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Here at Real Estate Webmasters, we've created two phenomenal lead follow-up tools for our clients to use. Both are included as part of the monthly SaaS program and both can be used to help take your business to the next level, improving your ability to follow up with clients and leads.

However, despite seeming similar on the surface, REW CRM and REW Leads are two very different pieces of software. Let's break them down...

REW CRM overview

  • Mobile responsive web platform
  • Single portal for managing all aspects of your website
  • Includes lead follow-up, content management & site settings
  • Accessible on desktop and mobile devices (including tablet)

REW CRM gives you full control of your website and lead management in a single place. The responsive design makes it easy to stay on top of business as you seamlessly switch between your desktop, smartphone, and even tablet.

REW CRM has six core functions rolled into one: Dashboard, CRM, Company (Agents), Content, Listings, and Settings. It's essentially a single portal for you to manage any and every component of your REW website. Best of all, REW CRM was built for busy Realtors' life on the go.


REW Leads overview

  • Mobile app in App Store/Google Play
  • Focused on lead follow-up
  • Uses some built-in functions of the phone's OS, including push notifications
  • Does not include content or website management
  • Accessible on mobile devices (including tablet) 

REW Leads takes a single component of the REW CRM and then perfects it in mobile form. It is solely focused on the Leads component of REW CRM and the whole intention of REW Leads is to make lead follow up fast, simple, and easy.

Our mobile team has carefully considered every tap, swipe, and function of the REW Leads app to create the best lead follow-up experience possible. It utilizes the built-in functions of iOS and Android devices, such as Apple's 3D touch, to create micro-moments that are efficient and intuitive, following the actions you're already used to using on your phone or tablet.

For example, swiping left on a lead while using an iPhone will prompt recommended next actions, such as claiming a lead or assigning it to an agent or group. Meanwhile, built-in phone and text features allow you to reach your clients with two quick taps.


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