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My name is Morgan Carey, and I am the founder and CEO here at Real Estate Webmasters Inc.

I'd like to take a moment to personally thank you for your purchase of the new Renaissance platform. I'd also like to welcome you to our community of tens of thousands of the top real estate agents, teams and brokers. You are in great company!

The purpose of this post is to serve as a jumping-off point at REW. A place where you can come back to if you ever need help.

Here you will find links to helpful resources: our online community, guides, videos, and more! These resources are meant to help you focus your project and get you live and enjoying the benefits of the REW platform as soon as possible.

Use this menu to jump to what interests you:

Speed to leads, our CSM's are here to help!

Once your website is installed our customer experience team will send you an email that contains your logins as well as helpful links to get you started (including a link to this post!)

They will also inform you that you will soon be scheduled for up to 30 days with a customer success manager (CSM).

The goal of a CSM is to help every customer set up the fundamentals of a real estate website and also make themselves available for questions and in-person walkthroughs should the customer want some additional help. 

CSM Assignment: While you may get your install immediately, during busier times it can be 2-4 weeks for CSM assignment. However, in the meantime, we have some amazing DIY resources for you to access in order to get started on your own and you can always reach out to support or post on the forums with questions.

The CSM team does lots of the work for you!

One of the things our customers tell us is that they would love for us to "just do it for them". And while that may mean different things to different customers, we do actually offer to take care of a lot of the initial build for you. As long as you can bring us the images and content inside of 30 days, we are happy to take care of the following for you. (Please note, if it is not listed below, it is not included, but we can help you with additional requests as outlined further down in this post). 

- Insert Logo (top left)
- Static hero image (client provided image)
- Listings Snippet (based on agent or broker ID or area)
- Featured Communities Snippet
- Featured Agents Snippet (teams or brokerage)
- Creation of Top Navigation (links to above)
- Creation of footer links (links to above)

Search Page & IDX:
- Setup default search (from included parameters)
- implement maps API key (client provided)

Communities pages: (up to 6 communities)
- Hero image (client provided image
- Main content section (client provided content, no custom formatting)
- Main content image (client provided image)
- Listings Snippet.

About Page:
- Implement bio (client provided)
- Upload image (client provided)

Contact Page:
- Implement Contact Form
- Add Client Contact Info

Existing (upgrading) clients only: If you are moving from an existing REW website to a new Renaissance website, we also include a "CMS content import" and a "leads import". We do not provide any formatting on the content imported. (Important: If you have previous customizations and would like the same or similar created for your new website, please speak to your account manager as that requires a billable order). 

You may also schedule up to 2 "in person" 30-minute sessions with your CSM so that you and your team can get any specific questions answered about how to use the system once you have read the tutorials, and gotten acquainted with the platform.

Our customer experience team also sets up SSL (secure socket layer) and provides the site live form when you are ready to go live.

Once the above list is completed, your CSM project will be considered complete, and the CSM's will sign off of your project to move onto helping other customers.

This completes the list of "included" CSM tasks

If this is a new website. It is our recommendation to all Real Estate Webmasters customers that they go live as soon as they have the above-mentioned pages in place.

More content can always be added later (while you are live) however our goal is to get you generating leads as soon as possible and the sooner Google sees your site, the sooner it can start generating authority.

I want to do more (myself) before I publish:

No problem! We have many resources available for you or your team to access in order for you to continue on past what was included with your CSM.

The following resources should help guide you as you work on your new website: 

  1. The REW Community: This is the best place for you to go to learn best practices when publishing content to the Renaissance platform. 
  2. Renaissance Guide: Our awesome CSM team has created a wonderful guide breaking out all of the most popular elements and use cases. 
  3. REW Youtube: The marketing team at REW has created video guides for the popular functions of Renaissance. 
  4. REW Support: You can always reach out to our customer support department right from the backend. Just click "help"


Can't you just do this all for me? YES, We Can! 

Even with all the amazing resources for DIY available, some customers would just prefer a "do it all for me" approach. 

If this is you, and you simply don't have the time (or the staff) to work on your own content, or you would prefer to pay someone to do the work, we can certainly help you with this. 

Ordering additional help: here's how it works:

Additional CSM time (you bring the content): You can book our CSM's past the included install in blocks of 5 hours at $150 USD per hour. CSM's are amazing magicians when it comes to using the REW backend, and CMS so if you are providing the content, photos, agent info, etc, this is a great option for you. Think of them as virtual assistants or an extension of your staff. Note: CSM's are NOT programmers, writers, SEO's, or designers. 

Custom work (REW Agency): For more advanced work such as custom graphics, design changes, layout, content, custom programming, etc, the REW Agency is the perfect spot for you. We have incredibly talented team members available to be hired for all of your extended custom needs. 

Booked in advance: Our agency books out generally 30-60 days in advance and is based on a "retainer model". What this means is you decide on a monthly budget for services and we allocate the resources. Note, because we are reserving this capacity in our production schedule for you these hours do not roll over into subsequent months if unused. 

To book either additional CSM time or our custom agency, please reach out to your account manager. 


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