Please view my current web page here!

Rodney Hamp

Morgan, call me when you get a second as I would like to see the new templates before pulling the trigger. I liked one of the LEC5 templates but someone had already had the one for my area. I was wiating for a newer version as I didn want to customize it due to potential costs.


Can I get the suckerfish drop down for

Morgan Carey

Mark - Templates are $499 setup, and built in IDX is 50% off (normally $2500 - currently $1250) - hosting is $79.95 per month paid yearly (comes out to $959.40 USD)

So without a trade in, your total invoice is $2708.40 -
If you have a website to trade in, you can discount this further to $2,208.40

Carl Ericson


What would LEC 6 be for me with trading in my current template site?



Morgan Carey

Hey Carl - for you my friend $6000 :) - You have a built in IDX, tempalte and a bunch of other stuff on your invoice which is well over the $1500 mark - so you're good to go - did you want to reserve it for Cedar Valley?

Rod Forsythe

Hello Morgan,

You guys keep popping into my space. Can you give me an idea of total price to swithch my current site.

Thank you,


Morgan Carey

Ed and Cindy, you got it - I have forwarded your order - thank you.

Morgan Carey

Hello Rod,
I see you are in Calgary, definitely a space we dominate (or rather to credit our customers) definitely a space our customers are able to dominate with the help of our products and services.

To answer your question - "That depends" - we definitely cannot sell you a "Limited Edition Custom" website as all 6 versions have been sold in Calgary (in fact the new version 6 sold on the very first day of the promotion) - however we still have two levels of website available to you in Calgary (one lower cost, and one higher cost than the LEC).

The lower cost is the templates - they are fast to launch, SEO friendly and can be purchased with much of the same technology as LEC's athough their designs are far more simplistic, and their conversion is typically quite a bit less than an LEC or custom site. For a full loaded template you are likely looking at somewhere around $5000 (including the entire years hosting) During this promotion you may redeem your previous website for up to $500 USD against a template site if you can produce an invoice for your previous site for at least as much.

Custom sites start at $15,000 and go up from there. This the cream of the crop from Real Estate Webmasters. The downside to custom sites is they are expensive ($125 USD per hour) and they take a long time (150-250 hours of custom development depend on the customer and requirements) - however the upside is you end up with a best of breed website in your marketplace that not only ranks amazingly well in search engines, but also converts like a hot damn. During this promotion you may redeem your previous website for up to $3000 USD against a custom site if you can produce an invoice for your previous site for at least as much.

Also keep in mind however that having a great website is only half the battle. The other half is putting in the time and effort (or hiring professionals to do it for you). I am speaking specifically about search engine optimization. I can tell you that every REW website you see on the first page for "Calgary Real Estate" and most other terms - is either a current or past SEO customer (meaning they signed up for our $2500 USD full service SEO package for many months) - on top of that, you have guys (Like Jim who posted above) who have invested years of their own time, and learning, as well as hiring out third parties etc to get to, and stay at the top of the search engines. It's well worth it - but it's not the easy path. I think I can safely say though - it's not a path you even want to be on without an REW website as that would be like entering into a formula one race with a toyota corolla :)

There is a much faster way to the top - and that is PPC (pay per click) this is a service we can help you with as well - if you're interested, by all means let me know.

Hope that helps :)

Lauren Spencer

Hi Morgan,

You are my rep and I wrote 4 days ago but haven't heard back from you. I know you are busy, but I have some questions. My cell is 831.818.3723. Please call or e mail.
Thank you.

Morgan Carey

Hello beachtown - all LEC's are competitive in terms of technology (built in IDX, multi user blog, quick search, featured listings, dropdowns, control panel, etc)

That being said - compared to your aging first generation LEC 2 there are significant enhancements to the IDX search technologoy (including the IDX builder, map based snippets, polygonal / radius searching) and much more. You will also get the new 4.0 CRM solution built in with LEC 6 - an agent roster, optional mobile app (billable extra) - optional agent sub site module) and access to plenty more of REW's latest and greatest technology that is brand new for 2011

I beleive your site was purchased late 2008, so there is a considerable amount of new tech and coding / design enhancements available to you (even if you don't purchase LEC 6 - your LEC 2 can be enhanced as well)

Joe Hayes

I am a new REW (template) customer. I am very happy so far, but I was wondering, what it is about the LEC's that make them convert so much better?

Jose Lara

I'd like to buy 10 hours if still available.


Morgan Carey

Hello Lauren, appologies I have not had a chance to review your site as of yet (promos tend to get quite busy) rest assured, you are on the list, and no matter what as a valued custom website customer you will not miss out on any opportunity to order anything from this promo - regardless of deadline, as the delay is on me. Thanks for your patience - i will follow up ASAP - in the meantime if you want to email some of your preliminary questions, I can certainly try to work on answers from home for you.

Morgan Carey

Jose your order has been sent - thank you :)

Morgan Carey

Joe Hayes - what makes an LEC convert better? Great question - and the answer is subject to opinion - me I think it is because we spend hundreds of hours developing them, putting far more attention to detail into the calls to action, features, details, graphics etc - if you have an LEC in a market - your customers will clearly assume you have a high end custom site that you spent tens of thousands of dollars for - which builds confidence - with a template, although we feel they are the best out there, they are still recognizable as a lower cost template solution.

Morgan Carey

Just a quick heads up - billing reports to be quite backed up, so if you are waiting for an invoice for today, they will hopefully be out by tomorrow or Monday at the latest - thanks for your patience.

Dylan Darling

I'd like a Custom IDX added to my current template site. My board is COAR, Central Oregon Association of Realtors. I posted it in Work Orders, but then saw this thread. Am I right that the set up would be half off? If so, I'd like to get started right away.


I would like 10 hours of design time-thanks!

Brandon Patton

How is my path with REW going to work?

I started with a Template 1 week ago, I bought the LEC 6 but I plan on putting in all my content on my template until this LEC comes out. So when I get the LEC 6 what if I want to go Custom?

Maybe I should just go custom right now? I need to talk to you about picking the right path for what I am trying to do. After learning the back end of the template it has motivated me to change direction with search possibilities but I need the front end to have the proper lay out to fit my content in there! I am already up against a wall with the template due to the front end and I want to keep going to I need that front end changed ASAP. Please give me some feedback!

Dena Davis

can you send me a link to where I can review this LEC 6. I didnt see that.

Morgan Carey

Dena, I have not completed the mockups on LEC 6 yet - this is a pre-sale, mockups will be ready in a few weeks.

Morgan Carey

ggeilman - 4.0 beta testers are being chosen from attendees at the April 28th and 29th event. We are looking for customers who have a decent amount of traffic to their sites, as well as longer term relationships with REW.

It does not mean we would not welcome a few "new" REW members as testers - but they would still be chosen from the Vegas group - are you attending?


What's it take to reserve the LEC 6?


I think i am attending, I am bring a few agents with me

Calgary Real Estate Expert - Jared

Who got the Calgary LEC6?

Morgan Carey

Ummm this post is 1 year old so kind of late to the show, but to answer your question, Justin Havre got LEC 6 and launched on - LEC 7 (which I haven't even designed yet) has also sold. There won't be an LEC available in Calgary for at least 1.5 years, however we can offer you any of our templates, or a full custom website if you are interested. Let me know


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