What do I get in an REW Template?


Ever since I posted that we were waiving the setup fee for our REW Templates with our 12 days of Christmas promo, I have been getting a lot of questions about REW Templates - I will try to provide some answers here so that you can (The customer) can make an informed decision as to whether or not an REW template is right for you.

I will start with some basic line entry type lists of the basics of what is included in an REW Template, if at the end of this you still have questions, or require clarification, please post in the comments section at the end of the post.

Let's start with the front end:

  • REW Templates are available in 5 unique styles
  • Each style is available in both tradition 800x600 display and new wide version 1024 x 768.
  • Each template is available in tons of different color combinations
  • Each template and color scheme is extensively tested in the Firefox, IE 6 and IE 7 browsers
  • Each template is coding exclusively in CSS (No tables) and utilizes extremely light, search engine friendly code
  • Each Template Comes with two side bar navigations controlled by the customer
  • Each Template comes with intuitive sub navigation controlled by the consumer
  • Each Template comes with a flash slide show comprised of images provided by the customer or chosen by REW design staff to suit the color scheme and customers target area
  • Each Template comes with a customized graphic header with places for phone number, photo (Or company logo) and 2 line text branding lines
  • Each Template comes with built in: Buyers Form, Sellers Form, Site map, Loan Approval Form, Mortgage Calculator, and Contact Form

And now for the backend

REW Templates are powered by the REW (Search engine friendly) content management system (REW CMS)

Page creation, and editing

In the back end when creating a page you can:
  • Create custom filenames such as my-web-page.php
  • Create custom titles
  • Create unique meta data such as meta description and meta keywords tag
  • Create a CSS Button in the main or sub navigation and name it whatever you like
  • Enter custom footer text per page
  • Control and create the entire content within the body of each page using either a wysiwyg editor (Requires no coding experience or knowledge) or in full html mode.
Once you have created a page in the backend you can either choose to show or hide the page in both the navigation and sub navigation, as well as re-order and sort your pages within the navigation.

At any time if you would like to edit any of the pages on your website, they are provided to you in a convenient drop down box, in alphabetical order so that you can easily select any page and edit as much as you like.

Add your listings

There is also a featured listings manager in the backend for you to add your listings to the website. It is quite simple, just a form with fields for you to fill out (MLS #, price, description etc) and a tool to upload photos of your listings. Once you have added a listing, it is nicely formatted and made available to your visitors in both listings and listing details view.

You can also edit or delete any listings you have added at any time.


Snippets are REW's unique answer to the include. Using a unique syntax you can create custom html elements or bits of code a single time in a snippet, and then use our system to include that snippet with a single line on any page of your website. This is a great time saver, and allows you to place complex html elements (Such as a home finder form) on a page with a simple line of text: To put a homefinder or buyers form on any page using our system all you have to do is put #buyersform# on the page, save it and presto the new form is created.

Lead Manager

REW Templates come installed with our basic lead manager - This would be a long list of details, but some highlights are
  • Leads are automatically emailed to you as well as stored in your lead manager
  • Leads are searchable online by first and last name, email address or phone number
  • Leads are exportable / down loadable into CSV file format
  • Leads can be organized into groups
  • Leads can be assigned to drip email campaigns set up by you, the website owner

Data Backup

The information you enter into your REW Template (Images, unique content, etc) is your property, at any time you can download this information directly to your PC so that you always have a copy of it, should a mishap occur and you delete your files, or you need dated proof that you are the original owner / author of content should the issue arise.

What is included in the hosting?

REW hosting is more than just hosting of your web address and includes:
  • Hosting of your domain name
  • Full use of technologies listed above
  • Unlimited email addresses (With webmail)
  • 24/7 customer service forum support (For CMS, Email or server issues)
  • 9-5 telephone support (For CMS, Email or server issues)

This is NOT a custom website!

In the REW template setup process you are asked for certain things which we integrate into your final site - Anything not in this list, is certainly do-able, however if it is not included in this list, it is billable time to make your custom modification.

When setting up your REW Template - We require the following from you
  • Your template choice: Pick from templates 1-5 in either traditional or wide version
  • Your color choice: Choose from one of our many color selections
  • Your phone number: We will place it in the phone number portion of the image header
  • Your photo or corporate logo: We will place it in the logo portion of the image header
  • Your tag line (And secondary tag line if included in your template: Tell us what you want your headers tag line to read and we will incorporate that into your graphical header.
  • Your photos for your slide show (up to eight): Send us photos you would like integrated into your slideshow and in what order they should appear. Our team will crop and integrate these photos or if you do not have high quality photos, our team will select photos for you from our stock photography. 
Once again, I want to remind everyone - that these are not custom sites, and you cannot expect, nor make custom requests to be applied to the template outside of what is listed for free. We do of course do amazing custom work as well, and we can add as many additions, or make as many custom modifications to our templates as you like, but these would of course be billable at our hourly rate.


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