What Is PPC?


PPC is the acronym for "Pay Per Click", a model of online advertising that can be highly lucrative.

Traditionally, PPC referred to a specific type of ad, in which an advertiser bids on search terms for an ad, and then pays a fee each time a user clicks the ad. More recently, PPC refers to a greater set of online advertising methods that aren't necessarily bid based, including ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Here are a couple examples of what Google's PPC ads can look like:

PPC search network ad

PPC display network ad

You can create PPC ads that show up in several different places, including:

  • Search engine results
  • Websites that allow ads
  • Social media platforms

Advertisers typically have to use ad platforms specific to where they want their placements to occur. For example, ads in Google are purchased through Google AdWords, while Facebook ads must be created through Facebook Advertising.

PPC tends to be most popular on the Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines, although it's growing in popularity on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Why We Love PPC For Realtors

love ppcWithin the real estate context, pay per click can be a highly beneficial form of advertising, as it allows you to quickly send more traffic to your site. Better still, this traffic often comes from keywords that are too competitive to rank for organically, allowing you to benefit from the keyword without the long-term investment of SEO.

PPC is one of the fastest and easiest ways for Realtors to improve their business, regardless of where they are in their careers. Single agents starting out and massive brokerages alike can see phenomenal ROI when they use PPC as part of a larger real estate lead strategy.

That's why we love PPC, and will recommend it to almost all of our clients.

How PPC Works on Google

When advertisers create a Google ad, it goes into a formal auction process. The ad system begins by weeding out any ads that don't meet the specific criteria, like those targetting users in other countries.

Next, it looks at AdRank, which is a combination of two elements:

  • Maximum Bid
  • Quality Score

The quality Score is on a per-ad basis, and is determined by the expected click through rate of your ad, the users' search, and your site's landing page experience.

To learn more about how keyword bidding works, check out this video from Google:

The most important takeaway from the bidding process is this: even if your competitor has a higher bid for an ad, you can still win the placement at a lower cost by having a higher Quality Score.

That's why it's critical that your PPC is of utmost quality and managed with care. Because Quality Score is such an important factor in both ad placement and ad cost, many real estate agents will choose to hire professionals to create and maintain their PPC campaigns.

PPC represents a huge opportunity for real estate agents to improve their businesses and grow their teams.


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