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Rather than answer a bunch of different questions in several locations I figured I would post an update here on my blog regarding several items so that folks can just ask their questions in the comment area of this post. I will provide updates on the Craiglist Tool, Mobile IDX, LEC 6 and the 4.0 REW CRM / backend (and Las Vegas CRM Summit) < dates are April 28th and 29th do you have your flights booked?

Let's get started shall we? Here are the details for each item - once again, please ask your questions in the comments section of this post so that others may benefit from the answers as well.

Craigslist Tool:

It's completed and has been successfully installed on several sites. For those of you that don't know what this tool is: The craiglist tool allows you to quickly and easily launch professionally designed layouts from the REW backend and generate the necessary html to be pasted into Craigslist. It's as simple as selecting the MLS number of one of your listings and now you have a professional Craiglist ad that is driving relevant visitors right to your website to capture leads. *requires that you have an IDX.

Drew Hartanov of wrote a very nice review of the tool here: http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/blogs/octeam/11497/show/. I have decided to offer this tool at an introductory price of $250 USD however we are unsure if this is sufficient as the labor required to install the tool on older sites (3.0 and above) may require us to increase the price at a later date. So don't wait - get your craigslist posting tool today.

Mobile IDX:

Coding is virtually complete on our new Mobile IDX product and we are now beginning to test on the different popular phone models (iphone, android, blackberry etc) - this new Mobile IDX is being developed as an "add on" to our built in REW IDX product so that all leads captured will funnel into the one lead management system. Plans are in the works to also develop a stand alone mobile version for non REW hosted websites. Pricing is to be determined and launch date is expected some time in May.

LEC 6 (Limited Edition Custom Version 6)

Just this week I announced to my sales team that I would be starting the building process for LEC 6. This version will have a focus not only on current technologies (as all LEC's have in the past) but also take into account some of the newer developments in our space such as increased mobile use, and increased non flash rendering tablet usage (Ipad / Ipad 2 etc).

Obviously I have nothing to show at this point as I am in the conceptualization / planning stage of development however there are those at REW who have asked to be notified immediately when they can get it - so consider this your notice, If you would like to lock up the exclusive in your market call your sales person right away, send them an email or post in the promo post that will be launched later today. It's first come first served - and remember we only sell 1 LEC site per market area, if you have missed previous versions, you know how quickly these things sell out.

I can imagine markets like Calgary, Atlanta, Sarasota, Austin, Minneapolis, and several otheres buying by the end of the week, if not today.

REW 4.0 CRM and Lead Management Summit in Las Vegas!

Dates are confirmed - we are at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas, NV - April 28th and 29th. The REW crew is arriving on the 27th and leaving on the 30th - we hope to see you all there.

So what's the deal? After the REW Summit on Vancouver Island this past summer (and receiving some AMAZING feedback from our long time members, and most valued attendees) - we began building the next generation of backend / CRM platform for Real Estate Webmasters customers. We've always had a backend, and it's always been competitive - but we want to ROCK THIS SPACE - and in order to do so, we need to have the industry leading CRM - one that not only fully integrates into our backend (as all previous versions have) but one that provides tools that help lead co-ordinators, brokers, office managers and most importantly agents, assign, track, report and convert leads!

At the event - day one we are going to be unveiling the beta of the software, walking our members through all the functionality and answering questions taking suggestions etc. We break for lunch, our members break off into groups, brainstorm and share ideas and then back at it for an afternoon of additional requests and feedback. At the end of day 1 session, we will head back upstairs and the R & D team will be coding up a storm making adjustments, inventing new stuff based on ideas generated etc - and then back at it in the AM to show off the adjustments, and hear what great suggestions / ideas the members came up with over night as they got together over dinner to network and share ideas.

Some of the most experienced lead generating / closing members in our group will be there, the sharing of private information alone makes this trip worth it!

The Las Vegas event is free (you just have to get there) - but seating will be limited so please RSVP early to Laura @realestatewebmasters. com - only tell her you are going if you have already booked tickets please, we don't want to turn away anyone if we don't have to. Those of you who have committed to Real Estate Webmasters as your long term strategic partner - this summit is crucial for you as it is your opportunity to help build (on my R & D dollar instead of your own) the next platform for you and your agents to generate business with.

I look forward to meeting so many of you for the first time - and especially seeing all my old friends whom have been with REW for many years and have attended previous events. Feel free to chime in for our possible first time attendees on the great times, and amazing networking opportunity


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Thanks for the update. As far as the new CRM, this one of those times it can said, what happens in Vegas won't stay in Vegas. Sign me up for it!

Eddy Kicker

Looking forward to seeing the Mobile IDX product.

Beach Cities Real Estate

Put me down for the new Craigslist Tool. Thanks.

Jaime Carrion

Morgan, please reserve LEC 6 in Sarasota for me.


Very cool, and big news. Lots of big hitters attending Vegas. Going to be a fun event - see you there!


Hi Sam,

Which site / sites would you like the new Craigslist Tool for?

If any one would like to order the Craigslist Tool please send an email to sales@realestatewebmasters.com or post the request in the work orders forum http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/forum/forums/66-Work-Orders

Thank you,


Add my Dallas & San Antonio sites to the craigslist tool.



link for the Beta?

Morgan Carey

Sarasota, and Boca Raton are gone for LEC 6 btw :)


Morgan, will the new backend require a full wipe down of all custom work done to a website? Like front end custom work too, etc.?


Morgan Carey

Sarasota, Calgary and Boca Raton are now gone for LEC 6

Morgan Carey

Carlos - it will "likely" need to be a estimated process to bring over a custom site with lots of tweaks to the new backend. It most certainly won't even be in the order of magnitute of what you paid to have it done though - so for instance a 200 hour custom site might need 10 hours of cust work to be moved to the new system.

At this point we are unsure of the transition process (we will be doing several right after vegas to smooth out the transition process) and then we will have a better idea of how long it might take, and what we should charge for the upgrade.

David and Sallie - Your At Home Team

Looking forward to Vegas! We're all signed up for the new tools too.


Thanks Morgan. I hope it is along 10hrs or so, that would certainly be doable! But I'll ask for an estimate then as I do have many custom tweaks going on.

Morgan Carey

Eddy you can see the Alpha of the mobile IDX here http://mobile.dev8.rewdev.com we are in the midst of testing the new jquery mobile platform on several phones so the display may be a bit buggy on your phone - but you will definitely get the idea - the plan is to have this installed at eddykicker.com/mobile/ for instance and have all leads captured on this app directly entered into the lead manager -

adam robinson sarasota


I will take a CL tool for my foreclosure site. Also, I will take the back up position for the LEC 6. (deja vue all over again)

See you Vegas.


Anthony RealEstateSINY

Sign me up for the craigslist tool...Sounds great.

Mark Ciochon

Does the LEC 6 come with street view and all the other goodies?

Rachel Vanderveen

Really looking forward to the mobile IDX!!


Sign me up for CL tool for seechicagorealestate

Thanks again


Just ordered CL tool through an email to sales, looks great.

Mobile IDX looks like it has promise, but the new CRM tools are what has our office the most excited.


Would like to have the CraigsList tool ordered for my site.

David Abernathy

See you there...


I would like to order the Craigslist Tool.

Morgan Carey

I didn't know that - thanks for the heads up Rod

Spoken Gently

Hi Morgan,

We would like to order the Craigslist tool. So, please send an invoice and put us in the que. Also, when the Mobile IDX tool is available, we would be interested.

Looking forward to Las Vegas.

Joe (and Colleen) :)

Eddy Kicker

Hey Morgan,

Any update on the release date of the mobile IDX product?

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