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The Real Estate Webmasters team is thrilled to announce the first new platform release of Summer 2019.

This release includes some awesome new updates to Discover. The new update rollout process will begin Tuesday, August 6th for all eligible clients. Watch your inbox for notification of when your site has been patched!

New Features for Discover

Our first summer release brings an exciting new features for the Discover platform!

From adding enhanced search options to increasing your ability to get even more leads, this release is all about capturing more leads than ever before.

Unleash the power of search in the newest update to your Discover real estate website!

Discover offers portal-inspired home search technology and exceptional localized search. In the first Summer release of 2019, that technology is brought to a whole new level.

Site administrators can now choose the options that site visitors see, right from the idx search and quick search bars! New options include popular selections like search-by-school (elementary, middle, or even high school) and more.

new search feature for Discover platform

How To Tailor Your Site's Real Estate Search

Excited to customize the search options on your site?

Adding the newest options are as easy as pie.

  1. Login to the backend of your REW website
  2. From the hamburger menu, choose "Listings"
  3. On the Listings menu (left-hand side of screen), choose "Searches"
  4. Select "Default Search"
  5. Add more options via the "Add a Panel" drop-down, or
  6. Remove options easily by clicking the trashcan to the right of each search criteria

new idx search menu from backend of real estate website

Options available will depend on your IDX feed. If you would like to add search functionality that is particular to your business model and market, your Account Manager can absolutely walk you through this process. Reach out to them directly, or contact our Customer Service Department.

Get More Leads With Improved Registration

This update includes something special for those looking to get more real estate leads.

The first release of the Summer includes improved functionality of registration from listings details pages.

This powerful change ensures leads are captured first, by asking them to register first. You can control whether this is forced registration or optional right from your site settings.


forced registration screen on Discover real estate website

100% Increase* in PPC Leads

Discover PPC clients, hold on to your hats ... this update is really for a gamechanger for you. Our testing has shown some amazing results on our test cases. The average increase was over 100%, amazing news for PPC clients!

Not a PPC client? If you already have enough leads, then maybe PPC is not for you.

REW's PPC services are for Realtors who are looking to take their business to the next level and close more sales than ever before. Read more to learn about the ROI of real estate PPC. On average, our clients see a 100-200% return on their investment, and in this industry, that is not something that too many agents can pass up!

Questions? Our lead generation experts are here to help.

*this update increased PPC leads by at least 100% in our test case clients. Your results may vary.

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